Light of night

knock at the door

Supernatural world:

Jake: I know he is right about my king. Yeah, it was his fault. So, I kept silent and I knew he is a bit scared of me, so I don want to scare him more.

Ah, we okay. Aiden asked me while we were running.

Yeah, I thought I just heard something.

No, I didn hear anything. We should stop. We are in witches town and there is nobody. Aiden said to me.

Aiden: I asked Jake to stop because there was nobody in their town.

Its mean that they knew we were coming. Jake replied to me.

Oh, no, we have to get out of this town.

Wait, what. What happened. He was saying me to get back to home and so the purpose of this whole journey was in vain.

Jake: If witches knew that we were coming. It means that…

( Suddenly, a chanting starts in loud voices and we were surrounded by a group of witches)

It means that we are in trouble.

Aiden, Aiden, Aiden I shouted.

Aiden was laying on the ground unconscious.

Wait, wait, we are not here for fight.

Ah, why are you not stoping. My head is burning

I ran with full speed and ripped the throat of an old witch with my sharp fangs.

Blood was dripping from my lips and the old witch was lying on the ground.

I told you to stop but you didn listen. This isn my fault.

They were all scared and shocked. Suddenly, they all disappeared in a second.

Wait, wait I was just here to….(witches disappeared) aaaaa talk.

I was all alone in the middle of trees and Aiden was lying unconsciously besides me. It was a kind of forest.

(Someone snapped Jakes neck from behind and both Aiden and Jake were now lying on the floor unconsciously)

Human world:

Trevor: What was I saying? I was complementing a girl, the least thing I was interested in. I don why I was attracted to her.

So, have you decided the topic? Ana asked.


The topic, remember we are doing an art project?

Oh, yeah, yeah.

I heard that you are an introvert guy.

But you complement me on our first meeting.

Oh, no I…I didn mean that.

What? You mean I am not pretty.

No, no, no. I was just saying…..I was.

Relax, i am just kidding. I know very well what you mean. Actually, this was not first time. Everyone say that I am beautiful. You are not the first one. So, relax.

Ana: he was literally afraid, when he was talking to me. I don know but I was getting attracted towards him. His shyness. His looking downward or anywhere else just to avoid the eye contact with me.

And the best thing was that he didn know who I really am. If he knew about me he would be really terrified.

What about nature? We should make a painting or a project about nature. Trevor said.

Trevor: I don if she like the idea about the topic of nature or not? Because she was quiet and staring me like I offended her.

Ana:He talked about the nature. And I really hate that world. Because of this balancing nature thing we lost our half of the powers. I am also a supernatural creature. And these human think that we are not the part of the nature. So, all the supernatural creatures created a barrier with the help of witches to separate us from humans about thousands years ago.

I heard the stories how the barrier was created. So, thats why I knew this whole separation thing.

Ok, we will make a painting about nature or about some scene of nature.

Trevor: She liked my idea about nature. Or I think so. Cause her expressions were not matching with her words.

Ok,I went to library and i printed some pictures from internet, so we would take ideas about painting.

I went to her and when I was going to show her the printed pictures. All the pictures slipped from my hand because while she was taking them from me, her hand touched my hand.

I don know, I think I got lost at the moment and the pictures slipped from my hand on the ground.

I am sorry. I bend down to pick them.

No, no, its okay. Ill help you. She also bent down to pick them.

While we were picking the pictures from ground her hand again touched my hand and this time we were both feeling it.

Oh, sorry.

Your hands are so cold, even in summers.

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