” Yes mum, the interview is today. But Im not sure if I was called or not…..of course they sent a message…..It says thank you for accepting. ” Ann said to her mother on the phone, ”Yes, thats it. No instructions or a direct order to go…..mum why would I lie? ”

She was in the bathroom brushing her teeth while spoke with her mother.

”Just go and check it out dear, you won lose anything. ” her mother said.

Ann spite out the tooth paste and said to her mother, ” What do you mean I won lose anything. I will lose money on bus fare and a lot of energy. ”

”Oh, Ann, if you really want the job and if theres a possibility of been hired, you won complain about some silly bus fare or energy. Besides, youll lose some weight. You can even were that black dress your grandma bought you. ”

Ann frowned because of how the subject had suddenly diverted to her weight. She looked at her reflection in the mirror and saw how her double chin had increased in size. She liked it because it made her feel cute but society said otherwise.

”I have to go now, I call you later. ”she said to her mother trying to hide her annoyance.

”Don forget to tell Bryce, okay. He was calling earlier to ask after you. Hasn he called you? ” her mother said sounding sad.

Bryce was her childhood friend and ex-boyfriend. Her mother didn know about their breakup three months earlier.

”Ill call him later. ” she lied to her mother.

Ann hang up and went to her room to get dressed. She put on white cotton underwear and a black bra. She went to the closet and looked at the white top and black trouser her grandmother had prepared for her interview. She took the clothes from the hangers and placed them on the bed. She stared at them without doing anything for a few minutes. If she managed to get the job then maybe her mother would stop thinking of her as a failure. She would stop telling her, Ann, to always have a man next to her for support. She never even liked Bryce as a friend and yet her mother forced them to date because Bruce was a working man.

She sighed loudly and picked up the white top. She had a feeling it wasn going to fit her anymore but she put it on; she didn have anything better to wear anyway. Her hands and arms went through fairly easy but when it came to closing the top buttons, it was a struggle. She still had a tiny waist so the top looked normal there. The weight she had gained wasn in the bad places; the fat she had gained made her figure more appealing. Her bust was a problem in that moment. In the end, the first three buttons could close and she had removed the very top button in a futile attempt to close it.

She frowned at the top and stomped a few times before taking the top off. She went back to the closet and picked a bl

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