Portals and Stones

New Beginning

”Do not stop the attack! Theres a little time left before the portal breaks, we have to lower the energy here as soon as possible ”.

It had been 6 days since this portal was opened and its energy was almost at its peak, the monsters that were ant-like but standing on two legs caused us great trouble because they could teleport in a moment, and we lost 3 people from our team, including our healer.

”John maybe we should step back and get reinforcements, there are only 7 of us left and we don even have a healer anymore! These monsters will kill us all! Let others handle it, this is beyond us! ” After injecting poison into the sword in my hand and slaying one of the ants, I looked at John, who was trying to deal with the two ants in front of me. Even though I was aware of the cost of entering this portal for a low-level group like us, it wasn worth losing our lives

An arrow suddenly slid past my ear making me startled, I turned around to meet our archer David, who was looking at me with disdainful eyes, ”Don be so cowardly Zac, weve already taken the explosive runestone at the expense of all the energy stones we have to get into this portal. we kill the ant king and get the gemstone or die trying it! Don even think about escaping from here or Ill check to see if you
e killing you and condensing a gemstone! ”

I don know if the stubborn son-of-a-bitch is the first to run away in a life or death situation, but hes trying to bully me because he thinks he might still get something good.

”If you have enough energy to argue among yourselves, youd better save it for the ants. According to the guide we received, we have almost reached the ant king! Many groups have died here so far, be careful! ” Kate, one of the magicians in our group, got our attention just in time. Ahh, she is as reliable as ever.

On the way to the ant king, we were very annoyed by their teleporting abilities while killing the ants in front of us, the worse thing was that the only thing they dropped was energy stones, they didn drop a single gem that could give us abilities or power.

After collecting the energy stones one by one, I went back to the group, everyone slumped in a corner, resting before our last fight and trying to overcome their tensions.

Noticing that everyone had gathered, John said, ”David, take this explosive runestone. ” He gave the runestone to David.

He then looked into each of us in turn and said, ”Everyone must know our plan, Kate and David will be attacking from afar while I and Eze are tanking the king, Zac you
e the fastest one among us, aim for the ants feet and tendons to reduce its mobility. Nina and Lemi, all you have to do are protect David and Kate, keep them away from the acid the ant will spray. ” Said

”I have something to say, ” David spoke suddenly. ”I won use the explosive runestone until Im sure Ill hit the king, so be careful. Don try to rush me, this is our only chance. ”

As much as I disliked the guy, he was right that this was our only chance. There was no way we could kill the ant king with our power, our only chance was to kill the ant king with a rune stone during the short-term fatigue that the ant king would experience after teleportation.

Nina rolls her eyes, ”I don think any of us thought otherwise, David. ” she said. ”Let the ant king hunt begin. ”

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