Power and lust

Chapter 3: Ai Sayama (R-18)

after a unknown period of time max slowly opened his eyes to see he was in a dark place his body felt as if it was being torn apart ” ahhhh ” max screamed in pain then he fainted. After some more unknown period of time max woke up again still feeling the pain but he gritted his teeth after a long period of time which felt like infinity to max the pain slowly subsided. Max looked around but he found himself in pure darkness he tried to find a way out but it was useless, max realised he was trapped. Over time max slowly lost touch of reality as he felt as that he had been trapped for millions of years, soon max panic, felt irritated, hate as all he had was his thoughts and memories of this miserable life. ”Ahhhh ” max screamed as he pulled his hair ” let me out ” ”let me out !! ” Max shouted manically.

Max kept on screaming till his throat was soar he soon quieted down known what he was thinking of after an unknown period of time the whole person started shaking as if suppressing something after a short while a eerie and creepy laugh resounded in the isolated space.the laugh grew more and more crazed till it finally died down and in the dark a pair of eyes opened all that could be seen was the whites of the eyes till slowly a bit of crimson with a hint of madness slowly began to dye the black eyes thats could be seen in the dark space before.

Slowly a red colour emerged in the pitch dark space, then disappeared only to reappear again a moment later. The pair of red eyes starred into the emptiness as if trying to understand something then after some time Maxs eyes flicked with understanding immediately after a cracking sound was heard, with it light suddenly spilled into the once dark place.

At the same time somewhere in an unknown area the space suddenly distorted and a black hole appeared cause a vortex that swallowed everything and then stopped only for a human figure to fall out.

The figure had long pitch black hair that vibrant and healthy shining in the sun flowing like a river as the figure fell a scream was heard from its mouth and the its red eyes flicked as it was falling from the black whole from the sky but then suddenly disappeared and instantly appeared on the ground.

Max who landed on the ground after falling from the black hole looked around trying to figure out where he was after looking around he found out that he was somewhere with a ground and a sky aswell as some trees and grass. Satisfied which his discovery max laughed with hand on his hips and his head thrown back, only to stop after feeling the cool touch of his skin only to realise he was naked.

Max quickly jumped into the bush thinking to himself I don want to the the weirdo laughing whilst naked in the middle of nowhere. where am I max once again thought only to gain sudden enlightenment after feeling the leaves around him, max knew exactly where he was. Max was in a bush Im in a bush max thought.

With that problem figure out max decide to solve the next problem of what to do about not having any clothes. Max whipped out his phone to search on google to see what to do if you find yourself in a brush without clothes. Nani !!!! Max was instantly shocked realising that he didn have his phone, just got to get someone to call my phone the the problem will be solved max thought Im so smart he thought as he looked for someone to call his phone ”ahhh ” max suddenly screamed as he once a again realised he was lost in the middle of nowhere. I can find anyone to ask if there is no one here max said to himself I need to find my way to civilisation but for me to do that I need to know where I am max once again came face to face with the problem of where am I only to realise that he was in a bush.

(lol sorry for that bit tried to write humor but can )

Max Teleports looking for people a town, anything. till he smelled food and sees smoke, teleports to the direction of the smoke,onto a tree sees a carriages and horses and men dressed in amour sitting around fires some making food and some eating. A mature lady with a noble temperament walks into the scene, has a very mature and bumpy figure, fascinating men and as she walked her hips sway side to side even though she wore a loose and traditional dress her ass was still visible swaying as she walked…. She ate the food handed to her by one of the men dressed in armour… as she finished she wanted to get up but suddenly staggered her chest ripple as she tried to balance herself she fell back weakly on her ass, she was confused only momentarily but her eyes quickly flashed with understanding then panic, during this time the men around her were drawn by her strange behaviour

Suddenly one of the men in armour pulled out his sword and stabbed the men in front of him and like a signal several other men quickly pulled out their swords and stabbed their companions. Bodies quickly fell, several sparks flew as some of the men being attacked reacted quickly and blocked the swords, ” traitors, lets kill them ” one of the men shouted out raising the morale the remaining men who managed to block the sword of their companions quickly gather together to resist and as they fought suddenly some of them were stabbed by some of the men with them who were resisting the traitors, the surviving men no longer trusted anyone as a result they were quickly sieged two on one as they could not unite and were quickly slain.

