Ch24 – Blowing Bubbles

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After winning Xie Chengzhou, Yang Yan logically should be happy yet his heart was instead heavy.
It was difficult to become happy.
When he returned home and saw Xu Ze was taking a bath, Yang Yan sat and waited for him. 

Xu Ze came out in sleepwear.
His white and flawless face was a little reddened after being steamed by the hot water.
Only after seeing him did Yang Yan’s heart seem to feel a little better.

Not knowing when it started, he found that he seemed to only want to look at Xu Ze all the time, to embrace him.



Yang Yan took Xu Ze’s hand and pulled him over to sit on himself.

As soon as he approached Yang Yan’s body, the smell of blood became stronger.
It was so thick that Xu Ze’s stomach churned.
Xu Ze tried to push Yang Yan away, but Yang Yan thought that this was Xu Ze rejecting him.
Yang Yan’s expression turned cold as he held Xu Ze, not letting go. 

Afterward, Xu Ze bent over and retched.


This sound frightened Yang Yan, his expression instantly changed.
His worry was completely out in the open as he hurriedly asked Xu Ze: “What’s the matter? Are you not feeling well?”

Xu Ze shook his head, covering his mouth and relaxing for a moment: “You stay away from me.”

Yang Yan’s face revealed his wounded-like dumbfoundedness.
He only hugged Xu Ze, yet Xu Ze actually hated him to this point.


Yang Yan felt a bit of bitterness coating his tongue.

Xu Ze reached out to push Yang Yan.
Yang Yan let go, but his eyes were gloomy and horrible.

“Your body smells like blood, I’m not used to it.” Xu Ze noticed the change in the expression on Yang Yan’s face.
He was not saying it to appease Yang Yan, but only to tell a fact.

When Yang Yan heard that Xu Ze pushed him away not because he hated him, but because of the smell of blood on his body, his smile suddenly appeared again. 

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“I didn’t pay attention and accidentally got hurt just outside.
I will deal with it immediately.
You open the window to let the wind in the room.” Yang Yan immediately got up, not forgetting to remind Xu Ze to ventilate the air as he walked outside the room

Seeing Yang Yan’s departure, Xu Ze could see all the changes in Yang Yan.
He only smiled silently, not really having any emotional changes.

The smell of blood in the room seemed impossible to completely dissipate.
Xu Ze could always smell a bit, but luckily it was not too strong so he didn’t feel sick.

In the living room, Yang Yan was dealing with the wound on his arm.
The wound split open while driving, causing blood to flow out which soaked his clothes inside and out.
He still might have not noticed it if it hadn’t been for Xu Ze’s reminder. 

Taking out the family medicine box, Yang Yan took off his shirt and applied medicine to the wound.

Aunt Dong originally had also fallen asleep.
When she heard the movement outside, she walked out.
Seeing that Yang Yan was unexpectedly injured, she hurried over to help.

After wiping the blood around the wound, as he was about to stick gauze Xu Ze suddenly opened his door.
Xu Ze came out to pour some water to drink, then he saw the situation on over by the sofa.

He thought Yang Yan only received a little injury.
But looking at his situation, it didn’t seem to be a minor injury. 

The wound on his arm was ferocious and terrifying.
It looked like a knife wound.

Xu Ze walked over: “How did you get hurt?”


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Xu Ze brows narrowed tightly.
He stared at Yang Yan’s arm for a while, then he looked directly at Yang Yan’s eyes.

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Yang Yan didn’t answer for a while.
Xu Ze pressed his lips tightly.
The wound looked very new, obviously only cut in the past few days.
Xu Ze was quite smart, and he roughly thought of a place after a little thinking.

“You were the one cut by that person that night, wasn’t it?” Xu Ze guessed the reason in an instant.

Only at this moment did Yang Yan nod: “Yes, but it’s just a little injury.
It will be fine in a few days.
You don’t need to worry.”

Xu Ze’s lips moved slightly.
He wanted to say that he really was not worried, but looking at the light in Yang Yan’s eyes, he swallowed the words that rushed to the tip of his tongue. 

