My Strongest Hunter System.

Chapter 5 A Beautiful Red Night

ow how to cook.)

” You guys suck even you. You old man with girls syndrome. ”

” Who are you calling old man with girls syndrome. Once this fight is over I will teach you a good lesson about how you cooked my and these jackass assassins brains. For now run otherwise you have a deathwish to stay here. I can protect you from all 4 of them. ”

There was clanging od blades and daggers for atleast 30 mins till all of them started to use theie skills and destroyed middle part of forest it was a mess. All four of them were too focused on him they forgot that the girl aready went away.

#1: ” We are ending this fighf everyome use your final skills. ”

other 3: ” All right. ”

All four were about to release there final skill. Lee Chyohok added 30 points in magic.

Mag: 70

” All right lets finish this. All of yours final skill vs my final skill. I said already this night will be eternal red night by your blood. ”

” Equinox ”

( The twin chained blade started to released darkness around the area covering him and a four of them. )

Then_ All four were about to attack but.

” I will soon meet you in hell suckers. ”

All 4 of them were in two half spurting blood from lower half part filling the area with blood and the sky colour was again turned to its nighttime stary. Darkness, Then Redness then The starry night, This happens when he uses his trump card no survivors, So he only uses it in case of emergency or when he wants to kill.

( After batte I went to search her. If she didn die from darkness just before by heartattack.)

” Fugumi where are you? ”

( A crack sound was coming from his left side.) ” ” ” Really your stalking habit didn go away. ”

” Hey how do I believe you are not one of them. ”

” Says who want to become housewife without cooking skill. ”

” You old man take that back. ”

” I will if you stop calling me old man and take me to a good restuarant tomorrow. ”

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