Few minutes later the fighting stopped and the remaining men formed a circle around the mature and enchanting lady.

The mature lady was unable to gather strength she knew she was must have been drugged and looked down at the food she had eaten, helpless she could hear the sound of sword piercing through flesh, and saw the men she had raised fall, till none remained only traitors who formed a circle around her and she could see the lust and greed in their eyes.

Suddenly the men moved aside and a heroic man walked out and slowly walked to the women …..

”Sir Alex why…. I respected you and when my husband was around her treated you as a brother and everything you have we bestowed you ” the lady questioned with shock.

The heroic man sneered and laughed ” bestowed, thats exactly what I hate thou and your dead husband didn bestowed me anything I got what I deserved with my strength, but of course you felt as if you were doing me a favour ”

” you know I could have saved your husband but I watched him die and the last thing she said was for me to protect you so I will, I always wanted everything he had and now look at me, I will get get everything I want, you, your wealth, your power, your daughters and even his maids, all mine, all mine, ¨

the lady was shocked by his words, she could not believe that the man who she had trusted with her life would betray her.

sir alex grinned at the thought of his foreseen future, this mature and bumpy lady was going to be his, those wide and luscious hips that juicy ass all of it was soon be his.

as sir alex walked closer to her the lady was scared and she tried to stand up and run she staggered backwards her firm and round boobs jiggled back and forth. sir alex was amazed by the sight, he could no longer hold himself, he reached for her jiggling breasts.

suddenly he jumped backwards doing a backflip in mid air, as he span blades shot past where he had just been.

sir alex saw space distort as the blade underneath him and as it passed him it stuck at tree in the distance.

sir alex landed on his feet and looked at where the blade can from and on a tree there was a youth with long pure black hair and a handsome face but what stood out was that the youth had red eyes and a bit of evil air on his brows.

who are you sir alex asked the youth but the youth ignored him and a look at the lady ”my lady ” the youth said but half way through his words space suddenly rips open and sucks him in only for a moment his gone but right behind the lady space suddenly distorts and the youth pops out. my lady max smiles with a evil grin. the lady heart stops for a moment as she felt the danger hidden behind the youths grin, ”my name max ” said max as he reached out for her hand the mature lady hesitated but then reluctantly provided him her hand at which max took and bowed down gracefully and kissed it. upon contact the lady felt as if she had been electrocuted and her body felt hot her looming chest swayed as she quickly staggered back in shock.

Sir alex was annoyed by the scene being ignored and seeing another male touch what he now considered rightfully his. raging sir alex condensed flames on his fist and attacked alex was curious about the abilities of sir alex as this was his first time seeing other forms of abilities accept from his own.

as sir alex attacked he struck his fist forwards and the flames on his fist shot outwards rushing towards max. max felt the hot air approach him as the flames neared his faces but a rip in the fabric of space devoured the flames before appearing behind sir alexs back and stuck him on his back his cloths instantly burned forming a hole, sir alex flew forward caught off guard by his own attack.

max reached out into the void and grabbed a sword from somewhere on the battlefield and stabbed forwards, sir alex quickly crossed his arms infant of his chest to protect himself but as the sword grazed his skin in suddenly stabbed into the void and appears by his side and stabs through below his ribs into his heart. sir alex coughs up a mouth full of blood and with shock on his face he losses strength and collapse onto the floor. the lady is amazed at how quickly max killed her chief guard.

max watched as the man fell lifeless on the floor and tried to feel something like guilt or remorse as he had never taken a human life much less seen blood before, yet he only felt excited by its buzzing red and the feeling of power to decide someones life and death something he never felt before something that made him thrilled and excited and after an unknown amount of time trapped in the void all alone the feeling of power made him feel so… alive and the red on the on his sword was just so appealing to him.

max grinned brighter than ever and suddenly he shot into the void multiple times with the sword stabbing the surrounding men to death. as he pulled back the sword from the void he admired the color red that was now ever present and as he look at his ordinary sword he fell in love with it, to him it was the first weapon to show him the beauty of life.

