d stroked her sex. she was all wet again. He had gave her enough time to recover from her last orgasm.

She was too weak for his stamina,but that was no problem,he would train her in the near future. She was his mate, his queen so she needed to be strong not just to satisfy him but also to be ready to undertake the task given to her by heavens.

He positioned his hard shaft at the entrance of her sex and rubbed it lubricating it for easy penetration.

It was her first time and he wanted to be as gentle as possible and let her enjoy their union.

He pushed the tip lightly and she hissed in pain.

”It will hurt alittle my love, please bear with the pain,it will get better soon. ” He gently coerced her.

”Okay. ” she braced herself for the incoming pain.

”Loosen your muscles honey. ” He was patient with her giving her tips to lessen the pain.

He lowered his head and kissed her distracting her from the pain.

While she was busy engrossed in the kisses,he pushed his shaft deep inside her.

Sophia started tearing up. The pain was unbearable. it felt like something was just torn apart. Raphael could feel something thick and warm flowing out. He sure had taken her virginity.

”sshh! the pain will disappear soon. ” He said kissing her and remaining motionless so she could adjust to his size and pain.

After a minute,he could feel her insides tightly squeezing his shaft.

”Ill move now. ” If not hes gonna just explode inside her within no minute. The way her sex squeezed him, it was bound to be an embarrassing thing for him coming after immediately penetrating her.

Obtaining her permission he started moving slowly.

Sophia could feel the pain lessening and being replaced by pleasure.

She instinctively started moving her hips meeting each of his thrusts.

The pleasure was increasing by each moment and she started moaning his name out loud.

”yes my love,just like that. moan my name . ” He encouraged her.

oh god! yes .. yes there Raph. ”

Her moans gave him the energy to keep going, digging and thrusting his shaft deep inside her.

Soon enough she exploded and came convulsing as her vagina tightened against his penis.

With one deep thrust,he came exploding, watering her womb with his seeds.

”That was amazing. ” He said collapsing on top of her.

And just like that the couple made love all night, exploring every position and location of the house.

It was almost dawn when Raphael let her go after he milked get dry.

He took a wet towel and cleaned her.

Taking a shirt in his closet,he dressed her and covered her with a quilt.

After taking a shower,he joined her to bed

kissing her forehead he just sat there admiring her beauty.

”Now you are mine,all mine. ” he declared possessively.

Now that their mating bond was completed,she was all his. Nobody was ever going to take her away from him not even her so called fate.

”I am willing to take any punishments by the heaven just to keep you save. Whether you are Sophia or not, you are my beloved and I will protect you from any harm. ” even if it meant going against the so called fate,he would lay his life just go keep her happy.

” Good night my love. ” He said and pulled her to his arms and drifted off to bed.

What he did not know was that,the same man who had given the previous Sophia a pill had been concealing his presence during all that time.

”It seems I need to act soon. I will not let her soul be tainted by Him. ” the man murmured.

Sophia slept peacefully that night. it was almost noon when she finally opened her eyes.

”you are awake. ” Came Raphaels voice.

He was seated at the edge of the bed watching her.

”Yes. ” she replied trying to get up but she felt like her body was no longer hers.

she hissed in pain when she tried getting off bed.

”Be careful,I know it must hurt. ” he said.

”Ofcourse it hurts! ” she said rolling her eyes at him. With the number of rounds they went it would be suspicious if she didn feel any pain.

”I am sorry my love,to make it up for you I brought you all your favourites. ” He said presenting her a tray filled with all delicacies.

”atleast you have some conscious. ” she murmured.

”I did not hear that. ” he said but obviously it was a lie. With his hightened hearing and the bond ,he sure heard what she said but because he was guilty,he did not pursue it longer.

”Come,eat your food or should I feed you. ” he said with a smile.

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