A couple of days pass by and vince is lying in his bed he quite like to stay in makino spare room cuz the room was clean and tidy he also maintain the tidiness of the room in order to avoid makino scolding, he also like makino cooking and sometimes he reminds him his mom cooking in his past life on earth and in his tragic past in this current world.

Vince already notice through his observation haki a small child wearing a navy shirt with a black hair running in the village the villagers around to helping some errands he is quite known in this small village and this child was none other than monkey D. Luffy.

Luffy visits makino every day except in a day when vince came.

Luffy was confuse whos vince is when makino telling him about vince yesterday arrival.

Luffy didn met vince even he was visiting makina every day and cause vince was avoiding in interacting to luffy he didn want to met luffy for now until shanks visit makino and luffy ate the gomu gomu no mi fruit shanks stole from the world government.

Vince decided that he train for a month while waiting the arrival of shanks ” in the forest where he found at the very first day he arrived in this village but he will make sure to visit makino every weekdays cause he knew makino will be worried about him.

After 3 days he met makino and said he his plan to train out for a month he promise makino to came back every weekdays so it make makino calm down a little bit.

After that Vince got scolded a lot by makino, makino became a motherly-sister from vince preceptive he was quite happy that he found a person who cares for him like a his past family does.

Vince again manage to convince makino after and half and hour of arguing.

A week pass by you can see theres a person sitting under a water fall drenched in water he let the pressure cause of tens of tons of water falls towards him in order to train his body.

When vince found out that this water falls dropped a tens of tons of water per second he quickly decide train his body a while ago.

Open system

Name: Igneel D. Vince

Height: 5 ”8

Age: 9

Strength: early stage of middle tier yonko

Physique: steel body (his skin and bones was tough like a steel)

Talent: natural born swordsman

Weapon: Intetsu (In the Chivalry of a Failed Knight anime series, no Blazer is seen to carry their devices—instead, they call them out of thin air with their chants and spells. Kurogane can call out Intetsu with the command: ”Come Forth, Intetsu!) got from the system lottery.

Skills: Rokushiki arts (high tier master level)

Complete immunity, Flash recovery (Max), Ancient Voice(I), concentrated breathing, water maneuverability,Grand imagination,parallel thinking.


Observation haki mastery: Grandmaster (l)

Armament haki mastery: peak advanced

Conquerer haki master: peak advanced*

(*) means peak and small push it will advance.

Points: 802,287

Berries: 3.9 billion

”Many quest available to be claim ”

Heeee… At last my strength increase huh !!

After vince is satisfied in his training under he pressure of the water fall, he try to infuse his Conquerer haki in his intetsu(name of his sword)

After a week he already master infusing his Conquerer haki through his weapon and his attacks.

Vince takes 1 year and 6 months effort before until he manage master the infusion.

2 years of effort before he also mastered ryou emission and for now he was practicing internal destruction a sub type of armament haki.

He quite satisfy of his progress he will take the other days to familiarize his newly lesrn techniques.


After a month vince finally familiarize his new techniques, strength and his Conquerer haki finally advance in grandmaster stage.

He already knew 2 days ago shanks arrived in the village and luffy successfully became a rubber kid after he accidentally ate the fruit shanks brought cause he was hungry and its all based on one piece plot.

Vince was standing at the edge at the top of water fall while his upper body was exposed and his muscular physique can been seen in full view ” it was full of injuries and scars through years of training and battles.

He looks at the sky and he decided to met luffy before garp throw him at a mountain and letting the dadan family shelter him who lives in the mountain area near foosha village.

Vince already knew the personalities of dadan mountain bandits who shelter ace and luffy under the threat of garp of course.

when he thought about it he smile filled of nostalgia when he remembered the manga and anime series about luffy child hood.


Days has pass by finally vince finish his schedule training and decide to rest and return in windmill village. When makino saw vince returned she quickly hug vince and after hugging him she start scolding vince again like a typical mom by not returning on time he promise.

Vince scratched his head while he listened on makino scolding.

After all the drama vince again sat on a empty table on the bar.

He order lots of food and he brought some large portion of meat he hunt during his stays at the forest so that makino can save some money from buying ingredients.

Suddenly a group of bandits appeared and enter the bar.

Makino was worried for vince when the higuma the evil bandit who insulted and throw a wine at shanks days ago.

Vince was kind of surprised that he stumbled this worthless person and he forgot that luffy was not yet kidnapped by this moron.

He decide to not care about him and focus in his food cuz he still waiting to luffy came and make a ruckus when luffy heard the bandits insults the shanks he directly retorted them.

The group of waste walks towards his table and they spotted me earlier though but didn care and he usually let the plot flows like in the manga.

And then luffy came.

After luffy got a quarrel by this bandit after they insulted shanks.

The bandits was angered by luffy actions especially higuma the leader of these scums.

I didn stop them on hurting luffy cause it will blown my cover acting weak and also gives luffy a life lessons he will remember in the future.

Higuma attacks luffy and beat him quite hard when his minions approached makino and try to slap her while she stopping higuma who badly beating luffy. So I decided to intervene cause i hate a man dares to hit a woman especially to those people he cares the most.

I stood up I dislike talking or having a worthless conversation of this kind of people so, I decided to attacked the bandit who trying to slap makino who was worried about luffy she tried to stop higuma who is beating luffy to pulp.

I vanish in my original position and directly appears and instantly kill the bandit who was trying to slap makino.

Im not either a saint or evil person so i do what ever i want and kill those i find disgusting in my eyes.

A use blink a evolve version of soru while using my fingers like machine gun a fast version of shigan towards a crowd of bandits starting to massacre them.

Just a matter of seconds a lot of dead bandits are now scattered inside the bar and it cause quite a bloody mess in the bar.

The only bandit left was higuma the leader of this group of scums. Cause of his shocked and fear he pick up luffy who currently injured on the floor he is now holding luffy as a hostage he was scared and horrified when his men died in a matter of seconds with out him realizing.

He uses luffy as a hostage in order to escape.

He escape using smoke bomb he git in his pocket and it was the same he use according in the original manga he manage to escaped bringing a unconscious luffy as a hostage.

Minutes later a man with a red hair wearing a straw hat and a black cape with a sword in his right hip or a.k.a shanks appeared late when higuma escape of course shanks and vince let higuma escape.

Shanks already sense vince monstrous aura inside the bar and he waited outside until the fight ended he watching the entire even through his observation haki he and his crew was vigilance against vince cuz they knew vince strength base on his aura alone.

Vince stared at shanks and shanks also did the same seconds later a tension raise in the air and small amount of aura release in their body and slightly clashed

The tension broke out when makino spoke out of thin air.

Hey you two stop luffy was kidnapped!!!!

The two immediately stop and their surroundings calm down a bet.

Vince spoke.

Im quite exhausted so you save that brat vince said and sat down faking his exhaustion of course shanks and his crew knew vince is acting so he let them rescue luffy is there fault why luffy was kidnapped anyways and shanks crew scatter to find luffy whereabouts.


Hope you like the chapter.

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