It was dark.

The sound of silence rang in a boys head. He found himself sitting up, confused and dazed. He put his hand towards his head and tried to refocus his vision. As he was doing that, he heard someone beside him groan. A girly one.

”Ugh, what is happening? ” The person beside him groaned. He looked at the girl beside him.

”Avery? What happened? ” He asked, confused.

The girl jerked her head suddenly. She didn expect a boy to be right beside her in the dark room. ”Ark? ”

She looked around, nothing but a dim room greeted her. ”Ark, w-where are we? ”

The boy, now known as Ark, was just as clueless as her. ”I have… no idea. I just asked you the same question. Last thing I remember is that we were walking home from that movie. You, me, Jessie, Cass, and Greg. ”

At that point, Averys eyes went wide. ”Oh my gosh. Ark! Something more happened after that! ”

This prompted more confusion for Ark. ”More? What more? ”

”We were going back from the theater, we crossed a park, and… there was a bus involved. ” She trailed off slowly. Ark now got the just of what she was suggesting.

”Oh. ”

”Ark… do you think we are dead? ” She asked, very worried.

Ark looked at her with reassuring eyes. ”Look, lets not go to that point yet. We are still here talking see? Two of us in a dreary room. ” Avery calmed down. But only partially.

They were still talking to each other, clearly alive.

”If we are here… then where are the others? ” Avery asked.

”Right behind you, narks. ” A different voice jumped in. Ark and Avery shouted in pure shock. Standing to their feet, they turned around. Through the gloomy-ness, they could see two silhouettes, one sitting down and another laying on the ground.

”You! How long were you sitting there, Greg!? ” Avery exclaimed. Ark also had to let out his own nerves.

”Dude, you scared the hell out of us! ” He pointed at Greg. Meanwhile, Greg just put up his hands in defense.

”Uh, Im sorry then. You could say Im just the quiet type. ” He chuckled. Avery scoffed while Ark crossed his arms on his chest. Greg looked at them in s

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