The lady watched all this happen before her eyes and was truly amazed by the youth who called himself max he look no older than 19 yet he was so strong. she wanted to rush up[ to him and thank him fro his life saving grace but she was still weak from the posion as such she staggered and fell towards him max quickly hugged her and as she fell into his arms he could smell the charming fragrance of a mature lady, he buried his face into her neck it smelt so good and he couldn help but feel the urge to make her his, he felt her bumpy figure his arms carefully slide down from her wide hips down to her sexy ass.

the lady was shocked by maxs actions and felt his hot breath on her neck and his arms make their way towards her ass she was frightened but before she could resident max raised his head and captured her luscious red lips, he grouped he juicy ass with his hands squeezing it and slid his hands under her dress he felt the warmth of her skin as he grasped her plump ass from with her dress.max couldn help it the joy of human touch after so long alone, it was addicted to him. the lady in his arms struggled to get away but she was too weak and all it did was rub her bumpy figure against max.

max started to taste her lips, ”stop it, i beg you ” the lady cried as she resisted but she could feel her strength fade away and her body grow hotter. max broke open her mouth and pushed his tongue inside hugging her silky and beautiful body close to himself, feeling her round buttocks max wanted to taste more of this mature woman taste, the lady shaking in his arms further provocated his lust, the tent that was raised high pressed against her.

the lady slowly stopped resisting she could feel the thirst of her body the touch of a youthful man made her excited. she knew that it was wrong, she was sorry for her dead husband as a widow she had promised her self to stay loyal but after all these times of loneliness his kiss, his touch couldn help but make her want to indulge.

”ahhhhh! ” the lady moaned as she felt a hand invade her pants don she screamed uhhhh the hand creased her gully and made its way to her grassland, her body started to react the double peaks swelled slowly and the red beans on the peaks were erect and hard and as her body was invaded her resistance slowly turned to welcoming and her tongue fought back and intertwined with maxs tongue, her arms warped around his neck allowing his hands to approach her most secret place. uhhh max don the lady wimpered although her body felt thrilled by the passion and couldn help but want more the shyness of a lady made her unable to admit it, it felt so wrong for her to be touched by a man she had just met and for her to kiss him back with such vigor despite being a widow made her both ashamed and excited.

Her body twisted under his hands, spring water emerged from her valley, max breath became heavy from birth till now her has never experienced the taste of such a charming woman. the charming face, the mature and plump devilish figure and the fat thighs, even the jade skin made him obsessed.

max arms went to his waist and lowered his pants, his raging pathon was freed, lifting her dress and exposing her leaking gully and jade skin max pressed his paint pathon into her gully into her secret place, ” Ah! husband, Im sorry , i was inserted by another man, ah! so big ” the ladys hands which were warped around his neck now moved to his waist to prevent herself from being overwhelmed by the collision of flesh as the youths pathon raged in her.

”Ah! ah! ” the lady screamed and her cherry mouth vented out and the running water is getting more and more ” ah ah ah! ” she couldn help it but warp her slender thighs around his waist, her eyes have gradually become blurred as she felt the youths gaint weapon reach a place her husband had never reached before the pleasure overwhelmed her senses ”ah ! Ah! Ah! so good ” she screamed.

max felt so good and as he as he pressed against her, the passionate kiss, the sway of her waist, sexy curves and the shaking mounts on her chest, so soft. sounds of flesh colliding and sweet lusty groans could be heard. ” Ah ! Im cumming ” the lady moaned and max couldn help but increase his pace to match her and with one final thrust her spilt his seeds into her ” Ahhh! so good ” the lady screamed as she climaxed and fell into his arms, after the release she felt her thoughts clear up, after the lust and the excitement she felt some guilt but for her it was too late, after this she didn know if she could resist the youth again, she had never felt for pleasure and good, all she could hope is that her husband would forgive her.

max looked at the lady in his arms and felt satisfied, this lady made him a man, after all this time alone, unloved and shamed by girls at his school and the looks from everyone around him, max never imagined he would ever have a day like this, blood and power that made him feel so alive, the taste of a mature lady and her passionate response that made him feel excited and where full of lust like someone wanted him like someone loved him, all this new experiences made him look forwards to his future.what your name max asked ”Ai Sayama ” the woman in his arms replied.

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