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“Take care of it and go to sleep earlier.” Xu Ze walked over to pick up the hot water before walking back to his room quickly.
As for the scorching eyes that fell on his back, Xu Ze just pretended he did not see them.

After the bandaging, Yang Yan went upstairs to take a bath as usual.
In some aspects, he was indeed a scum.
But on the other hand, he was not without any good points.

Going downstairs to Xu Ze’s room, he saw Xu Ze already laid down.
However, not all the lights in the room were turned off.
A bedside lamp was left on.

Even if Xu Ze expressed that he’s unmoved and even indifferent, just this little bit of detail, Yan Yang seemed to be able to magnify it infinitely. 

He wondered if he was too radical.
In fact, he completely could just take it easy.
The future was still very long.
Why should he make himself hurry?

Walking to the bed, Yang Yan lifted the quilt gently.
He even slowed down his movement of lying down.
Xu Ze was not asleep.
He closed his eyes when Yang Yan came in.
When Yang Yan lay on the bed, he opened his eyes and looked at Yang Yan.

When Xu Ze was lying down, the previous indifference showed was now much less.
The entire person looked strangely gentle and soft.
Yang Yan didn’t know when it started, perhaps in their first in-depth contact after Xu Ze became pregnant with the child.
After that, Xu Ze became a kind of temptation for him.

Especially in the dark night, Yang Yan only wanted to deeply hold Xu Ze. 

Although his arm was injured, Yang Yan didn’t put that injury in his eyes at all.
Although it was split open again today, he still didn’t care much.

Yang Yan lowered his head and kissed Xu Ze’s lips.
He bit and sucked on the very soft lips.

Xu Ze actually didn’t have much needs tonight.
The frequency of rolling in the sheets with Yang Yan stayed around twice a week.
On this day, because of Yang Yan’s active teasing, Xu Ze’s body became uncontrollable and gradually became hot and dry.

That fire spread from inside out his body.
Xu Ze originally intended to push Yang Yan away, yet instead, it turned into his arms holding the back of Yang Yan’s neck. 

The tongues of the two were intermingled as the sounds gradually appeared in the room.
Yang Yan pushed the hem of Xu Ze’s clothes upwards, while he nibbled Xu Ze’s lower lip as if he was eating cotton candy.
He couldn’t help but greedily taste it.

Yang Yan’s skills were superb.
Just in a moment, the fire in Xu Ze’s body burned to the end of his eyes, making them seductive red.


Xu Ze opened his lips slightly and exhaled as he looked at Yang Yan.
Yang Yan leaned over and slowly lowered his lips, from Xu Ze’s chin to his neck, then gently kissed Xu Ze’s beautiful collarbone.

Xu Ze’s eyes twinkled with glittering water inside.
Every exposed skin all over his body seemed to be sensitive.
Even more, Yang Yan’s lips suddenly became hotter.
The places that were touched gave Xu Ze a kind of trembling numbness. 

When Yang Yan’s lips fell on Xu Ze’s slightly protruding abdomen, since there was a baby living in it, Xu Ze couldn’t help but snort.

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Yang Yan lifted his deep black eyes to look at Xu Ze.
Xu Ze’s pair of eyes were moist, his peach blossom eyes were full of autumn waves, which was alluring to the extreme.

Yang Yan dropped his lips again, his brows containing as much gentleness and cautiousness, as if he was afraid that a little heavier would disturb their baby.

But just after Yang Yan kissed him, Xu Ze’s expression suddenly changed slightly.
He grabbed Yang Yan’s hair and made Yang Yan stop. 

“Wait, wait a minute!” Xu Ze’s current state was a bit strange, his voice carrying some trembling.

Yang Yan noticed something wrong with Xu Ze and stopped immediately.
At the same time, he was still in a good mood from before, which now changed into worry about Xu Ze and the baby.

“What’s the matter? Is your stomach uncomfortable?” Because of the last accident, Xu Ze’s stomach was suddenly cramped.
After that, Yang Yan was even more nervous and concerned about Xu Ze’s body than Xu Ze himself.

