Prairie Princess

Imperial Decree

” ”To strengthen the good relationship between Matre and Delunia, the Third Prince,Ktrez, has mourned his wife long enough and the Oxen Palace doesn have a lady. Therefore, Prince Ktrez will take Matres youngest Princess as his wife. ” Thats all. Accept the imperial decree, Your Highness. ”- The old eunuch said

”Yes, Your Majesty. ”- Ktrez said as he swayed his white inner robes from his knees in order to stand up and accept the decree from the wrinkly old eunuch.

”His Majesty said you should begin preparations to welcome your new bride. ”-

”Tell His Mejesty to be rest assured. ”-

The wrinkly eunuch and his underlings with a grin as they got satisfied with the Prince contempt.

Ktrez heartily left his study with the decree in his hand as soon as the eunuchs dispersed. He walked drenched in sorrow and his mind darker than the clouds that were being formed in the he sky. He arrived at room that was illuminated by candles, tidied up but was perfectly arranged with no essence of life in it. In the inner corners of the room was a huge painting of a beautiful woman with daisy in her hands. She wore a calm smile and a green dress that matched the colour of her eyes.

Ktrez touched the womans face with his eyes filled with agony.

”Olivia. ”- He sighed

Ktrez closed his eyes as the dark clouds earlier began to pour. The drizzling sound of the water took him through a nostalgia road back to that day.

”WAAH! WAAH! WAAH! ”- Ktrezs son Ash cried after being picked up from the muddy ground all drenched.

”Olivia! Olivia! Olivia! ”- Ktrez cried

”Your Highness! Her Highness has been found but… ”-

”But what?! Answer me!! ”- Ktrez yelled and grabbed the soldiers arm.

”Your Highness! ”- Another soldier shouted

Ktrez immediately let go of the soldier as he saw Olivias body floating on the pond.

”Olivia! ”- Ktrez yelled at the top if his voice and jumped straight into the water. He swam over to her in deep breaths and carried her in his arms but her body had already swollen, which was evident of her current state but Ktrez couldn seen it blinded by his desperation. He gently placed her on the muddy ground and performed CPR on her as they were covered by umbrellas by the guards and maids available.

”Olivia, nothing is going to happen to to you. ”- He said as he pressed her chest and blew air into her mouth.

”Call the doctor. ”- He continued performing CPR

”Olivia! ”- He cried but didn halt until the doctor arrived and he collected his son from the maids arms.

”Your Highness , Ash is too young for this cold and worst he ahd already been drenched before. Please lets take him inside. ”- Munlch, a maid, said

”I know but Olivia might wake up hearing his voice. ”- Ktrez cried desperately: Munlch kept as she was out of words.

”Yo…ur High..ness… ”- the doctor stammered

”Her Highness…is no more. ”- The doctor heavily said due to fear.

”Repeat your words and I shall have head!! ”- Ktrezs words immediately made the doctor timid and pale.

Ktrez placed Olivia on his laps and his hand on her wet hair.

”Wake up Olivia, Ash is crying. He needs his mom. ”- Ktrez said gently as he caressed her head


”See he needs…. ”- Ktrez stopped as he noticed Little Ash wasn crying anymore.

”Little One, why aren you crying anymore. ”- Ktrez voice started to shake.

He immediately got up and took to his heels with the baby in his arms and everyone else followed him.

”BAM! ”- Ktrez kick open the door

”Increase all fire! ”- Ktrez yelled

He placed Little Ash on a table to be examined by the doctor. The doctor realised that he wasn breathing anymore and his body was so cold. The doctor immediately performed CPR on him with two fingers. Ktrez couldn bear the sight and turned his back on them. He tucked his hands together and prayed in his heart for his son.

”Waah! Waah!. ”- Little Ash weakly cried. Ktrez rushed to side after hearing his cry and held Little Ashs cold hands and kissed them. He later left Ash in the care of Munlch, the doctor and the other maids.

Ktrez went to Olivias room were she was laid on her bed. He knelt down beside her and kissed her hand.

”I swear, I will those who di

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