It was time for bed, Mimi went to her quaters leaving Aya alone. Aya gently laid on her bed. The bed was so big and soft unlike any bed she had ever laid on before. At first, it felt too soft for her and made it difficult for her to sleep. She turned left and right a number of times in order to get used to the the bed. She finally got used to it and was slowly falling asleep but all her senses sharpened as she caught sight of a dim candle light coming.

She sat on the bed with a hand under her pillow ready to swipe the blade she hid there to protect herself just in case. She watched as the light came closer to her door and finally at the front of her door. She began to hear little taps and struggles. She walked slowly to the door with the dagger hidden behind her back. She opened her door with force and immediately stopped all her battle senses as soon as she saw a little boy with big cute eyes at the door holding a candle. The boy was afraid by Ayas ferocious door opening.

”Sorry, didn mean to scare you. ”- Aya apologised as she noticed her greatly the boy was scared. She immediately tossed her dagger on a table behind her. She tilted her head as she looked at the adorable boy who more at least than before. As she tilted her head, the boy gave her a very exicted smile.

”Little boy, what are doing here? ”- Aya said and she knelt closely to his height. The boy didn say anything but stared at her in amazement.

”Little boy, why are you here? ”- Aya asked again as she rubbed his nose with the back of her index finger. He just gave her a big smile and hugged her.

”Mother! ”- He blurted

”It is really true that Father brought a new mother for me. ”- Ash said as he hung his arms around her neck. Aya was stunned as she said the heat of the candle in Ashs hands around her nape. She wasn very surprised because she already knew about Ktrezs first marriage and his son.

”Little boy, whats your name? ”-

”Mother, my name is Ash. ”-

”Ash, why aren you sleeping? ”-

”I just wanted to see my new mother. ”-

”Thats sweet of you but you should return to your room. ”- Aya said she tried to remove her arms for her neck but Ash refused to let go. There was no way Aya could let Ash sleep in her room this night because it would cause chaos when they can find the Little Prince in his room the next morning. So she carried him in order to return him to his room.

”Ash, please give me the candle. ”- Ash handed over the candle to Aya and clung back to her neck.

”This is what mother smells like. ”- Ash said in his mind as he leaned his head on her neck. Aya successfully found Ashs room thanks to his directions. She placed him on his bed and covered him with the blanket and reached for the door when Ash uttered some words that melted Ayas heart.

”I have never slept with mother before. ”- Ash said shly as he covered half of his face with his blanket.

”Umm…. You have to manage this mother then. ”- Aya said with a smile as he returned to his side. Ash rushed to her side immediately she entered the blanket. He hugged her tightly and rubbed his face on her neck excitedly. Aya was shocked and looked at his smiley face and chuckled. As they cuddled, Aya discovered Ash unusual cold temperature which was definitely unhealthy. She tightened her arms around him, trying her best to make him warmer.

”Mother is warm. ”- Ash said as he was drowsy. Ayas motherly hormones kicked in. She sympathised with Ash a lot as she also lost her mother at a young age but hers was a bit better compared to Ash plight. At least she knew knew her mother, live with her, played with her and had memories with her but Ash couldn even say the word ”mother ”. As Ash laid in her arms, Aya wanted to protect him and cherish him at all cost. She just felt that had to be his mother. She looked at the sleeping Ash once and smiled genuinely for the first time since she entered the kingdom. Cuddling with Ash made Aya so comfortable and happy that she entered a deep sleep.


Ktrez undressed himself remaining only his inner robes. He felt so dirty with the thought of betraying Olivia. He drowned his sorrows and regret in wine. He roamed around his palace after losing his soberness. He kept on roaming until he entered Ashs room. Aya couldn notice a thing as she was deep in sleep as she finally relaxed after many an unsettled mind for days. Ktrez climbed the bed after removing his upper robes, leaving him with only his trousers. Ktrez did that everything he slept with Ash in order to keep him calm. He climbed the bed and hugged Aya with his bare chest as he was still drunk. He kept his arms tight around her waist with his face buried in her hair.

”Olivia… ”- Ktrez mumbled

The newly formed family slept peacefully throughout the night.

Aya woke up with Ash as her first sight. Ash was still asleep with his head using her bosom as a pillow. Aya could clearly see Ash as it was daybreak. She noticed Ashs abnormal pale skin which was an unhealthy skin tone which made her worried. She continued to look at Ash when she felt an arm wrapping around her waist. She instinctively got on top of Ktrez with her arm pressing against his neck, leaving Ktrez in between her widely spaced knees. Ktrez sobbed a little as he felt pressure on his neck.

”What are you doing? ”- with half opened eyes and squeezed forehead, Ktrez asked Aya who was mesmerised by the huge resemblance between Ktrez and Ash, after all, they are father and son.

”Morning, Little Prince. ”- a maid walked in as Aya and Ktrez were still in a compromising position.

”Im so sorry Your Highness. ”- The maid quickly said as soon as she identified them.

Aya immediately got up from him. Ktrez grunts in pain as he stood up. He had a huge hangover from last night. Although Ktrez could barely open his eyes, he noticed that Aya was only wearing a tunic. He looked at her legs to her eyes. Aya felt embarrassed as Ktrez gazed at her exposed body and went to the door trying to call the maids but it all in vain. Based on what happened ago, the maids had fled in order to give them some privacy.

She opened the door slightly to scout for anyone around but couldn see any one wanted to shout out for them but hesitated, she looked at the sleeping Ash. She didn want to wake him up and continued looking for anyone around. She couldn leave the room with what she wore. Any woman shouldn walk around in such. Ktrez understood her situation and was impressed that she considered Ash although they just met yesterday. Ktrez hung his upper robe on his neck and left the room. Aya was sitting beside Ash when a maid entered the room with a simple dress for her to wear but returning to her room to freshen up.

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