-There I was being now chased, by the human trafficking dudes and the police. I looked back at the person beside me and he looked at me with an oopsie hehe. I was so mad. We needed to do something, we had to hide for at least a moment. The person was thinking the same thing because he was looking around to find a place or maybe a tool he could use.-

-There it was an abandoned bridge, I pointed to the bridge but I tried that it didn look so obvious to the people behind us. He understood and we rushed down the bridge, finally a little peace.-

- ”Hey I like your motorcycle, I told him with a smile on my face even though I still had the helmet on. He gave me a thumbs-up as for a hanks. The person had a black motorcycle that was very shiny, he had a full-body suit, which made it even cooler. He kinda looked like, ”he ” well or ”she ” was from a Technological/CyberPunk era, ”his ” suit looked like it resisted anything; rain, wind, heat, fire, and freezing temperatures. Just by looking at it, the person can be a man as for the body it didn have any curves on his body, and well he didn have any chest like a woman will have-

-I looked at the ground and cleared my throat. I should stop thinking about that and think about a way to get out of this situation. They looked at each other, Xiao then thought.-

- ”We can- ” car door slamming sounded close to them. They are trying to find us, we should leave right now, or else we are going to get caught.-

Xiao got beside the man, he pointed at the man you and then pointed it to a road go there, he did the same but with himself with another road. The man nodded at him.

Step noises were coming closer and closer. They started their motorcycles and prepared for anything.

”DOWN THE BRIDGE!! ” A man shouted at the others. People rumbling with their steps.

-I was so nervous so I started the motorcycle and moved forward on the throttle.-

-Screeching noises began to come from the motorcycles, I was nervous so I pushed too much which make it go so fast. I was not prepared so I almost fell off the motorcycle making it rise. I fast reacted and pushed it down, it made a very loud screeching noise with the accompany of fire sparks.-

-I balanced and firmed my back, I looked back. They were rushing to get inside one of the men looked like they were getting scolded.-

-I am not going to be able to escape while the dude did, I don even recognize the road so it is even harder.-

Suddenly a siren sound came from behind, it only meant police officers, Xiao rushed to get out of the problematic scenery. The people of the human trafficking busted out of the sight of the police, if they didn get out of the police there will be at least 20 or 40 people in jail for the trade of humans.

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