Everyone looked at Bai Ye in shock. The cold and intimidating aura he exuded made them realize that they had misunderstood that the leader did not care about Tang Guo.

Milo was sensitive enough to sense this, so she, having lost her beloved male beast, was immediately overcome by grief. Regardless, she questioned the leader. “Chief, are you going to shield Tang Guo because shes your fiancée!”

In fact, it was understood that Bai Ye used to be very dissatisfied with his fiancée. He was constantly thinking about canceling their engagement. Therefore, even though Tang Guo had accidentally eaten the gallbladder of a snake and forced herself on him, he had no intention of forming a contract with her.

But now, Bai Yes lips curled up coldly, and his tiger eyes narrowed dangerously. He exuded a strong pressure that only belonged to a leader. He said calmly, “Thats right. Therefore, no one can bully my fiancée!”

As soon as he said this, there was silence!

Everyone looked at each other. So that was how it was. No wonder the leader had brought Tang Guo back to his cave. As for why the two of them had not formed a contract after mating, perhaps this was just their idea of fun?

So the truth dawned on everyone and they kept quiet.

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Pebbles heart was greatly troubled. If Sister Tang Guo were to form a contract with the leader, would he still have a chance when he grew up?

The females of tribal leaders were never shared with anyone.

His spirits fell instantly, but he did not leave immediately. There were still people who wanted to slander Sister Tang Guo. He had to protect her. If the leader could not protect her, then he would be a witness. Then he would tell Sister Tang Guo to kick him!

Bai Yes cold eyes pressed down on Milos family. “The tribe has lost a three-star orc. I will find out the truth. But before that, if anyone dares to cause trouble, I will immediately expel him from the Back Cliff Tribe, no matter who it is.”

The premise of his words was that Youming was an orc of the Back Cliff Tribe. But if he betrayed the tribe, he deserved to die.

It was the only way he could save Tang Guo.

However, Milo, who firmly believed in Youming, did not understand what Bai Ye was implying. Under the pressure of the leader, she could only reluctantly agree. “Leader, please find the murderer! Take revenge for Youming!”

Bai Ye made no comment. He was about to dismiss everyone and leave.

Suddenly, there was a commotion from the direction of the tribe. Someone was shouting, “Snow is missing!”

“My Rorie is missing too!”

When everyone heard this, they were stunned for a moment before they started arguing!

Everyone looked very distressed that there were two missing females in the tribe! In the Beast World, females were the most precious property of a tribe! Yet the Back Cliff Tribe had lost two females at once!

Bai Ye was immediately worried about Tang Guo. He hurriedly instructed, “All females, go home immediately! Male beasts, watch your females!”

Then he instantly transformed into his beast form and ran towards the cave.

Tang Guo had eaten her fill and was strolling leisurely outside the cave to digest her food when she heard the cries of surprise from the orcs of the tribe.

She was surprised, too. It wasnt possible for a female to disappear so suddenly. Unless a stray orc had invaded and snatched them away.

If that was the case, this was not good!

Suddenly, a white tiger roared and landed beside her. Seeing that she was safe and sound, it couldnt help but nudge her neck with its head.

Tang Guo was tickled by his fur and couldnt help but move away. She felt that his fur was very comfortable and subconsciously reached out to touch it.

The white tiger narrowed its eyes and then transformed into a human.

He had already lost the animal skin on his body when he had just transformed, so his nakedness shocked Tang Guos vision.

Then, she thought of something very untimely. How did she endure such a big thing that night?!

No wonder she felt pain everywhere the next day. It was no different from dying!

The tribe wasnt safe now, and Bai Ye didnt feel comfortable leaving her alone. “Stay with me,” he told her.

Tang Guo was not happy. Why was Bai Ye looking down on her? Even if she was alone, she was fully capable of protecting herself!

Unexpectedly, Bai Ye only gave her another choice. “If you dont want to stick with me, choose five male beasts to form a contract with immediately and let them protect you.”

In other words, she had to face five male beasts alone!

Tang Guos eyes widened in anger. This damn tiger was trying to force a marriage again!

Couldnt he be more innovative!

She snorted and looked him straight in the eye. “Then please wear the hide. I dont want to develop a sty!”

Bai Ye smiled and returned to the cave to retrieve a piece of animal skin. “Take this.”

Then he shifted into his beast form and motioned to her. “Get on!”

Tang Guo climbed onto the tigers back and asked him, “Where are we going? Do you know who captured them? I think this has something to do with Youming, but Ive already killed this disgusting guy. What should we do?”

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