”Vladimir, do you want to create intelligent races on your own or do you want the world to pave the way for their evolution? ”

”I had a few thoughts in my head. Firstly, if I wait until they appear themselves, then they may have mutations that may interfere in the future, and in the species, different personalities will have different potential. Which can be detrimental to the overall strength of the whole species. ”

”Then you can just create species and lock up their path of evolution. However, they will have a rather narrow way forward. ”

”I will create 4 different species roughly balancing them so that they do not destroy each other, but I will leave the path for evolution because I want them to continue to develop. ”

”Then what kind of views do you want? ”

”Ill choose the classics first. Elves are long-lived, with high magical potential. However, since you are my dear Morelleth dark elf, they will also be dark. The bias in their development will be the same magic, though with a bias towards dark magic and, of course, the class of killers. ”

”You shouldn limit your choice so much because of me, Vladimir. ”

”Don worry, I don like light creatures, and although I will still get them in the future for balance, dark creatures will be much more useful in future attacks. ”

”Then you want to? ”

”Yes, I have vampires and werewolves to choose from. So that they fight each other and continue to develop. ”

”The constant war will eventually destroy all their efforts in the exploration of magic and the world and the level of their civilization will not be able to grow without the preservation of information. ”

”Thats right, thats why I want to create Akashic Records. ”

”A dimension that will store all the knowledge gained from your worlds. Hmm, but then it is necessary either that your intelligent species bring knowledge to the mouth so that it can be stored, or Akashi itself will collect all the information from around the world, but then how will your intelligent species receive information so as not to depend on the Akasha Chronicle ? ”

”Im being a bit tricky here, the first generation will be automatically connected to Akashi, they will not only be able to exchange one knowledge for another, but their descendants will not be able to connect to Akashi until they discover new knowledge and sacrifice it. Then they will have access to Akasha. But the most important thing is that the Akash will have only the most basic knowledge and that the races do not depend on it, they will have to conduct research or sacrifice their very support in development. ”

”In this way, Akashi will not only be replenished with knowledge, but also push the development of intelligent races not only into learning new knowledge, but also share your experience so that you can then absorb it and train faster and easier. Great idea Vladimir. ”

The elf nodded her head with a smile and supported my idea.

”However, it will be a little later, but for now lets create species and let them slowly develop. So that they can lay the foundation for future Akashic knowledge. ”

I focused on the energy in my body and moved it to the moon, thus adding one premium function. The moon will record everything that happens in the world and store them in its core. However, if she records everything straight, all that information will be too much, so I limited myself to only reasonable species. This way I will be able not only to add the first knowledge to the Akash but also to monitor if new species appear that I did not create.

”You need to choose the last kind that you want. ”

”People if they are ordinary people, then they will just be food for 3 higher species, so they will be tall people at once. ”

”This is how we get high elves, pure-blooded royal vampires, royal werewolves, and high humans. With your reserve, you need to spend 95% of your current energy. ”

”Its not scary, as soon as the races develop enough, I should have enough energy for Akasha, which will not only collect knowledge but will also be connected to the underworld, where souls will be judged. Some will be sent to reincarnation, and others will feed Akasha so that it develops and can accommodate more knowledge. ”

”And so you kill 2 birds with one stone. Then lets create views, just like with the world. Just imagine what you want to get and pour it into the energy. However, you only have 3 continents. ”

”One continent for humans, one for elves, and one for werewolves with vampires. However, I will still connect 3 continents so that they meet faster and know that they are not alone in this world. ”

So I focused first on the elves and a couple of thousand elves appeared in the beautiful forest. The forest was so dense that the sun was barely breaking through, a great place for dark elves.

So the second more mountainous continent spoliation, where werewolves appeared in the fields, and vampires closer to the mountains.

There was a continent where forests were not in such abundance, there were small mountains and fields. People appeared.

I added the ability to move from one continent to another and also, the monsters that could exterminate the first intelligent species were too dangerous. So I moved them further away. Covering the area of residence of all my creations with a special feature that could only let in harmless or insufficiently strong creatures. However, over time, this sobornost will weaken, so they will still need to quickly get ready.

Satisfied, I sighed wearily and almost fell. Morelle quickly picked me up and said gently.

”Sleep Vladimir as soon as you wake up, your world will be sufficiently developed so that you can prepare the underworld for it and intelligent races will build the first kingdoms. ”

I listened to her words, put the world on accelerated time, and went to sleep in the void. While the first species began to look for food and try to hunt.

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