Bai Ye landed on a big tree in the woods with Tang Guo on his back. He then transformed into a human and said, “Its a stray orc.”

Tang Guo was excited. “So, are you taking me with you to catch stray orcs?”

Bai Ye stiffened slightly, realizing that he had made a mistake in his decision. He was about to take her with him, but he had forgotten that once they were in the forest, she would be in greater danger from the vicious and unknown number of stray orcs!

He changed his mind immediately. “No, Ill walk you to Granny Witch Doctor. Its at the center of the tribe, the safest place in the entire tribe.”

Tang Guo refused. “Can you stop looking down on me? Dont forget, I killed Youming myself!”

Speaking of this, Bai Yes tiger eyes instantly became dangerous. “Youre a human female. You didnt have these abilities in the past. How did you kill a three-star orc?”

Tang Guo felt a pang of guilt, because the core had changed!

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But she kept her face calm. “Then have I cooked delicious meals before? Did I build a house?”

“People grow up. Dont keep comparing me to the past, okay? Who doesnt have some dark history?”

Then she folded her arms and raised her chin to look directly at him.

Bai Ye thought to himself that she was indeed different. This was all the result of her awakening the Wisdom Star.

Therefore, would his martial strength become stronger after awakening the Wisdom Star?

Tang Guo didnt give him time to dwell on his suspicions. She took her bearings and said to him, “This is the place. I once saw Youming having an affair with Snow.”

Bai Ye raised his eyebrows, looking surprised. “You mean Snow mated with Youming, too?”

Tang Guo nodded, then said in surprise, “Too? Who else?”

“Rorie has mated with Youming before, also in these woods.”

Tang Guo frowned. “He tried to lure me first today before trying to capture me…”

She suddenly thought of a possibility, but before she could say it, a few stray orcs suddenly rushed out of the forest.

They smelled the unusually pleasant female scent in the air and were all restless.

“Youming is very reliable this time! The quality of this little female is very high. She smells much better than the previous two!”

“Huh? This one hasnt mated with Youming yet. I dont smell him?”

As the stray orcs spoke, they quickly approached Tang Guo.

They were pleasantly surprised to see Tang Guo. “Its you again, little female! Hahaha, you ran away last time. This time, we wont let you be so naughty again!”

Bai Yes aura turned cold as he turned to face them.

When the feral beasts saw this, they shut up and immediately stopped laughing. They took two steps back in unison, their eyes filled with shock. Then, they prepared to fight.

Bai Ye, leader of the Back Cliff tribe, was their enemy!

Their second-in-command had been crippled by this detestable white tiger not long ago!

Bai Yes tiger eyes shone with a ferocious light. He instantly transformed into his beast form and pounced at them, stepping on each of them with his front paws.

These stray orcs clearly knew his strength. How could they be a match for a three-star beastman!

Therefore, the moment he rushed out, two two-star orcs rushed towards Tang Guo at the same time.

As long as they captured this female, they would have three females. From now on, they would retreat into the mountains. Even if they lost a few male beasts, it would be worth it!

Bai Ye hadnt expected them to be so cunning as to sneak up on Tang Guo. He instantly bared his teeth and growled. With a flick of his tail, he sent two more stray orcs flying. He used his tiger claws to kill the two one-star orcs he was stepping on.

However, they seemed to have already divided the work. The remaining six or seven orcs surrounded Bai Ye to stall for time so that the two two-star orcs could have more time to capture the female!

Tang Guo was not surprised at all. When they rushed over, she even smiled!

Tsk, she was just thinking that she hadnt had enough fighting today. Her hands were still itching to beat someone up!

Her vine bracelet instantly expanded and wrapped around the branch of the tree. She swung out slightly, avoiding their attack, but as she turned, she nocked an arrow and took aim.

The arrows were strange. No matter how they dodged, they seemed to have eyes of their own. They pursued their targets until they pierced their brains.

She sat on the vine and leisurely walked to another tree like she was on a swing. However, Bai Ye still had three orcs to deal with.

She whistled a warning. “Be careful. Theyre going to run.”

Even as she spoke, she was nocking an arrow to her bow. The arrowhead was aimed at their brains, ready to kill them if they made a move. Like shooting zombies.

Her prediction was right. These two were going to run.

However, just as they were about to retreat, the white tiger suddenly let out a low growl. It jumped up and bit one of their necks to death, while its other claw flattened the others head.

Tang Guo clicked her tongue in excitement. “Its really bloody!”

“But youre too impulsive. Why didnt you leave someone alive? How can we save the females if we dont ask where theyre holding them?”

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