Chapter 1: Strange Metal Ball

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Genetics is forbidden knowledge to humans. It is the domain of gods. To master the mystery of genes would be tantamount to mastering the power of gods!


In the library of Central Sea University, a slightly pale-looking Lin Feng was perusing a book on genetics biology in his arms. Almost every book on genetics biology had this famous quote at the beginning. It was the quote of Professor Mendelstedt, distinguished scholar and the founder of genetics biology. This was the famous “Genetic Martial Theory”.

According to Professor Mendelstedts “Genetic Martial Theory”, the human body was an infinite treasure that contained infinite power. However, for some reason, these powers were all confined. There were invisible “locks” in human genes that confined all the power in the genes. Only by breaking the genetic lock could humans possess superhuman strength.

“Genes can mutate. Martial arts experts can even break the genetic lock and restructure their genes to become inhumanly powerful. But is all of it built upon the premise of powerfulbasic genes?”

Lin Feng frowned. He flipped through the pages quickly, as if hes searching for something.

However, after flipping through many books on genetics, he closed the book in disappointment. He shook his head and muttered softly, “As expected, theres still no solution. The Genetic Martial Theory emphasizes on strong basic genes. Only then can one practice martial arts to break the genetic lock to restructure the genes. Is there really no way to break the genetic lock in a short period of time? Cough…”

Lin Feng started coughing violently. If anyone heard his words, they would definitely think that Lin Feng was being too impetuous. Experts who could break the genetic lock were incredibly rare. Every expert who broke the genetic lock had a status of high esteem. They were the mainstay of human society. Being able to break the genetic lock in a lifetime was already worth celebrating, let alone breaking it in a short period of time.

However, Lin Fengs anxiety did not stem from impetuousness. There was a reason behind it. Lin Feng had been suffering from a strange disease since he was young, called Atypical Organ Failure.

This was no ordinary organ failure. It could even be considered an extremely rare and bizarre illness. This strange illness did not have an immediate onset, but would flare up over time, causing all the organs in the body to slowly fail, and eventually result in death. According to the doctors prognosis, Lin Feng could only live to the age of 23 at most.

Lin Feng was 20 this year, which meant that he only had three years left to live.

This strange disease was congenital. Lin Fengs genes had undergone some sort of mutation, resulting in this strange disease. Hence, ordinary medical treatment was useless. Only through fundamental genetic restructuring could Lin Fengs strange illness be cured.

Although genetic restructuring could cure Lin Fengs strange illness, with the current level of technology, it was impossible to achieve genetic restructuring, let alone treatment. There was only one way, and that was to practice martial arts and break the genetic lock. As long as one could break the genetic lock, their genes could be restructured. Then, Lin Feng would recover from his strange illness without treatment, and he could even obtain great power.

Although this world was technologically advanced, humans knew very little about the entire world. The domain of humans only occupied about ten percent of the entire world.

As for the other ninety percent, that was the domain of the dire beasts in the Outland. Humans could only enjoy a peaceful life by relying on technology and powerful martial artists.

Therefore, martial artists had a very high status in society, especially those who broke the genetic lock and became inhuman martial experts. They were the guardians of the entire human society. Their were exalted and revered by countless people.

However, those who were able to break the genetic lock and become inhuman experts were truly one in thousands. In fact, an inhuman expert who could break the genetic lock might emerge out of a hundred thousand, or even a million people.

Lin Feng had been suffering from the strange disease since he was young. His innate genes were already very weak. Forget breaking the genetic lock, he was even weaker than an ordinary person. How could he possibly break the genetic lock by practicing martial arts?

Every once in a while, Lin Feng would come to the library of Central Sea University in an attempt to find a “shortcut” that could break the gene lock from the books. However, in this world, what shortcut could break the genetic lock apart from being extremely talented in martial arts?

Although Lin Feng was very disappointed, he continued searching through any books on genetics in the library. He would not give up even if there was only a theoretical glimmer of hope.

Lin Feng found another thick book. It looked more like a popular science book on genetics. There must be at least dozens of such books in the library, if not a hundred.

Moreover, there were some whimsical views in it that even Lin Feng could not help but shake his head at. How could this be a popular science book? It wasnt any different from unreliable works by cranks. He did not know why such a book would appear in the library of Central Sea University.

Lin Feng flipped through a few more pages, but he did not find any useful clues. He closed the book and was about to place it on the bookshelf when he saw a metal ball the size of a babys fist behind the bookshelf.


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