The battle continued around 3-4 days

While the shanks crew arrive onboard on their ship they were a distance away around 10 miles or so from the island.

They arrive the same day vince and shanks fought but didn land in the island cuz they may interrupt the intense battle.

The crew of was shocked when they notice that the island before is now half destroyed by the destruction cause by those to monsters battling in each other

A series of explosion from a collision cause by their blades may been heard even there are quite a distance away from the island and the sea water around them cuz a terrifying waves sea waves cuz by a massive shock waves in the island and the land on the island are shaking unbelievably and it was visible from them even they are far away they saw a huge mountain collapse and a massive explosion in the center of the island, completely destroyed the half of it.

The main crew use their observation haki to watch the fight while some use spy scope.

Beckman: damn is almost 4 days they still fighting?

Yassap: there are monsters!!


Meanwhile in the island

A two individual stand opposite in each other a 15m away.

Their appearance is quite tragic their entire body was full of injuries like swords cuts a tattered shirts and blood drip in their body and heads.

These two are clearly exhausted by days of fighting but the smile of there face didn vanish cuz they quite enjoying the fight. they knew cuz of this fight the winner is now clearly visible and vince knew is getting stronger than before he knew shanks is more stronger than him when they first met.

Now they has a slightly have a understanding about the personalities with each other.

e clearly both battle maniacs.

Vince spoke and smile while he swipe a blood from his lips using his left thumb.

Why not finish these?? Vince said

Shanks replied ” i like your suggestion hahaha.

Seconds later they faces became serious again.

Vince: Howling octavane!!

Shanks: divine departure!!

The two sword collided and the entire half of the island is now clearly gone from a intense collision of there attacks and creat a massive explosion like a huge bomb was drop from the sky and even create a ripples of shock waves and strong winds ” it is a sign how devastating there attack was.

When the dusk was gone a silhouette of two individuals are seen. They stood in a small part of a land before it was a large island and now its clearly gone entirely.

The two clearly have a great injuries and their appearance became bloody and breathing fast to catch some air they were clearly exhausted and can even move a muscle.

The two must have a lot of bleeding from there wounds and its causes some of blood lose but the two laugh suddenly they were clearly satisfied with there battle.

Vince whole body collapse to the ground while he was gazing to clouds while shanks sat on the ground and cross his leg.

Vince knew shanks won and shanks strength almost depleted sign that shanks had a hard time defeating vince even he was clearly stronger even shanks was clearly much more experiences fighter than him

Bwhahahaha both of them laugh.

e not bad kid, hahaha! I almost loss that fight Shanks said

Of course Im still weaker and your much more experienced fighter than me but remember Im still clearly younger than you maybe in 10 years i already surpassed you bwhahahah! Vince said

The eye of shanks twitch a little bit by sudden mocking statement from vince.

Shanks competitive nature suddenly awaken and promise himself he wont not let this kid surpass him.

But when he remembered he won he suddenly retorted vince and said.

Well well.. i still won hahahaa!

Vince clicks his with annoyance tongue.


After a day pass the two was sitting in each other in-front of bar while laughing but there entire buddy was full of bandages and maybe the people out there will think that they are mummies who rose from death.

Hahahah both laugh

While shanks crew make a face slap but after they join the laughter.

How long will you stay?? Vince ask

Maybe a year?? Shanks replied

Vince already knew the answers of his questions cuz he knew it from a manga perception.

e here for a training and for luffy i am right?? Vince said

Shanks and his crew was shocked shanks looks vince silently for a while.

Vince suddenly said.

I know you wont tell me so i cant force you to spill the beans bwhahah.

When they heard vince laugh they also laugh.

Sounds of loud Laughter may heard inside the bar its clearly knew vince and shanks and his crew was having a good time

Suddenly a woman with green hair wearing a bandanna and drop his bear carried to the ground

And slightly pull her selves up and punch the head of two trouble makers who fought to death in there first meeting.

You just meet a week ago and started a big fight I didn know where the two of you fought.

And when the two of you return Im worried about what exactly happen especially when i saw both of you full of bandages and you two were like a mummies!!

And now laugh like nothing was happen??? When shanks and vince saw makino teary eyes they quickly apologized and even shanks entire crew didn cover for them and looks away when they saw these scene they
e lips was twitching.

Both murmured we will take revenge later!!

Bang!! The two again clearly received a punch from makino

Makino said

Who are you going to get revenge to??? Makino ask and angrily the two clearly knew they ** up.

Both vince and shanks and his crew shivered with fear when they saw makino threatening aura and they felt the air slightly change and their surrounding felt cold they knew makino was angry and the two knew there done for.

When suddenly a child wearing a marine shirt enters and shouted

Luffy: where the heck the two of you have been???? Its almost a week you two suddenly gone and missing and when the two of you return full of injuries ”Sob sob!!

They can clearly see luffy cried a lot wheb they saw there injuries especially shanks who lost an arm to save him.

Luffy clearly blame him self when shanks lost his arm and he was even more depressed and sad when the two return full of injuries.

The entire crowd smile especially the two.

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