My Strongest Hunter System.

Chapter 4 My daily life as hunter

star. ”

” What are you trying to say by saying raising star?

Im sure I went solo without any witness in dungeon. ”

#Girl: ” You soloed every dungeon you went from E rank to B rank. So the rumour has said that future SS rank is about to emerge. ”

” Look girl My only goal is nothing more than reaching SSS rank hunter being the strongest one who can protect everyone in him power. ”

#Girl: ” A SSS rank huh. Oh sorry, I forgot about my intro. Names Fugumi Yashuragi. Daughter of S Rank hunter known as the Red Warlord Akashi Yashuragi. ”

” So you are Fugumi. I heard a stalker is around this area. So, It was you who was scaring the shit of all people by watching them fron their window. ”

”It was not intentional. I only wanted to know your house. ”

” Fugumi you know it is not nice to move around like this way. Not all hunter are good as me. Since I noticed you had no ill intention otherwise you might get injured by others since they won be as careful as Im. ”

” What… do… you mean ? ”

” Do you know when a tiger cub roams without her mother and father she might get killed by other predators. I sensed 4 more hunter nearby you. They were about to attack you Since you are just a D rank. ”

” What are you saying there is noone around here. And what do you mean by cub. I am already 22 okay old man. ”

” Hey hey Im just 23 don call me old. ”

( This girl I will deal you after those 4 B rank hunter.)

” I know you are hiding come out we don have to fight and no blood needs to be shed. ”

(4 unknown people came from shadow. Yup all were assassins class hunter waiting to attack.)

#1: ” You are sharp but we didn came for you. Give us the girl and go away. ”

#3: ” Are you a fool or what! You know no witness are allowed to escape. ”

#1: ” Looks like we have to kill both of you then. ”

” Are you done. I was having a good time with

Ms. Yashuragi. And thought to have a quite long conversation but it looks like I have to kill you all first. ”( Holding his blades connected by chains.)

” His weapon is B rank dual chained blades. Nice choice of weapon. But there are 4 of them how is he going to kill them. ”

( Please win I don want to lose someone interesting I just met. )

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