Xu Ze’s eyes widened slightly as if surprised.
He stared at his slightly protruding stomach.
He wasn’t sure if it was his misconception, so he didn’t immediately respond to Yang Yan. 

From the side, Yang Yan stared at Xu Ze with both eyes, fearing that something might happen to Xu Ze.

There was a slight movement from his belly that Xu Ze carefully and thoroughly perceived.
It was indeed the baby in the belly that was moving.
To be precise, it was the baby breathing like a small fish, quietly blowing bubbles in Xu Ze’s belly.

The baby was growing in the womb and surrounded by amniotic fluid.
The baby was breathing in the amniotic fluid just like a small fish.

Xu Ze’s palm lightly fell on his stomach as he told Yang Yan what he had discovered: “The baby is blowing bubbles inside.” 

“Blowing bubbles?” Yang Yan knew every word separately, but what did they mean together? Yang Yan’s brain got stuck for a while as he stared at Xu Ze in a daze.

Xu Ze smiled and repeated: “Yes, he’s blowing bubbles.
Blowing bubbles like a fish.”

“Little fish?” Yang Yan couldn’t hide his surprise.
He leaned over and put his ear on Xu Ze’s belly, trying to listen to the baby’s movements.

“You can’t hear it.” Xu Ze felt that this action of Yang Yan was childish and ridiculous.
How could he possibly hear the sound? 

Yang Yan slowly got up, also feeling that he seemed to have become stupid.

“Are you uncomfortable?” Yang Yan was afraid that Xu Ze would be affected by the baby blowing bubbles.


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Xu Ze shook his head: “He just blew for a moment.
Now it seems to be gone.”

“He still isn’t sleeping when it’s this late?” Yang Yan stared at Xu Ze’s stomach without blinking, looking as if he could see through the surface at the little guy inside. 

“Might have disturbed him, so he blew bubbles in protest.” Xu Ze pointed out.

Yang Yan was stunned.
Although at this time his expression showed that he seemed to really believe Xu Ze’s words, it was unlikely that he would react later.

But after such a small episode, Yang Yan didn’t have any fire to continue.
The back of his hand slid across Xu Ze’s delicate face, the deep feelings in his eyes overflowed like seawater.

“Sleeping?” Xu Ze asked with curved lips. 

Yang Yan turned around and turned off the light.
As the darkness covered them, the two bodies in the quilt gently held each other.

Nothing happened in the next few days and then it was the weekend.

Yang Yan, Cao Mingyong, and others made an appointment to have a picnic on Longhu Mountain.
The departure time was in the afternoon because most of the other people who were going together were night owls.
If they set out in the morning, it could be estimated that few would be able to get up.

Although Yang Yan didn’t go out to play the night before, he still slept late.
Similarly, Xu Ze didn’t get up until it was about noon. 

When it was breakfast, Xu Ze woke up for a while.
Yang Yan got up and brought breakfast into the room.
He watched Xu Ze finish eating before bringing out the empty bowl.
Yang Yan himself wasn’t that hungry, so he only ate a little.

The weather was cold and there was nothing to do in the morning, so Yang Yan also went back to the cozy bed.

Holding Xu Ze for a while, Yang Yan woke up again.
Xu Ze was still asleep when he woke up.
Xu Ze slept sideways with a few strands of hair falling off his forehead.
Yang Yan gently stroked those away.
The two rolled too late last night, so Xu Ze was so tired he fell asleep right as laid down.

Yang Yan’s gaze was fixed on the back of Xu Ze’s neck that had a bit of red mark.
Yang Yan stared at that, just thinking that this kind of trace was always there. 

Yang Yan looked away and moved to Xu Ze’s face.
He hung his hands halfway in the air, stroking the tender white skin through the air.

His phone received a text message.
Yang Yan turned on mute first, on;y then did he open to see the text message.

The text message was sent by Cao Mingyong, reminding Yang Yan not to forget to bring his little baby with him.
Everyone wanted to see them.

Suddenly Yang Yan didn’t want to take Xu Ze there, not wanting other people to know Xu Ze’s existence. 

This person was indeed his baby, He and the child in his stomach were all his babies.

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