As he spoke, he thought to himself, Tang Guo has indeed been pampered and raised. She doesnt even have this basic common sense. “Tsk, Ill have to take more care of her in the future!”

“Really? See if I die of poison later!”

Tang Guo first brushed the clean stone pot with a piece of fatty meat. After the stone pot was covered in grease, she stir-fried the chili. Smelling the fragrance of the chili, she joked with him in a good mood. Then she stir-fried the fish and added water.

Seeing that she refused to listen to him, Jiu Chen felt uncomfortable. He wondered if he should call his boss over to persuade her. After all, she had always listened to her leader.

However, before he could do anything, he suddenly smelled a fragrance that was unprecedented. It made him swallow his saliva crazily and his stomach quickly growled crazily.


Jiu Chen quickly covered his stomach. It was too embarrassing!

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Tang Guo felt that this gentle beast who had shown kindness to her and was willing to help her was simply an idiot!

Hence, she laughed and pointed at the pile of wood on the ground. “If you want to eat, you have to have a bowl, right? Then please do it yourself and dig out a bowl!”

Her laughter was carefree and hearty, and her smile was bright and dazzling. Jiu Chen couldnt help but be stunned. Why… Why was she different from before?

But she was so beautiful like this! No, even more beautiful! Even more attractive!

His hands moved almost mechanically as he dug out more than ten bowls in a row.

Tang Guo thought that he was about to lose his mind from greed, so she couldnt stop laughing.

The laughter was not loud, but the wind carried it into some cave. Someone who had been about to sleep suddenly felt irritated.

This damned Tang Guo was really fast. Did she have to be so impatient to find the next male?!

Moreover, in his daze, he had actually dreamed of what happened that night when she was in heat!

Although he had lost his mind at the time, he still had some impression of that time.

Just the thought of her moaning in pleasure under another male as she had that night had him suddenly reveal his tiger claws and grab the stone slab under him. His tiger eyes narrowed dangerously.

Jiu Chen thought that stinky fish and poisonous fruits would definitely be a dark cuisine. However, he did not expect that it would be so delicious after being cooked by Tang Guo!

He had come to bring her food, but he did not expect it to end up with him snatching more than half of her fish. Hence, he gave her all the meat he had brought in embarrassment.

Tang Guo didnt stand on ceremony. She estimated their appetite and cut off a portion of it. Then, she cut it into slices and threw them all into the pot to stir-fry. After a while, the chopped pepper meat was out of the pot.

The meat that was originally half-cooked and had a strong fishy smell became a delicacy after she processed it.

Jiu Chen was so satisfied that he felt like he was floating!

“Tang Guo! Youre amazing! How can you make such delicious food!”

Tang Guo smiled and did not respond. She was very confident in her culinary skills. After all, in the post-apocalyptic era, apart from killing zombies, she had been using limited ingredients to create infinitely delicious food!

On this night, the unique fragrance that wafted out from a certain straw hut in the middle of the tribe also affected the taste buds of almost the entire tribe of orcs, making them drool in their sleep.

Granny Witch Doctor stepped out of the house and glanced over. Then she smiled.

Pebble asked, “Why are you smiling, Granny Witch Doctor?”

“I feel the Wisdom Star of our Back Cliff tribe returning!”

Pebble was only half aware of what he was hearing. As he inhaled the unprecedented aroma, he felt his stomach rumble madly.

Granny Witch Doctor laughed, stroked his head, and ducked back into her straw hut.

After eating, Tang Guo, who was in a good mood, also returned to her straw hut. But looking at her living environment, she felt inexplicably depressed. It seemed that she had to find a way to change houses tomorrow. If she continued to live in this kind of straw hut with mold, she would probably grow moldy herself!

But one had to rest. Tang Guo forced herself to fall asleep quickly amid the musty smell.

Jiu Chen walked back to the cave in a good mood. This was probably the most satisfying meal he had ever eaten in his life. In the past, food had been to fill his stomach, but now, he finally understood that food could be a pleasure!

If Tang Guo could agree to mate with him as soon as possible, that would be even better!

But there was no hurry. Tang Guo had just been rejected by the leader, so the pain in her heart should still be there. He had the patience to wait!

Besides, he was sure that if he treated her well enough, he would move her and make her bond with him!

When he was about to reach his cave, he suddenly saw the person standing at the door. He couldnt help but stop in surprise. “Boss, its so late. Why are you looking for me?”


Bai Ye put his hands behind his back and stood tall. His face was cold as he said, “The tribe is running out of food again. You will lead the expedition tomorrow. Go to the jungle area across the river and try to hunt more food. Be careful. Sleep early.”

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