My Strongest Hunter System.

Chapter 5 A Beautiful Red Night

So it went like this everyday task is given and I earned 25 points per day and many items but no armours. I guess I have to buy a new one which will give high defense physically and magically. So Im just now lvl 15 having some crazy stats. I hardly even add points anymore cause I keep it as a backup for future danger.

I went to association, Filled my form and yup they accepted me. Currently as a member Im just a newbie, or rookie hunter for them so if I want more freedom I should reach as a S ranker or lets say SSS rank also the highest rank a hunter can reach. Currently, hardly there are 20 A ranks only No S rankers were formed. If I remember correctly omly handful who are strong enough becomes S rank and SS rank is the ome step further and SSS will be the legend.

( After what system said about god pouting and loving with girl. It kinda turns off when I recall what it told me.)

( Should I again ask about it ?)

” System! ”

* What information the hunter want ? I can give you according to your level you have.*

” Are you sure Im strong enough to hear answer? ”

* Your lvl is currently 20 and It seem I can share some. So what you need me for? *

” So how does goddess know about everything Im doing currently in my daily life? ”

* System notice the goddess don want to share about it. / Actually how can I say that she is quite embarassed about giving info Since he is the first ever hunman whom she chosed./*

” System Why doesn goddesss doesn want to tell me about it? ”

* Since you want to know once you reach lvl 50 you will get a vast info about goddesses origin and skills.*

” WHAT?????? You want me to reach 30 lvl higher for the information. ”( What a headache)

* System notice goddess is asking you to calm down since the inforrmation is critical until you are strong enough to hd the answer for yourself you are not allowed to ask about her.*

” Hey system, Why didn you notify that someone is watching me from behind? ”

* Notice- The person behind you doesn have any killing intent. So the system didn notify the hunter.*

” Ohh So she is just watching me due to curiosity. You can come out now, I know you are behind that wall. ”

#Girl: ”So you know I was here after all. As expected from the raising star. ”

” What are you trying to say by saying raising star?

Im sure I went solo without any witness in dungeon. ”

#Girl: ” You soloed every dungeon you went from E rank to B rank. So the rumour has said that future SS rank is about to emerge. ”

” Look girl My only goal is nothing more than reaching SSS rank hunter being the strongest one who can protect everyone in him power. ”

#Girl: ” A SSS rank huh. Oh sorry, I forgot about my intro. Names Fugumi Yashuragi. Daughter of S Rank hunter known as the Red Warlord Akashi Yashuragi. ”

” So you are Fugumi. I heard a stalker is around this area. So, It was you who was scaring the shit of all people by watching them fron their window. ”

”It was not intentional. I only wanted to know your house. ”

” Fugumi you know it is not nice to move around like this way. Not all hunter are good as me. Since I noticed you had no ill intention otherwise you might get injured by others since they won be as careful as Im. ”

” What… do… you mean ? ”

” Do you know when a tiger cub roams without her mother and father she might get killed by other predators. I sensed 4 more hunter nearby you. They were about to attack you Since you are just a D rank. ”

” What are you saying there is noone around here. And what do you mean by cub. I am already 22 okay old man. ”

” Hey hey Im just 23 don call me old. ”

( This girl I will deal you after those 4 B rank hunter.)

” I know you are hiding come out we don have to fight and no blood needs to be shed. ”

(4 unknown people came from shadow. Yup all were assassins class hunter waiting to attack.)

#1: ” You are sharp but we didn came for you. Give us the girl and go away. ”

#3: ” Are you a fool or what! You know no witness are allowed to escape. ”

#1: ” Looks like we have to kill both of you then. ”

” Are you done. I was having a good time with

Ms. Yashuragi. And thought to have a quite long conversation but it looks like I have to kill you all first. ”( Holding his blades connected by chains.)

” His weapon is B rank dual chained blades. Nice choice of weapon. But there are 4 of them how is he going to kill them. ”

( Please win I don want to lose someone interesting I just met. )

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