>“Close it with a cave?”

It wasnt impossible, but she felt it would be overkill to use a habitable cave to keep the pheasant.

Bai Ye took her straight down to see it.

It turned out that the caves where the orcs lived in the tribe were located at high altitudes. Although there were a few small caves in places like this that were very close to the ground, basically no one lived in them.

Only then did he say, “Its too damp here. Beastmen dont feel comfortable living in it for long, so everyone moved to higher ground.”

So this was an abandoned cave!

With that said, Tang Guo walked into a cave without any psychological burden. It was almost directly below Bai Yes cave, but it was much smaller than Bai Yes cave. It was about twenty square meters.

Perfect for raising pheasants!

At that time, she would tie vines at the entrance of the cave and add some superpowers to the vines to stop them from coming out. It would also prevent wild beasts and the like from going in to steal chickens.


Only then did Bai Ye ask, “Why did Milo compensate you for the pheasant?”

“Furthermore, theyre alive and there are so many of them?”

Tang Guo suddenly remembered that this person was the leader of the Back Cliff Tribe. Strictly speaking, Milos male beast had committed adultery with another female. This was also considered a major matter that endangered the unity and stability of the tribe. It was also under his jurisdiction, right?

So should she warn him or not?

Tang Guo had never done anything like this before, because in the past, she had been the one at the top of the food chain in the apocalyptic world. Such minutiae were things for her subordinates to worry about.

She was still not used to the sudden change in role.

The subtle change in her expression did not escape Bai Yes notice. He was about to ask her more carefully when Milos voice sounded outside the cave. “Tang Guo, can you come out for a moment?”

Tang Guo was surprised. “Was Milo looking for her about the twenty live pheasants?”

Apparently, Bai Ye thought so too. He couldnt help but sigh. “There are as many of them as you want dead. Itll be a little difficult to capture them alive.”

The orcs were used to pouncing on their prey and biting them to death.

“I know what Im doing. Dont you have something to do? Hurry up and leave.”

Tang Guo couldnt stand him following her everywhere. What was wrong with him? Had he taken the wrong medicine and changed his personality?

Milo came alone, and there were no males following her. Embarrassed to be on the sidelines, Bai Ye went hunting.

Although Tang Guo had ten pheasants, they were living in his cave, so it was better to eat the prey he hunted.

Once Bai Ye was gone, Milo visibly relaxed. She looked at Tang Guo and started to say something, then stopped. Finally, she said, “Tang Guo, what happened yesterday was my fault. I… can I ask you a favor?”

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