In Her Shadow

Chapter 9: First unofficial date

Despite what they discovered about Zharia, they felt that it was wrong not to trust her. She is still present, along with her friends. Sometimes its hard to trust someone, but its not bad to know them before you judge them.

Days would never pass without Dyren teasing Zharia. Despite what had happened between them, he continued to bully her. And the other one will just go with the flow.

”Congratulations to the group of Miss Andrews; they got the highest score. You did great! ”

Danilaey was so happy to hear that. Her groupmates and she both did an excellent job.

”If the two of you don stop bickering with each other, I will put you in the guidance office! ” Ms. Rowan shouted at the two.

The two were taken back by the voice of their teacher. They stopped what they were doing and focused on their teacher. There was a mischievous grin on their friends face. Before they started the lesson, Zharia and Dyren glared at each other.

They parted ways after their class. The girls went to the library while the boys went to the canteen.

It was a special day for Dyren because there was a surprise for him when he entered the canteen. He has no idea what is happening. Just like in a story or movie, every person has a rose in their hands, and while Dyren was walking, they were giving it to him. It was a reverse scenario.

He was dumbfounded. He just accepted the roses that were given to him. He has no idea who is giving him that. Everyone was thrilled and happy. When he reached the end of the line, there was a girl standing there, looking back at him.

”What is the meaning of this? ” Dyren asked the girl.

The girl faced Dyren, and he was shocked to see her again. It was his ex-girlfriend, Carina Faye Lewis. She looks happy from the way she looks at him, but Dyren gives him an I don care look. He doesn feel anything for her anymore.

She is holding a teddy bear. Dyren remembers that toy; it was the first gift he gave her. It was a sign of his love for her. When he gave them that teddy bear, they also made a promise to each other. a promise that they will never leave each others side, that they will love each other despite all the challenges they will encounter and that they will never give up. Its a sign of the love they shared and the love they lost. She lost.

”Remember this teddy bear, Dyren? Im always keeping this by my side because its the sign of our love, ” Carina said, crying.

It was her fault, but she left Dyren to protect him. It was a mistake to leave the one she truly loved, but he will be gone if she doesn do what she has done. To leave was the best choice to save him. The choice that she hopes that Dyren will understand.

”Im really sorry for leaving you. Im sorry for everything. Please forgive me. I still love you, ” she said. The pain is devouring her.

Dyren was still standing there without saying any words. He is watching Carina cry. Maybe hell hug her tight to stop her for crying, but this time was different. He put the roses on the table beside him. He held her face up to match his eyes.

”Im sorry to say this, but the feelings we shared before are no longer existing. Just like what I said to you at the resort, I never love you anymore. ” he said.

Carinas heart is being shot with a thousand bullets. It was painful to see the man she loves the most say those words to her. Her heart was breaking apart more than the times she left him. Her tears were evidence of her pain. She wishes she could go back in time and undo all of her mistakes.

Dyren left that place without looking at her. He was also crying, a pain that still exists inside of him. He went to the library and sat in an area with few people. He is hiding the pain under the hard wooden table, where he cries.

”I pity that table. It was soaked with your unending tears. ”

Dyren raised his head and saw Zharia looking at him. He wiped all the tears from his eyes and sat properly in his chair. Zharia also sat beside her, and she offered him her handkerchief. Dyren was curious about the sudden action.

”What is this? ” he asked.

”A handkerchief. ” Zharia answered.

Dyren glared at her.

”What? You asked me, What is this? instead of asking me, Why are you giving me this Im just answering you properly. ” She said it curiously.

Instead of speaking again, Dyren shut his mouth and wiped his tears using the handkerchief she gave him. He doesn know if its the perfect time for Zharia to be with him because his heart is going crazy again.

”Are you okay now? ” Zharia asked.

Maybe that was the answer he was looking for. Its not okay for him to be close to her, especially for his heart.

”Im okay. Thank you. ” he just said, looking at her.

It was an amazing moment for them. Their eyes met, admiring each other. Their eyes were locked on each other, and only the two of them could unlock it. The library was too quiet for them to be disturbed.

Zharia had never felt those feelings before. Its an odd sensation to be staring at someone and memorizing every detail of his face. A feeling when your eyes are fixated on him and your heart is just beating so fast. She never felt that before. It was new to her. She had been feeling that since their project was created and she and Dyren were the characters.

Their gazes were gradually drawn closer together. It was like their body had its own mind to do that. It was uncontrollable. They had the same feelings for each other, but neither of them wanted to admit it.


They immediately broke the distance between them when they heard the school bell. It was their next subject. It was awkward; they were nearly kissing when the alarm interrupted them. What a shame!

Zharia gathered all her things and immediately got up from her chair. Dyren chases her, who is far ahead of him. He wants to say something to her.

”Wait! ” he said, trying to stop Zharia from walking so fast.

”What? ” she replied with annoyance in her voice.

Dyren held her hand so that she would not get away. Zharia tried to get out of his grip, but he was strong. When you are in their position, you feel the abnormal beat of their heart. Luckily, they haven had any heart problems, or else theyd both be in the hospital right now.

”Can we talk right after our class? ” Dyren said she was trying to ease the tension.

”Okay. But why? ” Zharia replied, unable to think before she talked.

Dyren smiled at her before he walked away. Zharia stood in her place without making any move. She was stunned at the view she saw. It was the first time she saw Dyren smile, and it gives him so much happiness to see him like that.

Dyren noticed she was unable to move in her place, so he came back and dragged her. Still, Zharia was very confused by his action. Dyren was also very happy to hold her hand, dragging her around like he owned her.

Love is really magical.

e lucky because their teacher was not in their classroom yet. Everyone noticed them entering the classroom. Everyone was confused, and some were angry to see them holding each others hands. Dyren pulled Zharia to their seats, not minding all the eyes staring at them.

”I think there was progress between them! ” Prince said to his friends, trying to tease Dyren and Zharia.

”Yeah! Change is coming! ” Lyxander also said.

”Hey, don say that! They will not share their unforgettable moments with each other if you are teasing them like that. ” Archer laughingly said.

Their part was full of laughter and teasing from their friends. But the two didn mind it. They are in their own world.

After their class, Dyren dragged Zharia away from her friends again. She doesn have time to complain. Her friends just stared, perplexed as to why Dyren did that.

”Will you stop dragging me? ” Zharias hand was hurting because of his dragging.

Dyren never responds to her whining. He still continues to walk until they reach his car. He opened the car door and pushed Zharia inside. Zharia wants to get out, but Dyren locked the door when he entered.

”Where are we going? ” She asked, but she never got a response from him.

He started the engine and left the school. Zharia was curious about where they would go. Dyren never responds to her and just does what he wants to do. It makes her worry. Suddenly, he stopped the car somewhere else and looked at Zharia sternly, which made her nervous.

”You will help me forget her. ” he said.

Zharia has an extreme curiosity going on in her mind. She doesn know what he is saying. Forget her? She doesn have any idea who that ”thing ” is.

”Is that a request or an order? ” Zharia said out of nowhere. She wasn sure if those were the right words to say.

Dyren just laughed at her expression. She is frowning in curiosity. He admired the cuteness of Zharia.

”Its both, ” he said.

He drove again. They will go somewhere else so they can get to know each other better.

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