My Strongest Hunter System.

Chapter 1 The system

lients and accounts of their works.

” Wait a second the monster attack will be in month of lunar eclipse. ”

” The news said the lunar eclipse is after this week. I better start my task then Im believing you system for now. ”

* Player lee have to complete this daily task for 1 week to gain random skill or exchange it to gain the currency. Researching the currency to exchange.*

* Notice the currency is fixated as won and will be continued till the end of the world. *

” So it is same as before I died. It was 30 years of struggle till everyone died. We only had 2 SS rank

5 S rank 40 A rank and 80 B rank because all the hunter less than B rank died because they were not strong enough to survive the 3rd stampede or it is called so. Everyone who died on 3rd stampede were either said to be bait or the front defense to stop them and died mercilessly in monsters teeth and claws. ”

” I have to become the first SSS rank hunter. and will do everything to become one. ”

” There was 3 earthqaukes before portal opened. all the earthquakes happened wothin 2 days of portal opening. ”

” System explain your origin. ”

* Player lee has not gained enough authority to know about system. Please Rise the level to know. Player lee the System is only given to you as the last reserve to save your planet. I was given to you as you were the last survivor and showed you have potential to become strongest.*

* So the player is requested to level up till He is strong enough to know about my creator and the origin of this world.*

” Ok then Lets start complete the remaining task only left was 10 km run . ”

( This continued till the day the portal opened. )

” Looks like I gained total 105 points, 70 potions, 2 skills, a seed. Other stuff were useless so I exchanged it and I got 3 million won. ”

( I don have authority for now. Today is the day portal will open right in 3 2 1. The last earthqauke and here it goes.)

( Everyone panicked and ran away but they didn know that the world is about to know the existence of something worst.)

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