”What of Commander Delger? ”- Mimi asked knowing that the Commander and Her Highness have been childhood sweethearts.

”A princess has no desires, especially an unfavoured one. ”- Aya sniffled as she ruled her bunny with her face

”Princess, no matter what your mother was still a Taihu. You are a noble Princess. ”- A Taihu is a Khan consort.

”Noble Princess? ”- Aya unintentionally laughed at Mimis words as it was the opposite of her reality. Aya let go of her rabbit and held Mimis arm:

”Do you want to follow this Noble Princess to the depths of hell in a foreign land? ”- Aya asked with a scary look in her eyes.

”Any hell is better than staying here alone with Her Highness. Mimi, a humble servant shall follow her master to the depths of hell. ”- She said looking straight into Ayas fierce eyes.

”*sigh* You little girl, what do you know about hell? ”- Aya groaned as she pat Mimis head whose eyes were already teary.

”Mimi, I don know what the future holds for us; it might be good or bad but I don want you to blame me if it ever goes wrong. I don want you to ever hate me, you are my little sister who I cherish. ”-

Aya had an obviously bad relationship with her siblings except for Altan the Jonon( Crown Prince). She never knew what it was like to have a sister until she met Mimi who was only three years younger than her.

”What if I write a letter to Altan to take you as one of his consorts at least you are now sixteen? ”-

”Her Highness wants to make the Evil Khatun my mother-in-law. ”- Mim said with tears in her eyes and fear written all over her face which made Aya to burst into laughter.

”I was joking, okay? Don cry- Im sorry. ”- Aya consoled Mimi after ridiculing her. After minutes of pacifying her, Aya gave her a task.

”If Im asked of, tell them I went hunting. ”- Aya said as she carried her bow.

”Before meeting him, at least dress decently. ”- Mimi said as Aya only wore a thin white robe. ”-

”Oh! ”- Aya laughed at her self

”Help me dress then. ”- Aya continued

The beauty of the setting sun rained on Aya as she rode her horse with her horse filled with injured preys in the bag that hung by the side of her horse and her bow at the other side. The breeze blew her long braided hair; making a song out of the clinking sound of her turquoise blue dropping beads on her hair. She wore a smile with an after taste of sadness as she saw a man standing by a horse enjoying the view of a setting sun.

”Wsssh! ”- Aya said as she halted her horse and alighted from it.

Delger stood firm with his hands at his back and his chin high. He faced Aya and opened his arms ready for an embrace but Aya asked him a question.

”Why are you here? ”- Aya asked

”I could ask you the same question. Why are you here Aya? You knew that I will be here. ”- Delger said with his arms wide open still waiting for a hug.

”I will be someones wife soon, so why are you here? Yes, I knew I could find you here but why did you come here? ”- Aya said from a distance.

Delger finally let his hands down- ”I didn hear a word you said. ”-

”Stop acting down. I kn…. ”- Aya was cut shut as Delger ran to her and locked her in his arms.

”I can understand a single word you said. the only thing I know is that you belong to me. You are my woman and I can ever let you be another mans wife. ”-

Aya could barely see as his long hair closed her eyes.

”Lets run away. Run as far as our horses can go. Leave all this behind and be a family. I have planned everything, we can go now. ”-

Aya with no doubt wanted to run away as well, as far as the sun set but she couldn .

”No! ”- Aya finally broke free from his arms.

”Why?! ”- Delger shouted

”We should leave our loved to suffer in our place. Have you thought about what Khan would do of we disgrace him like that. ”- Aya yelled

”He is obviously going to have our heads no matter how far we are. ”-

”So, I should just go away? ”-

”Yes. ”- Aya replied firmly

”But I hope we can spend our remaining days together beautifully. ”- She continued

”Okay. Then be my woman this night. ”-

”What do you mean? ”-

”You know exactly what I mean. Don act dumb. Every man wishes for his beloved by his bed time. If I can have you for a lifetime, I should have you for at least a night. ”- Delger said and quickly grabbed her with his tongue twined with hers and his hands running through her body. Aya was too stunned to quick and didn realise that were already on the sandy ground.

”Stop. ”- Aya moaned but Delger ignored her plea.

”If you really love me, stop now. ”- She said with a strong voice which made Delger and look into her eyes. Seeing her eyes filled with tears, he got up from her and sat on the dust. Aya scurried to her horse and rode off leaving Delger in contempt. The two of them didn contact each other after that day and Aya was busy with the preparations for her marriage and learning the language and culture of her future home.

A banquet was held the eve of Ayas departure. The tent was filled with distinguished identities who have never saw Aya in the light of royalty but came to attend her banquet.

”Cheers! ”- Khan said raising his golden wine cup.

”My daughter is going to Delunia to bring Matre great fortune. Therefore, I bestow upon her the title of Gonji, Noble Princess. ”- Khans words left everyone shocked especially the Khatun and Aya.

Aya was surprised but wasn grateful. All her step-sisters got that title as soon as they were born. She only started living like a princess a few years back thanks to Altan, the Crown Prince.

”Of what use is this now. ”- Aya muttered quietly

The Queen, Khantun was clearly dissatisfied with the Khans announcement by hid her emotions with a smile.

”Congratulations Aya, your father gave you a title. Say your gratitude. ”- Khatun said slyly

Aya completely ignored the Khatuns remarks and showed no sign of gratitude as the title was her birth right. She only drank a cup of wine and ate the roasted meat on her plate. Everyone was shocked at her attitude towards the Khan and Khatun but she couldn care less as the banquet was her last with them.

”Cheers! ”- The Khan said easing the intense atmosphere. The Khatun bite a side of her lip as she felt greatly insulted. She called a maid to her side and whispered something. Aya got suspicious and careful checked her food in case but Aya was certain she wouldn dare hurt her now. Because if anything should happen to her before the wedding, Delbee would take her place and marry to Delunia. Delbee, Aya immediate elder sister, who is the Khatun favourite daughter due to her outstanding resemblance to her. Everyone needs how much Delbee resemble her mother physically but her brain was a near match to her mother. Delbee was only ruthless as she was doted by savage beast of a mother.

Aya stylish looked at Delbee, only to see flaming excitement in her eyes.

”Greetings Great Khan, Graceful Khatun. ”- Aya was surprised as Delger walked in briskly

”Since we are already in good spirit, we decided to double it. ”- Khatun looked at Aya was a grin.

”Delbee and Aya are the best of sisters – My Delbee will be lonely as her little sister goes tomorrow.. ”- Khatun said shedding crocodile tears

”Therefore, Delbee shall be wed with Commander Delger as he is still young and unmarried. ”-

Delgers eyes widened in surprise and Aya froze with her wine cup close to her mouth.

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