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(Mc pov)

I open my eyes i find myself in unknown room with heavy headache and my whole body cover with blood and i don know if its mine or not cause i don feeling any slight amount of pain. I don remember anything i did before i sleep tomorrow. Is this amesiya? No its not i said to myself. Then whats happening to me why i having this high headache and where the hell i am and why Im not panicking cause this situation Im 100% sure can stay calm but still Im.


[Host awoke, full body scanning….]

[Scan complete]

[Host body fully heal and system didn detect and injury]

Whats this sounds

[Memory of the Previous owner of this body found]

[Does host want watch ths memory]

[Yes / No]

So thats mean this body is not mine so where is my body. Am i reincarnated in someones body? That logic actually make sense since i hearing my golden fingers voice. Whatever lets watch precious owners memory.


So thats how i select options just think and its happen. Easy.

Suddenly i got huge headache like something forcefully entering in my mind. I start to having completely different memories of someone. its feel like Im living his life except i don have any control on my body.

[Memory transfer completed]

Man this is craziest moment in my life you know why cause Im reincarnated in marvel universe not in MCU but in marvel universe where power scale is crazily off the charts world ending treats come randomly. And Im where is the consider centre of whole crazy things. NEW YORK.

And now for positive side of my new life Im reincarnated in my favourite superhero from my previous life Peter Parker a.k.a. Spiderman.

Well what i learn from peters memory yesterday i just got beating of lifetime from sinister six. Before the fight i tried to ask get help from other superheroes like Avengers, Fentastic 4, X-Men, Defender, even from my other spider team heroes. But no one comes to help. Most of are just being hero for fame and money. Peter help anyone who needs it no matter it they are humans, mutants, inhumans, aliens and even other superheroes but he need help no comes to help. And even after every help he did no one consider him as hero. Some treat him as menace, some treat as annoying bug, some didn even acknowledges him. Still despite being treated that way Peter Parker always do his best to help other. Wow what a pure soul.

So where am i, yeah fight with sinister six. Thay did number on him left for dead. Fortunately he have healing power so he at least manage to come to his appartment but he didn make antidote of Scorpion new poison and lost his life.

What a tragic life he live can even get little bit happy ending.

Now, I am owner of this body. From this day onwards Im Peter Parker. Im not let anyone take advantage of me. My personality is different from Peter Parker. Im not so kind hearted soul a

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