When he turned around, he saw that her face was calm and serious as she treated his wound. He gritted his teeth and endured.

Soon a lump of carrion was thrown in front of him.

“You didnt make a sound. Not bad!” Tang Guo praised.

She was an apocalyptic big shot and liked people with such strong willpower.

Bai Ye felt uncomfortable at her praise. The male beasts pride prevented him from showing weakness. “Whats a little injury?”

Heh, then who was the one who was shocked just now?

Tang Guo ignored his stubbornness and began to apply the medicine. When she had applied the herbs evenly to the wound, she asked, “Wheres your hide?”

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She wanted to choose a piece to bandage his wound.

His hide was all piled up at the foot of the stone bed in a mess, covered by the messy hay.

Bai tried to get up to get it for her, but she slapped him on the shoulder. “Why are you moving around? The herbs you just applied will be scattered later!”

Her palm was delicate and soft. She shouldnt have used much strength, but she made a crisp popping sound that sounded especially obvious in the slightly empty cave.

They both stiffened. Tang Guo thought, at an untimely moment, that based on how much this tiger hated her, she had not only smoothed its fur and cut its flesh today, but now she had beaten its body. Surely he wouldnt throw her out in a fit of anger?

It was not that she was going to stay, but it would be embarrassing!

She didnt want to leave with no dignity.

Hence, she looked at Bai Yes expression and planned to leave quickly before he acted up!

But Bai Ye found the sentiment refreshing. “So this is how it feels to find a partner?” He thought to himself.

“No matter what his status, someone would be worried and anxious because he was injured?”

His lips curled up unconsciously. Even though he had been hit, he felt great!

In any case, when her hand hit him, it was like scratching an itch. He did not feel any pain at all. He was just afraid that if she had used too much strength just now, she would hurt herself!

Because he turned his head in time, Tang Guo did not see his facial expression. She only heard him say, “The animal skin is in the corner. Go get it yourself.”

Did he sound a little happy?

Tang Guo looked at him in surprise and thought to herself, “It must be because of the effect of her herbal liquid, right?”

This thing could slowly increase her superpower and also replenish her energy at critical moments. However, to ordinary people, the effect was definitely immediate!

Her heart tightened, and she dismissed the idea of giving him some herbal liquid. Instead, she boiled Han Xins herbal juice.

She pulled out the thinnest piece of animal skin and wanted to bandage his wound. However, no matter how she looked at it, it did not seem appropriate. These animal skins were too stiff. It was not good to cover it like this. It was better to leave it open.

Hence, she instructed him, “Sleep like this tonight. Dont move. Otherwise, the medicinal properties wont be absorbed. Itll be difficult for your injuries to recover.”

“Come, drink this medicine.”

Bai Ye had resumed a prim and expressionless face. Then he obediently drank the medicine.

Tang Guo hadnt slept in the first half of the night. Now that she had been tormented again, sleepiness immediately swept over her. After reminding him again not to move, she climbed into her animal skin bed and fell asleep in the blink of an eye.

Bai Yes tiger eyes widened. He waited for a long time, but she did not take off her beast skin skirt again. Only then did he gradually fall asleep under the effects of the herbal juice.

He woke the next day at first light and immediately felt refreshed. Not only had his fever subsided, but his wounds had healed. Even his body seemed to have endless energy.

Tang Guo felt a burning gaze on her in her sleep. She immediately opened her eyes in alarm and saw him squatting by her bed.

“What are you doing?”

Tang Guo studied his expression first. He looked very healthy.

She reached out and tested his forehead temperature again. It was normal.

Finally, she went to check his wound. She was very surprised. The effect of the herbal juice was indeed heaven-defying!

In just one night, the wound had basically healed!

Bai Ye suddenly closed the distance between them; his hands were either side of his body and his tiger eyes fixed on her.

Tang Guo felt her hair stand on end under his stare. She felt guilty. If he asked, how was she going to explain herself? Should she push the blame to him and say that he was physically strong? Would she be able to deal with him?

“Tang Guo, youve indeed awakened the Star of Wisdom!” Bai Ye kept approaching her, his tiger eyes filled with joy and satisfaction.

Because he was delighted, his tail expressed it unconsciously, wagging back and forth behind him.

Tang Guo was dumbfounded.

Star of Wisdom?

“What do you want to eat today? Ill go hunt for you.”

He moved toward the hollow of her shoulder.

Tang Guos expression changed instantly. She quickly retreated and looked at him in shock. “What are you doing?”

Bai Ye suddenly came to his senses and coughed. “Where did the pheasant outside come from?”

He tried to hide his embarrassment by changing the subject. Hed been so happy to see her pretty face and smell her lovely female scent that hed been tempted to lean closer.

Tang Guo was speechless. He had already eaten more than half a pot of pheasant soup yesterday, and now she finally remembered to ask, “Isnt this reflex arc a little too long?”

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