Light of night

The beginning

This is my first story.There will be grammar mistakes because English is my second language,so please ignore those mistakes.Thanks.

Chapter 1 and 2:

Supernatural world:

Jake: İn this Supernatural world, everything is a mystery. No one wants to talk about what happened hundred years ago. Why all the creatures of Supernatural world have their powers half? Why they don have all of their powers? What happened hundred years ago and what is going to happen, no one knows.

The servant had told me that vampire king is calling me. And I am going to meet him. He is brutal and unkind but to only other creatures and I think thats why the whole Supernatural world was carrying a curse.

Vampire king: Jake, you are one of my loyal vampires and I can only trust you . Something had happened hundred years ago and the fate of whole Supernatural world and supernatural creatures is bound to it. I Said to him that I want to tell him something. He worked for me for eighty years and he was still with me but I don know if I want to tell him that secret or not? I said to him that hundred years have passed and as I told you we will get our powers. So there is a meeting of all supernatural creatures kings and queens and I am going to attend it. You are incharge untill I will come back.

Jake: Although I badly wanted to know what happened years ago but every time I asked him about all creatures half powers and what happened years ago he got angry or he changed the topic.So I decided not to ask him as years have passed the secret is going to get reveal and every one wants to know it. İ only said ok king I will be incharge with all my heart and I will fulfil my responsibilities.

Although I know that secret will be out but I have to know it and there was only one way which was Mike. He was the oldest vampire he was 500 years old and he knows all the history of this world. İ asked him many times but he hadn told me anything.And Today i got that opportunity to know the truth. This was first time king made me incharge and I decided to get this chance to unveil the truth.

Mike: I know that king is out for a meeting and Jake is incharge for the first otherwise he always made me the incharge. I know that he did this on purpose he wanted Jake to know the truth .Thats why he asked him to be incharge in his absence.İf he asked me the truth how will I say no to him because he is the incharge and i have to tell him.

While I was thinking about the harsh reality.jake who was now incharge enter into my room. As he knocked and enter, (they were living in castle because they were serving the king and Mike was in his room in the castle). I said, king why are you here. İf you had told me I would have come to you.

Jake: all these years you have just tell me that there is a secret thats why powers of all

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