s future, he had no goals, and he had nothing to lose. If he were to die fighting for his country, he told himself that he wouldn really care. To him, life was nothing more than a track of uncertainty, one that had many obstacles, twists, and turns, all to just end up at the exact same spot as everyone else.

”The point of life is that there is no point. ” Hed often tell himself. Those negative thoughts began plaguing his mind as a trauma response after his parents untimely demise, though they worsened as his loneliness became worse over time.

The only thing he ever looked forward to every day was watching the sunset. Feeling the warmth of the sun gradually fade as the sky became smeared with vibrant hues was calming for the boy.

The sun was his safe space.

Kamari stood up, still gazing at the sun as the stars final moments in the sky were concluding. His gaze was accompanied by the booming sounds of waves crashing and the aroma of the salt water beneath him. His traditional, all-white robes flowed delicately in the cool breeze as he planted one foot on the lump of sand in front of him, shifting his weight to his front leg while his vision remained locked onto the sinking star. The gorgeous violet and crimson sky reflected off of the ocean before those vibrant hues died off, leaving Kamari alone on the beach.

Unbeknownst to the boy, this would be the last sunset hed gaze upon for quite some time, perhaps even his final viewing of the star fading from his view for the rest of his life.

Once alone in the dark, the boy headed back to the orphanage that he called home, walking past the thriving halls of the area where the toddlers and young children stayed, and making his way to the upper floor with the rest of the older kids.

He only had a few more months to find a job and move out before hed be removed from the orphanage due to being an adult, which he found ironic. As he grew up there, they never pushed for him or any of the older kids to get adopted. Once he became an adult, they basically wanted to throw him to the curb as soon as possible.

Walking through the silent, gloomy floor of the young adults and older teens, Kamari made his way into his room before throwing himself on the bed. As he looked up at the ceiling, he thought about the Magic Metaverse once again. If I die, what happens? Do I see my parents again? Do I reincarnate? Or does nothing happen? He sighed at his own thoughts before turning to his side, staring into the dark abyss of his room.

Thats probably it. Just nothingness… The boy slowly closed his eyes, letting himself get lost in thought until finally falling asleep.


Kamaris eyes shot open at the blasting sound of his door getting bashed in and crashing onto the floor beside his bed. Before he could even process what was transpiring, a cluster of men sporting black military uniforms with black helmets began rushing the boy down.

”Don **ing move! ” One of the officers screamed as he yanked the young man out of the bed and began pressing a damp towel onto his face. Oddly enough, Kamari didn fight it, understanding that resisting these guys would be completely useless.

Within just a few seconds, the boys limbs went limp, his vision faded and he had lost consciousness.

He was chosen.

Kamari Yelekal was Eswarias representative for the five hundredth annual Magic Metaverse Tournament.

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