The place where Wang Cai returned was where he had first appeared.

ding… ding…

”The player has not met the requirements to incur penalties ”

”The player will not suffer death penalties. ”

The system announced to him.

Whenever a player dies, regardless of the circumstances, a penalty is received. As a loss of a level and a day of not being able to leave the city, this was the most basic penalty.

There are places with other types of penalties.

The reason he didn suffer the penalty is the level 0. There was no way he could lose any more levels.

Wang Cai looked at the HP and MP bar, but he didn see the warnings anymore. Then he went back to the training ground.

Whenever a player below level 10 died and came back, they would recover 100% of their HP, MP, and negative statuses would disappear. Above that level, only ten percent of HP, and MP would be recovered and certain negative statuses would continue to affect the player.

”Young adventurer, you are really dedicated. ” The instructor hadn seen him leave, but upon seeing him come back, a look of approval appeared on his face.

”Thanks for the compliment ” Wang Cai continued doing the same thing as before.

Cut the scarecrows vital points with the kitchen knife.

slash!!! slash!!!

(Im starting to get used to this… There are ten points in STR, AGI and VIT attributes, two skills, 100 HP and 50 MP to be gained in boot camp. I need to gain those points) He remembers the benefits of a basic training camp, but only those of level 0 could receive such benefits more easily.


”You received +1 STR ”

After a few more cuts, his reward finally came.

slash!! slash!!!

The bodies started to get more precise and faster.

ding… ding… ding…

”You received +1 AGI ”

”You learned Dagger Mastery ” Dagger Mastery(Passive)(Level 1)(Basic): Increases accuracy and damage dealt with dagger-type weapons by 10%.

(The first skill is gone… Now, the second one is missing…) He was excited but not satisfied because there was still a lot of work to do.

Skills can be acquired in different ways. The simplest way was to attack until it succeeded, like what Wang Cai was doing.

After reaching level 10, the skill will evolve to intermediate level, then advanced, master, and finally grand master. Each evolution has many benefits, but it was an extremely difficult thing to do.

slash!!! slash!!!

Wang Cai continued cutting the scarecrow for a few more hours, the same scene happened over and over again. He is dying and returning as the starting point.

But on the last kill, instead of going back to the training ground, he looked at the time, it was already getting dark.

Several hours passed in the real world.

The time difference was 3×1. Three hours in the game was one hour in real life.

There was no need to put the character to rest because he didn have that penalty after death, so he can leave without any problem.

Wang Cai was eating dinner while watching the lottery draw from an old television.

As the numbers popped up on the screen, he showed a slight smile on his face.

The numbers were what he chose.

But one of the numbers was wrong, so he didn win the jackpot. Fortunately, the money was enough for him to buy a new house and live without having to work for nine months.

Within five minutes, a message from the bank appeared on his cell phone, asking him to check his balance.

The money was received in the bank account.

A big smile appeared on his face as he finally stopped being very poor.

Motivated, Wang Cai packed his things to leave this old rented house.

Walking through the city streets with his fat friend, Wang Cai and Lin Hai look at apartments near the city center, whose prices were more affordable than in the city center.

”Wang Cai, I still can believe you got that lucky. Tonight, I want the best masseuses in the best massage parlor in the city. You owe me this one. ” The fatty was very happy, not for himself, but his friend.

Because Wang Cai was finally going to pay him something good.

”Its all right. Today is the day to celebrate. But before that, I want to buy a nice house. ”

Walking through the familiar streets, Wang Cai knew exactly where to go, but it was just a large lot surrounded by tall nets and ribbons to prevent anyone from passing by.

On the other side of the protection area, many workers are walking around to build a building.

Wang Cai finally remembered that his house in the previous life was still being built. When he bought it, the place had already been completely built.

With no alternatives, he looked for another apartment.

”Wang Cai, if you like, I can show you a good place to live. It is a very quiet and very good place. My house is over there. ”

”Are you talking about that apartment complex? ”

”Yea. Your money should be enough and you still have enough left over for five months of food without having to work. ”

”… ” He realized that his friend had already thought about this when he heard that he had won the lottery and was looking to buy a house.

”If there is a house to be bought. I will go there ”

The apartment complex was in the most developed area of ​​the city, because of that, prices were always rising and demand was high.

”Little Xue, are you there? ” Lin Hai asked in a friendly tone.

”Fatty, what do you want? Why did you enter without knocking on the door? ” A soft, sweet voice echoed into the room,

”Hehe… Im here to introduce a client. Aren you happy? ” The pair went to the office of the realtor who worked inside the apartment complex, she was just one of them.

The young woman was pretty and elegant because of the office clothes she wore.

”A client? ” She looked excitedly at Wang Cai.

Because a potential client was always a chance to sell an apartment. That meant a generous commission.

”Id like to know if you have any apartments for sale. ”

”Yes. There are still houses to be bought. You… ”

”Little Xue, he is Wang Cai. That friend of mine I told you about earlier ”

”Ohh… Mr. Wang Cai, do you have any preferences about the house? Like sunrise or sunset views. The windows are facing one way. That kind of thing ”

”No. I don have those preferences. Just a standard house will do. ” Wang Cai didn have a girlfriend and wasn used to bringing people to his house, so he preferred just an ordinary house.

”An ordinary house… All the houses here have two bedrooms, one bigger and one smaller, a bathroom, a living room, a balcony, and a kitchen. ”

”Little Xue, is there anything with two bathrooms? ”

”Yea. One of the bathrooms is inside the master bedroom, there are still about seven such houses to be purchased. However, these houses are on the fourth floor. ”

It was not necessary to think too much about why there were vacant houses on the fourth floor. Beliefs were very strong and fear added to that.

Thus, in many buildings, the fourth floor did not even exist.

But some still like to live on the fourth floor, so this building had the floor.

”Its okay to be on the fourth floor. I don care ” Wang Cai didn care about this superstition as he already died once.

”Ok, but before I continue, I have to show the value ”

”No problem ”

”Wang Cai, have you finally decided to move? ” An old man asked him.

”Yea. I think it was time to do that. Start a new life ”

”You are young and you are right to do this. But right now, I need to find a new tenant. ”

”You will be able to do this. ”

”Hehe… Your parents would be happy if they knew that you are starting to change your life ” The old man looked to the sky to say this.

”I hope… Old Gao, take this as a parting gift ” Wang Cai handed the old man a bottle of expensive liquor.

”This is quite expensive. Where did you get that? ”

”I bought it. Just accept ”

”Since you insist, I will keep it and share it with my friends ”

”Old Gao, see you some other day ”

”Wang Cai, live well and be happy ”

Wang Cai finished the move the same day he bought the house.

Everything was already tidy and ready for his new life.

But before that, dusk had arrived and Lin Hai appeared to drag him to the most expensive massage parlor in town.

The two enjoyed the massage and the pleasures that followed.

The party lasted all night before they returned home.

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