The two was scolded by makino by entire week.

After a week of hellish nightmare cause by makino anger they were release.

The two force to bow and right a letter of apology everyday in a week towards makino to calm his anger.

Days before that vince and luffy became friends ” after luffy visited the tweo of them everyday in a week were the two was entirely grounded by makino.

So they can properly heal them selves after receiving quite few major serious injuries especially shanks who lost and entire arm still decided to spar with vince.

Everyday luffy always shout his daily routine about being a pirates king and always pestering vince to join his future pirate king crew.

Vince just punch luffy head and annoyingly said.

e weak how can i served a captain as weak as you!! Vince harshly said.

Luffy cried while holding his head.

Luffy: the heck ?? Its hurts!!!! Im clearly became a rubber man how do you manage to hurt me??

Vince just shrugged and said

Cuz your weak.

Luffy clicks his tongue then suddenly said


shanks suddenly appeared behind luffy and both vince and shanks replied and laugh.

Good luck kid whahahaha!!

Luffy: hump.. you two wait then!!

A day pass by.

Luffy enter the bar and shouted

Luffy: makino nee!! Juice and meat please!! I will pay you when i found my treasure on the future Shihihihi!!

Makino smiled smiled at luffy and when he saw two entered the bar she angrily glares towards the two.

The two shivered when they felt a killing intent on makino glare.

Makino suddenly ignore them she looks at luffy and said.

Im waiting for your full payment luffy so make sure to pay ” makino said and smiled.

The two immediately thanks the gods for letting luffy visit them everyday so makino anger towards them subside a little.


A year pass by

Shanks and vince spar every end of a month with in pass 1 year they usually spar 2 times a month and total of 17 spars in a year.


Damn i lose in our last in this year ” I surely challenged you when we meet in new world and win back the 3 loses i got from you.

Vince Swipe his blood in his lips.

Hahaha.. kid i have 3 more wins than you hahaha. Shanks said.

Damn kid you already defeated me 7 times already why are your still not proud about that?? shanks though.

Vince clicks his tongue and he raise his body to sat properly and rest his chin was supported by his right hand.

Vince: You
e continuing your journey to the new world right??

Shanks just squatted down and looks toward the direction of the sea:yeah we will leave next week and start again our journey in the paradise snd towards the new world.

Vince nods and said

I will not able to challenge a long time unless i start my journey i will definitely visit you in the new world and find you there ”Ill see you again in the new world when times comes and be prepared to lost at that time vince stood and turns around while he waved his hand.

Yeah i will wait for you shanks said and smiled.

But shanks already curse vince in his heart ” Damn this kid he is already a monster his early years i bet when we meet again the future he will surpass me if that time comes ” I can let that i happen.

When shanks saw vince silhouette in a distance slowly disappear towards the forest.

Shanks smile.

Im looking forward to met you again in the future kid and then he looks towards the direction of windmill village and thought about luffy.

Especially you future pirate king he smile and walks towards the direction of the port where his ship and crew are gathered.



Age: 27


Strength: early – high tier yonko

injured lost his left arm

Weapon: gryphon

Skills: ryou emission, infusion , soru, geppo, rankyaku.


Observation haki mastery: Grandmaster (l)

Armament haki mastery: mid- high tier advance

Conquerer haki mastery: Grandmaster (ll)*

Thanks to you kid i manage to master my observation haki and i manage to peek in the future for 15 sec


Shanks and his crew are preparing there supply to restart there journey in the sea.

Shanks saw vince standing on a cliff ” shanks knew this kind of style vince has to say farewell to him.

When vince turns around and preparing to leave

Shanks suddenly shouted towards vince direction.

Vince stops for a while and continue his walk.

Beckman: a hell of a monster right cap??

Shanks: yeah!

Beckman: he will clearly surpass you in the future you know that cap??

Shanks twitch when he heard beckman comment.

Shanks: i will not let that kid surpass me damn.

lucky roux: that kid will cuz a lot of changes on the sea. He and luffy will bring a lot of chaos and huge head ache towards the marines especially the world government.

Shanks: heh… i bet those geezers will have a huge head ache especially that kid.

Shanks stand at the port and looked at the sea

A week later shanks crew are now ready to set off to restart their journey.

Suddenly luffy visit them and said the iconic word in manga.

Luffy: one day i find myself a crew that strong as yours ” and then Ill find the world biggest treasure !! AND BECOME THE PIRATE KING!!!

Shanks: so you wants to be bigger than us

huh?? …. Well then…

He take of his straw hat he wearing and directly put on luffy head.

this hat is my gift to you this my favorite hat you know. When you became a great pirate in the future return that hat to me!!

Shanks and his crew set off while luffy was still crying while makino comfort him.

Shanks stand on the deck and he look at his right side of his ship and while looking towards the direction of the cliff he knew vince once again stand there like he was trying to message him farewell we will met again.

he clearly see cuz of his observation haki vince standing there watching them to set off.

Shanks murmured.

I will wait for you in the new world kid and thanks a lot for also helping me ”

shanks lips form a small smile.

Shanks talks about there monthly sparring with vince in a entire year after he stayed on this island.

He has two reason why he visits here first is luffy when he first luffy when his 4 year old he saw the same vibe his former captain roger gives when he still lives.

And the other one is training but thanks to shanks quickly improve and much stronger his estimated when if he train alone.

But not only shanks grasp a new kind of strength but also vince.

These two were battle maniacs

A battle maniacs like them quickly improved when fighting a evenly match opponent or much stronger than them.

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