My Strongest Hunter System.

Chapter 4 My daily life as hunter

After staying with me for few days Fumi went her home and we talk in our chatbox everyday since she found out my contact. Now after few weeks government established guilds as many number of awakeners were found throughout the whole world. And the most popular among our country name andromeda which was named after a galaxy was The pheonix fire guild also a S rank guild.

Since portals were opening many places we started calling it the dungeon and each dungeon which is not cleared take atleast 1 week to occur dungeon breaks which is smaller than the first stampede but as I said before I died there was 4 stampede and the 4th one caused my death. I went to one of the guild of my country to have a measurement of my rank.

” Government really spend a lots of money to build these big bad building which consist of 2000 people. I wish I was one of them but I only came here for one thing that is my growth rate since Im already level 10 after some months dungeon clear mission from government request. ”

* Notice: You are being watched by your benefactor please don make him dissapointed.

Also the benfactor came up with rewards if you make him just satisfied that he chose you to save the world. Since he enjoyed your lovey dovey moment with the Fumi girl.*

” And I thought atleast system is just a program who knew even system can make a joke. ”

” But who is this benefactor it is speaking of. ”

* The benefactor is one of the highest being among the universe since he saw your potential being a waste he sent you same world but different dimension every event is same but just some people may got changed.*

” So my world really got destroyed huh. ”

” Since he gave me another chance I won dissappoint him. ”

* And the benefactor is she not he. *

” Ohh! So my benefactor is a girl. Are you sure It is she not he. ”

* The benefactor is new born god but climbed among high ranking in just some years so You don have to be consious about her strength she can destroy and create new universe just by snap. *

” And I thought I will able to meet her someday. ”

* The benefactor will visit you after you become strong enough to summon her yourself. *

” You mean I can summom her myself here in earth. ”

(I have to get strong she can be the biggest trump card I ever and will have.)

* She is happy that you think she is your strongest power.*

” Wait she can hear and read my thoughts. ”

* Yes she can hear read and see everything around you and this whole planet. *

” Lets go inside to measure the strength I have.

I won expect high from the level up since Im just 10. ”

Name: Lee Chyohok

Level: 10

Str: 80 Int:75 mag: 40

Acr: 60 Dex: 60

Luc: 60 Agi: 70

” Thank to my daily task I was able to make it this much but my magic power can be only added 5 per week so its hard to increase it but if I level up it will add 5 points per level it was good that it happened. ”

” The biggest problem is hiding the info if necessary from unwanted attention from other guilds and people. ”

( Using measurement device)

/ Hunter: Lee Chyohok

Rank: C

No of Skills: 3

Class: Unknown?????????

recommendation of Update to the developer about the class list./

( Class is still unknown )

* Notice: Your class will be decided by goddess herself since she was the one who brought you.*

” Just great what the hell am I going to say to those who are measuring me. ”

#1- ”Since we don know your class can ypu give your class info. We need it if you are joining any guild or work for association. ”

( Right the first association ever formed adn will be the last association since it is the only one in Starlight city and in andromeda.)

”Sorry but I also don know about my class for now you can use elemental swordsman or just elemental. ”

#1- ” Wait you can use all elements. ”

” Since I can use 3 of the elemental skill you can say yes. ”

#2- ” Can I know about those skills please ? Simce this data is critical info we will just inform association. ”

” Just hide it from those guilds I was planning on joining with association if they apply my condition. ”

#1- ” So association huh, They will sure take talents like you. Now show us what you got. ”

” I have 3 skills they are: 1)Wind slash: An sword or no sword style wind attack sharp enough to chop down a tree thickness with 50m.

2) Thunder hammer: The real attack is Thunder but the hammer part can be fullfilled by any weapon ypu can use like spear or sword or hammer.

3) ( This is the last skill till now I didn got any new skill.) Equinox: A dark slash that can cut a whole building or any infrastructure also can be used as crowd control skill to destroy a crowd of monster in single slash. Also it consumes much mana since it is too powerful and can be use as last reserve.

So this are my skills: Wind, Thunder and Dark type attack moves. ”

#1- ”You are a oddball after all we will make sure association will take your info responsibility. ”

” When I used equinox that time I nearly destroyed whole dungeon and I was said a genius with peerless sword ability. ”

( Like this way Association called me and We had a contract about my solo dungeon hunting and one condition about hiding my identity till I reach the first SSS rank hunter and save this world from collasping.)

( I have a long journey but less time I will be strong enough to meet my goddess and save this world.)

* So your saviour is already your goddess huh. Are you cheating on Fumi girl already?.*

” Wait this is not as you think please understand me Fumi is just my friend but might got close lately but my goddess doesn means I want her I respect and love that she is a goddess. ”

* Goddess is pouting about your explaination and she will not disturb you for sometime.*

” System! System! SYSTEM!!!!!! ”

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