Sera noticed that Ann wasn responding to her chatter so she turned to look her straight in the eye.

”Whats up, Ann? You look like someone who just imagined their wedding play out in front of them. ”

Sera said chewing a large chunk of meat.

Ann was quiet for a moment as she observed Seras bad eating manners.

”Sorry but weddings aren my thing. I was just wondering what the interview will be like, thats all. ” she said smiling at Sera.

”So youve never dreamt of been dressed in a white gown? Having everyones attention on you and your Mr. Right? ” Sera asked nudging Anns shoulder.

”Ive worn a white gown before. ”

e married?! ”

”No. I wore the gown when I was in a Christmas play. I was an angel. ” she answered laughing at Sera.

”Ohhh! I was surprised. You look for too young. ”

”And besides, everyone is attentive so they can spot something wrong to gossip about. And for food. ”

Ann picked up a chicken wing and bit off a small piece of meat. Her grandmother always said a rich lady should eat like shes expensive. Wanted to call her grandmother so she could receive some blessings but she didn want to seem rude to Sera. She didn want to look like a cyber zombie and join the majority of people in the room. She noticed that Sera was looking at her again and she realized she had zoned out again.

”Sorry, did you say something? ”

”You weren listening? Ohh wow! ” Sera said almost shouting.

”Im sorry. Im just nervous right now…about the interview and all. ” Ann said sighing.

”It ain that bad. Just be confident and don let your fear show in any way, okay. Then…talk like you have already been hired, like the position is already yours, yeah? ”

Ann smiled at the woman and was sincerely grateful. Sera was a nice lady. Sera looked down at her food and Anns eyes became distant again.

A few seconds went by when she noticed a man looking at her. She furrowed her brows so the man would notice that he was making her uncomfortable but he smiled. She sniggered and rolled her eyes at him. What a pervert!

She picked up her cup of juice and sucked on the straw to draw the juice. She noticed the man gulped as he watched her. She almost spit out the juice but prevented herself from doing so because she still had to look presentable for the interview. The pervert squinted his eyes and then smiled and waved. He walked out after shamelessly blowing her a kiss.

”What position did you apply for? ” she heard Sera ask.

”Sec.. secretary. ” she answered turning to look at Sera.

Sera seemed lost in thought but Ann didn bother her to ask what was wrong. She followed Seras line of vision and noticed she was looking at a gentleman in a suit who sat two tables away facing them. He was also looking at Sera; like he was in a trance.

”Thats Lawrence; my type of guy. ” Sera said though she didn break eye contact with the man.

”Hes looking at you like you
e hes type of girl. ” Ann said observing Lawrence.

Lawrence blinked and Sera smiled.

”Hes married. We were just having a staring contest and I won. ” Sera said rubbing her eyes.

Ann felt like a fool. She should have known. She pressed her lips together and look at Sera in a
eally? kind of way. Sera giggled and slapped Anns shoulder.

”I should go now. Gotta work. Bye and don forget what I told you; confidence. ” Sera said getting up and using a hand gesture to emphasize the confidence part.

Ann smiled and a few seconds after Sera had gone, she too got up. For some reason, Lawrence waved at her and she just found it weird. Was everyone here a pervert? She shook her head to switch her thoughts back to the interview. She went to the waiting area where some other interviewees were already sitting. She felt like a melting chocolate bar so she decided to go to the bathroom before the interviews resumed. Maybe she would even call granny.

When she got to the bathroom, she first went to pee then fixed her make-up. She dug her hand into the small pocket inside her bag where she always put her phone and realized it wasn there. She looked in the other pockets and found it wasn there either. Ann recalled leaving her phone in the bathroom and she imagined her phone sitting lonely with Granny flashing across the screen. She slapped her forehead and shortly after, she realised she had ruined her make-up again.

She decided to just wash it off and used her handkerchief to dry her face. She applied some oil to her face and did a series of face yoga moves to relax her face. She massaged her breast like she always did when she felt nervous. She stared at her reflection in the mirror and noticed a woman was staring at her. She released her breasts fr her palms and closed her eyes in embarrassment. She undid her ponytail

and ruffled it up. She turned and walked out without looking back at the cleaner who had just witnessed her madness. Her face heated up thinking about what expression she had on her face. She slapped her forehead and realized, she had left her bag in the damned bathroom.

Ann turned and headed back to the bathroom.

The wan was mopping the floor and was evidently distracted so Ann grabbed her bag and run out like a thief. When she got back to the waiting area, only fourty people were left; including herself. She stood by the wall because the seats were occupied. A man walked out looking gloomy and Ann felt worried again. What was the reason interview exactly?

Time flew by and in an hour only Ann was left.

”Ann White. ” a mans voice called from inside.

Ann inhaled deeply and walked into the room.

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