love saves,love rescues

” No need to tell me,I know.i know what you want to say but let me tell you, u will never let you go! never you can only belong to me so don even think about it. ” Raphaels voice was as sharp as blades

”What are you talking about honey? When did I ask you to let me go? don you know,I only want to be caged by you, never to leave your side? ” Sophia asked him laughing lightly.

He was so agitated that his face was turning red from anger.

”You do? ” he asked not fully believing her.

”Ofcourse honey, I just want to lay in your arms all day and night. only on your arms do I feel safe. ” she said proceeding to place light kisses all over his face.

Raphael was surprised. she was truly amazing him.

” listen Hun, I want to talk to you about something serious,will you please give me your attention. ” she pleaded softly.

”Okay. ” he replied.

She better not tell him anything to spoil his good mood.

”But first promise me,no matter what you hear, nothing will change between us. ” said Sophia seriously.

Her words meant she was going to reveal something serious,he wondered what could it be but regardless,as long as she did not propose they separate, everything else was fine.

”okay,I promise as long as its not about letting you go. ” he sure had to Make his point clear.

”I am not Sophia. ” she said stopping to allow the words to sink to his mind.

When he understood what she said he frowned.

” what do you mean you are not Sophia? so who are you? ” he asked.

”I am not your Sophia,but I am Sophia. ” now she was confusing him. He did not reply but raised his brows in a questioning manner.

”I was Sophia in my world,but I died in a car accident and then I found myself here. ”

”I come from a different world and do not know how I ended up here,I only remember being rushed to an operation theatre and my world darkened. when I woke up,I found myself here. it is like I time travelled or you can say I died and was reborn as your mate,life has given me another chance to live. ” she was smiling at this thought.

”When I first arrived here,I knew nothing about this place thats why I lied to have lost my memories. later on I went to sleep and I started seeing Sophias memories in Mt dreams. That js how I came to know about everything . ” she paused.

”I didn want to tell you about it because I feel that you only love Sophia from the past. I am not your Sophia so I was afraid you will leave me all alone. But thinking about it its wrong of me,I want us to start our relationship afresh that is if you want to. I don want a relationship built on lies and secrets,I only want to stay by your side and love you,can I? she asked gazing directly into his eyes .

It was better this way,if he didn love her then she would leave and try to forget him even though she knew that was very difficult.

Raphael was dumbfounded by the information she told him. she was full of wonders.

She said that life gave her another chance to live but it was more of the heavens gave him another chance.

He is still planning on settling scores with the heavens for abandoning him and punishing him but was heaven still merciful.

He was the one who went against the heavens but still he could not erase his resentment.

But then here was a lovely lady as his mate. she was the sweetest person he has ever come across but because of him,she would face a fate worse than death.

It was fine if he did not fall in love with her,but here he was, drawn to her like magnet.

she wanted a chance to love Him.

He would give his all to love her too.

Raphael pulled Sophia into his embrace and hugged her.

He did not say anything but his actions spoke it All.

”I love you very much Raphael. I don want to ever leave your side. ” she said snuggling further in his embrace.

Raphael fekt his body reacting to her touch.The mating bond when delayed had consequences. If the two mates came together without completing the bond,the male would feel his body burning up

Thats just what Raphael was feeling right now. It was burning too fiercely and only she could extinguish those flames.

He pushed her slightly and she fell straight to bed.He attacked her lips before she could even react. He sucked and lightly bit them.

Sophia could feel his erection through the soft fabric of his trousers.

She felt some liquid flow from down there. gosh! she was itching for something to rub her down there.

She moaned into his kisses and the sex fervour hightened.

He grabbed her dress and in one swift move,he tore it apart. He sent it lying on the floor.

Her twin peaks were wrapped in a cloth that worked like a bra. The cloth was usually tied behind.

Raphael proceeded to untie the cloth and she laid there down, with only panties covering her sex.

She instinctively tried to wrap her hands around her moulds but Raphael anticipated that move and stopped her on time.

”Let me admire you my love. you are so beautiful. ” he murmured to her ears and lowered to kiss her .

His kisses were no longer soft rather he was very rough with her.

He started trailing kisses all over her face to her neck lightly bitting her.

She couldn contain the lewd sounds coming from her.

To her collarbones,he kissed her. he was busy exploring her body.

His hands moved to her thighs, softly carrasing them then proceeded upwards while his lips and tongue moved downwards till it reached her nipples.

He broke the kiss and looked straight to her face, seeking permission to continue. He did not want to do something she was not comfortable with.

His eyes were met by her watery ones which were silently begging him to continue.

He dived back this time directly latching to hear moulds. He gave her left peak a bit and then licked it to soothe the pain.

Sophia felt sweet torture from his actions. He was giving her a pleasure she never thought she could experience. it was bitter sweet. But she wanted more. she wanted more of his sweetness.

”Do you like it my love? ” He asked her. His bedroom voice seducing her poor heart even more.

”y..yes I want more Raph. ” cried Sophia.

”your wish my command my love. ” He said moving to her right mould and massaging it lightly before squeezing it .

He used his mouth to suck it like it was the sweetest candy be ever had.

”aahh! ” moaned Sophia.

Raphael hooked the hem of her little pantie and the next moment it was sent flying away.

He then used his hand to trail her sex.

”You are dripping wet my love. ” He said in a teasing voice. He was happy that she desired him just as much as he desired her.

Sophias mind was clouded by desire. She wanted to feel his bare body smacked on hers.

She started unbuttoning his shirt.

Her actions were very clumsily indicating that she had never done that before.

He chuckled seeing her displeasure with how the buttons were giving her a hard time .

Sophia finally finished unbuttoning his shirt,she laughed seeing her success.

Looking at her, Raphael thought she looked adorable. she was like a little girl who needed compliments after doing something right.

With as much difficulty, Sophia managed to remove his leather trousers.

Now he was there for her to admire him and boy, he had everything she would ask from a man.

A well built stomach muscles,a six pack and broad shoulders.His waist was very narrow.

Her gaze travelled down and she gasped looking at his member.

It was twitching, standing at attention ready for action. she really wondered if it will fit in her.

”What? you like what is in view? ” He asked mischievously.

”Its too big. ” She replied pointing at his little brother.

”Are you scared? ” He asked her with a smile.

”Will it even fit? ” She was not scared but just wondering.

She would never back down from it. She heard her sister say that the big the size,the more the pain during the first time. But they also said that a mans length was his pride and that the big ones were the Best to satisfy a woman!

”Leave that to me my love, just relax and enjoy the ride. ” Said Raphael giving her an evil smirk.

just like a lamb on slaughter house,she relaxed to be slaughtered.

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