Prairie Princess

Entering a new nation

”Aren you supposed to be happy for your sister? ”- Khatun directed it to Aya.

”The only disheartening thing is that I won be able to attend her wedding. ”- Aya said and whispered something in Mimis ears. Mimi came in later with a drinking bowl and poured wine into it for the Princess.

”Sister and Delger, I wish the two of one a blissful marriage. ”- Aya said as she drank the wine completely as a go and smashed the bowl which was a traditional way to celebrate.

”Smash! ”- Delger looked at her as the sound of the broken bowl echoed but she turned her eyes away from him to her father.

”Great Khan, theres a long journey ahead and I would like to get some rest. ”-

”You may leave. ”- Khan said warmly

Before leaving, Aya looked at the entire tent: Khatuns smirk ; Delbee blush and Delger disheartened face but she left the tent with straight face and Mimi tiptoed behind her.

”Ahhhh! ”- Aya screamed as soon as she entered her tent.

”Princess! ”-Mimi wailed

Aya finally ease all the tensed nerves and fell on knees her in tears.

”Princess. ”- Mimi sighed as she also went on her knees and hugged Aya tightly.


Mimi came out of the Princess tent with a clay jug in her hands when she saw Delger looking so perplexed in the front of their tent. Mimi was passing by him as if he didn existed when he pulled her arm.

”How is she doing? ”-

”Who exactly are asking about? The Princess or your future wife? Cause I have no idea how your wife is doing? ”-

”What are you saying? Im obviously asking about Aya? ”-

”Now you know who she is? ”- Mimi said as she forceful freed her arm from his grasp.

”This must have a pleasant night for you Commander. ”- Mimi sarcastically said

”Mimi, you know nothing. ”- Delger tried to reprimand her.

”Know nothing? Her Highness has never once been happy since the decree was issued…but you got wrapped in your desire and became daft! ”-

”Mind your language! ”- Delger took offence

”No! Her life might be more difficult from now on but your desire would have made things worse. Just imagine her as a deflowered Princess in a foreign land. Her Highness has always dreamt of marrying you but thats not within her reach. She only wanted to spend the remaining days with you, the man she loves before she is taken away! ”- Mimi said assertively and paused for a second

”If she had said yes to your desire, her life in that land would be harder. Instead of sympathising with her, you left her alone when all she wanted was to spend her remaining days with you. ”-

Delger was left speechless by Mimis accurate remarks but still repeated his question.

”But…how is Aya doing now? ”- Delger asked with less energy than the first time.

”Her Highness is asleep now and she wishes you a happy marriage, Commander. ”- Mimi said and left.

Mimi was filling the jug from a drum when a woman suddenly grabbed her.

”Ha! ”- Mimi shouted in fear at house but saw the woman was rather from a foreign land as her eye colour was blue which was impossible for someone from Matre to have. The woman was dressed in rags and had bruises all over. Mimis fear disappeared as she saw the womans eyes with tears.

”Look over there! She mustn get away. ”- some suspicious men said from a far. Mimi felt the woman tremble as she heard those men voices. Mimi hid her behind the drum as they drew closer.

”Who are you guys? ”- Mimi said bravely and hid her fear in my stomach.

”Mind your business, missy? ”-

”You dare break into the Princesss yard and ask questions. ”-

The men got offended and cane closer to attack Mimi.

”Assassin! Protect the Princess!! ”- Mimi yelled

”You little…. ”- said the man who seemed to be the leader before the whole gang absconded.

Mimi breathe out as soon as they were out of sight and went to see the woman who was still trembling and carefully touched her.

”ahhhh! ”- The woman cried in fear but Mimi discovered something that sent chills to her bone. The woman couldn talk as her tongue had been cut off. The woman was still deep in awe crying and shaking. Mimi couldn control herself and broke into tears. She hugged the woman tightly even though she resisted in fear- Mimi hugged her very tightly until the woman felt as ease.

Mimi was undecisive on what to do next with the woman. She had no choice but to bring her into the Princesss tent and wake Aya up. Aya pondered on how to save her as Mimi treated her wounds. Aya finally decided on what to do and left the tent.

”ahh ah. ”- the woman mumble while bringing out a green handkerchief with a magnolia flower at the bottom and a symbol at the other side.

”ahha ah. ”- The woman clicked as she gave Mimi the handkerchief. Mimi refused to accept it but the woman was persistent which made Mimi to accept it. The woman fell as sleep after her wounds were treated.


Delger sat on the river bank with a leg nearly into the water and a knee close to his chest. He tried to drink his sorrows away as she forced wine down his throat.

”You can keep drinking all you want but I need a favour. ”- said a voice behind him

Delger immediately turned and saw Aya with her arms crossed.

”Aya! ”- Delger said in excitement. He rushed to her and tried to touch her but she dodge his touch.

”Which favour? ”- Delger said with a snotty nose as he wiped his tears from his face.

”I want you to help me transport someone safely to Altan. Also give Altan a letter I will soon write. ”-

”Who exactly? ”-

”Thats not for you to know, just help me with this last favour. ”-

”Okay. ”- Delger said affirmatively instantly which was a surprise to Aya.

”Thank you. ”- Aya said and turned her back heading to her tent.

”Aya! ”- Delger said with a soft voice. Aya stopped her movement and took a deep breath

”Our fates were never in our hands. We both wanted to be with each other but we are engaged to different people and thats our future. It was really nice while it lasted. I wish you happiness. Thank you and good bye. ”- Aya said without turning to face him and left.

Delger stood there in tears as he watched her back.

”I wish you happiness too. ”- Delger said with a forced smile.

Few hours before sunrise, Aya woke the woman up for her to be taken to her brother, Altan miles away. ”-

”Here is some money. ”- Mimi said as she handed her a sachet.

Delger dragged her out as she was hesitant to go. The woman continued to look at Aya and Mimi with great emotions in her eyes as she was leaving. Aya couldn place her words on the song the womans eyes played but all she knew was that she had been through a lot.


The drums were played and dance rituals were performed as Khan and Khatun were about to send Aya off. Khatun stood behind the Khan faking smiles as she didn have the slightest emotion for the send off.

Aya was dresses beautifully with a crean deel made out of silk. Her hair was made into two beautiful long braids that were tucked in separately.

Aya knelt before her father and stood up after a chest box was placed in her arms. Khan gently brought her closer to as she stood and gave a warm kiss on her forehead and hugged her. Aya shed a tear while they were hugging as Khan whispered in her ears. Aya realised that she can remember the last time her father hugged her or whether he ever did.

Khan slowly let go of her and wore a firm small brown loovuz on her head that had a golden accessory in the middle that drop to her forehead.

”The youngest Princess of Matre is living her fathers land for the benefit of all. May she bring good fortune to our kingdom. Happiness should follow her wherever she may be. Long live the Princess! Long live Princess Aya! ”- Khan said in a charismatic way but left everyone shocked especially Khatun as he had never hailed anyone before.

”Long Live the Princess! Long Live Princess Aya! ”- The masses cheered as Aya walked through a rose path to her carage with her head high. She faced the crowd after reaching her carage with Mimi by her side and took a bow showing a sign of respect to her father for the last time.

”Aya sat in the carriage with the chest box still in her arms and droplet of tears slowly coming down from her eyes as she remembered the words her father whispered in her ears.

”Aya, my dear daughter, sorry for the things you went through. Im sorry for not being able to save your mother and not protecting enough for that woman even though I knew what you were going through. I can even remember the last time you called me ”father ”. Please forgive me, my precious Aya. ”-

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