Legend’s Second Chance

∆Chapter Nine∆

Both Jacksons team and mine were discussing strategy before the game.

”Alright men, and um, Gloria. Today we will win and show those spitballing bastar- uh I mean idiots that we can beat them without even a sweat. Hit hard, dodge fast and above all aim to kill! ”

I had been a little too enthusiastic about getting to face off against Jackson, but I was truly justified.

”That is not really a plan. ”

Said Matthew who was a little antsy about the possibility that he could get hit in the face.

”It is divine inspiration, take it or leave it sucker. ”

Gloria and Gavin were stretching for the incoming battle while Matthew was talking to me. I pointed to Gloria and Gavin and explained the name of the game to poor little Matthew.

”Buck up and look over there, you see them? They are preparing for a glorious battle while you are bemoaning your fate. You cannot quit, you can only look ahead and do your best. ”

Matthew thought about it for a minute and realized that it was true. He gave me a thumbs up and started cracking his knuckles as he looked intently at the opposing team.

I was happy with the little team I had put together. I would make sure that we all sat together for lunch because I had a proposition for them all.

Bruce yelled to indicate the start of the match and we all dashed past the white line and headed to the center where the balls were located.

We managed to roll back about ten. This was an excellent amount since we were outnumbered. We all grabbed two balls in our hand. They were surprisingly hefty. They would hurt to get hit in the face with.

I hurled my first ball just narrowly missing Jackson, but when it impacted the wall far behind him it made a solid smacking sound.

My second was aimed at Andrew. It hit him in the chest and he did not catch it. He curled up in a ball on the ground from the pain.

I moved back a bit to grab the two extra balls that we had initially rolled back.

I noticed that Gavin had caught Mias ball, thereby eliminating her. I also saw that Gloria had been eliminated by Bill.

That annoyed me, so I targeted Bill. My first ball hit him in the arm and he walked to the sidelines. As I was about to throw my second at Jackson, he threw his at me, so I deflected it with the ball in my hand. I then continued my throw and hurled my ball at Jackson. It hit him square in the face. He fell to the floor with a yell as he used his hands to cover his face.

”Leonidas give me ten at the white line! ”

I did them. When I stood up, only William and Jackson were left on the opposing team while Gavin was the only one left on our team. As I ran up, Gavin eliminated William and Jackson eliminated Gavin.

At that moment, I decided on a course of action. I would not mind doing a lot of pushups, so I aimed at Jacksons face. When the ball hit his face, I ran back to the white line and did ten more pushups.

Jackson was waiting for me and his face was red. I had not thrown my ball hard enough.

He did not wait for me and he threw the ball with his spaghetti arms. I dodged easily and then sent my ball towards his face. It hit him again.

This continued three more times until he started bleeding from his nose. At that point, he ran out of the room wailing.

I did my ten pushups and walked up to Bruce.

”We won right? ”

”Sure did, so you
e gonna have to face me this next round. ”

”I look forward to it. ”

We parted ways and I walked up to my teammates who were waiting for me from behind the white line.

”Hey man, that was brutal. Gotta love it! ”

Gloria said as she grinned and gave a thumbs up with both of her hands.

”Seems that everything youve done up to now has not been bravado. I am willing to call you Leonidas. ”

Said Gavin who had lowered his head in my direction.

”Leon, uh- I mean Leonidas, that was so cool. Im glad that you chose me on your team. ”

I responded to Matthew with a laugh.

”Are you sure about that? Bruce just joined the opposing team for the last match. ”

”We can beat him! ”

We did in fact not beat them. We failed miserably because Bruce sat far back and threw each ball crazy hard.

We had eliminated a couple of the opposing teams players, but in the end had ultimately failed. Bruce had also made sure to hit me in the face twice before finally eliminating me.

It had hurt and my nose had bled, but I had endured far worse. I also understood Bruces sentiment, so I did not hold a grudge against him.

However, the whole PE class had invigorated me sevenfold to increase the intensity of my training.

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