My Strongest Hunter System.

Chapter 1 The system

This is the world where weakest dies and strongest lives. The survival of the strongest is the better name for our world. Roght before a portal opened and monsters caused havoc and killed nearly 2 billion people in total. It was year 2139 A.D when this happened. I was working in office as a manager and had a good life. I was 23 years old and having a quite good personality, I was everyone favourite until my office was destroyed by earthquake when the portal opened.

monsters started to came from that portal and killed everyone until military hold them.for shot time. Since advance weapon didn work slowly people started to get awakened as hunter and I was ome of them. Im the A rank hunter who was last time defending before dying in monster stampede.

Then again I returned as reincarnated in 2139 A.D. *System booting*

Hello player, you are selected to change the ruthless future for the world and this is the strongest hunter system.

” Am I seeing things or is this real. ”

” I came back from that future but which year is this and why am I still alive? ”

*Player is requested to look his status window*

” Is this my status? I look too weak even for E rank. ”

” What happened to my A rank powers ? tch I guess Im again the weak human. ”

* Player are you ready to get strong the portal attack will commence on 2 days.*

* Please complete the daily task and quest to gain gifts and points.*

” The so called system is trying to tempt me to do as it says. ”

* Player lee you have to do daily task to get gifts and points. ”

* You have to do

Pushup (0/100)

Squats (0/100)

Situp (0/100)

pullup (0/100)

Run (0/10 km)

Rewards: random gift

potion × 10

25 stats point

The player will be given penalty if he didn finish the daily task in 3 hours*

” What with the routine I have to get office fast otherwise I will be late and our general manager will again shout for some nonsense. ”

”If I remember properly general manager will make sure I have hardest time in management of files for c

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