In Her Shadow

Chapter 6: I\'m done with you.

Everything was ready, and everyone was present. They were all present to go to their destination for their project. Danilaey planned all the things they needed to do for their group project. It will be perfect, and they will surely get high grades if the two main characters will cooperate. She didn yet inform the two that they would be the stars of their music video project. It will take time for them to accept the fact that the group chose them to be the main character. They either love or hate each other.

The atmosphere between Sabrina and the others is cold. Zharia understands her situation, as does Danilaey. After what happened that night, Sabrina is quiet all the time, trying to adapt to the situation between them. Sabrina and her father.

Sabrinas father also froze all of her bank accounts after that night. So, she wasn able to give some money for their condo unit. She feels useless, especially since Zharia is currently broke. She cried a lot.

”Are you okay? ” Prince asked her worriedly.

Her eyes were puffy from all her tears. She pitied herself for being like that. She made her choice, but regretting her decision to leave her friends is not wrong. It was the best decision she could make.

”Im all right. ” Prince didn agree with what Sabrina said to him. He was worried.

It was an hour before they arrived at their destination. They got out of their car and began checking into the hotel where they were staying. The resort was owned by Danilaeys family. It has charming scenery and a very accommodating staff. The ocean was beautiful, and the sand was white. It was a perfect place for couples and a perfect place for their project.

The staff guided them to their rooms. They
e all on the same floor, so they can communicate easily when needed. The three girls are also in the same room. After they finish unpacking their luggage, they eat their lunch. The resort doesn have any customers because it is closed. Danilaey closed it for the meantime.

”Our projects need more effort and cooperativeness. We need to do it right! ” Danilaey spoke as the leader of the group.

”We will have two main characters, and they will play the most important role in this project. ” Sabrina, the assistant leader, told them. Only two people in the group doesn know who they are, as planned.

”Dyren and Zharia will be our main characters. ” Prince announced.

The two were stunned, as evidenced by their expressions.They
e pale and don know how to respond, as expected.

”I know this is unfair for the both of you because you
e like a dog and a cat fighting each other, but we need you to cooperate with us. ” Danilaey spoke before Zharia opened her mouth to talk.

”No buts! Maybe this is also a way for the both of you to be nice to each other. ” Archer also talked about cutting Dyrens words.

They were like papers being cut by their friends. They didn like the roles that were assigned to them, but it was obvious that they didn have any choice at all. Both of them need high grades. For Dyren, his parents will be mad at him if he doesn pass this. As for Zharia, if she doesn pass this, her scholarships will be taken away.

They really have no choice.

Their jobs were equally distributed by their leader. Archer and Danilaey were in charge of directing. Sabrina and Prince were in charge of the two actors. Lyxander and Jhaderylle were in charge of the lighting, props, and food for them.

The beach was a perfect shooting location for their project. There are four scenes that must be completed. The first scene will be their first meeting. This scene will display how Zharia and Dyren feel about each other after their first meeting. The second scene is their relationship. This scene will display their love for each other. The third scene will be their breakup. This will be the saddest part of the story. And the last scene will display their new life as a person.

Sabrina dresses her friend, Zharia, beautifully. She will make sure that Dyren will never regret doing this project. She took off Zharias glasses and replaced them with contact lenses. Her friend has a nice figure, so she gives her a dress that goes with her skin tone. Zharia was a beautiful and elegant woman. She has eyes that you can stare at all day long, a beautiful nose, toned skin, and luscious lips. She is also tall, and she stands with respect.

Dyren is also a very handsome man. It is why girls fall in love with him so easily. He has a muscular and toned body. If you look closely, you may think that he was one of the famous models. He has good posture.

They get along well with each other. better, I should say.

”Wow! Even if you
e still in your shorts and shirt, you
e still handsome, cousin. ” Archer said. He was a thoughtful cousin of Dyren. He didn lie either.

”Miss Nerd will drool when she sees me, for sure! ” he said proudly.

They went to the shooting area and read his script. Zharia wasn there yet when

”Wow! Is that Zharia? ” Prince said this while looking at Sabrina and Zharia.

Everyone looked in her direction, and they were amazed by her look. She was beautiful—breathtakingly beautiful. Even Dyren didn know what to say about what he had just witnessed. Zharia was really beautiful. She is.

While Zharia is walking in their direction, Dyren can take his eyes off her. His mind was fantasizing about the beauty walking towards him.

”Dyren. ”

It was like his stomach was full of butterflies. The same feelings he felt before. Love. It was love. That girl, the same girl he always teased, was making his heart go crazy again. What an iconic event!

”Dyren. ”

He was stunned. Why hide that beautiful face when you can show it? Her beauty is breathtaking. Her nose, eyes, and lips. Her lips were driving him crazy right at that moment. It was bizarre.

”Earth to Dyren! ” shouted Archer to him, and he was shocked. He was calling for his attention.

When he looked at Zharia, he felt like a battery less robot, which is currently looking at him. He gathered himself and sat comfortably in his chair, trying to ease the awkwardness.

”Lets start! Actors, go to your position. ” Danilaey ordered, and Zharia got up from her chair.

”I thought Zharia would drool for you, but it happens that it was you drooling at her. ” Archer whispered to him, giggling. Dyren gave him a death glare.

It already explained it to them in the first scene. They will bump into each other. Dyren will help Zharia, and they will stare at each other, trying to memorize their gifted beauty. They go to their place, ready to act.

”3,2,1. Action! ”

Danilaey gave the cue, and the two actors walked opposite each other, looking at the beach. And then, accidentally, they bumped into each other, Zharia fell, and Dyren caught her.

That scene doesn need acting because the feelings they convey are true. Their hearts were synchronizing with each other. Even Zharia sensed it. The unexplainable feelings that even studies can explain Their eyes were glued to each other, trying to enter their inner selves. It was not an act anymore; it was real. Their hidden emotions were genuine.

”CUT! ”

They let go awkwardly and went to the next set. It was inside their hotel room.

”3,2,1. Action! ”

The scene was simple. Zharia went to the balcony of the hotel to feel the breeze of the ocean. And then Dyren followed her, giving her a back hug. It was amazing. Their feelings were amazing. Zharia gladly let Dyren hug him again; she positioned herself next to him, and Dyren felt her light weight. He can smell her perfume. It had a strawberry scent. His favorite scent. He rested his chin on Zharias shoulder, trying to inhale all of his enticing scent.

”CUT! ”

Again, the ocean shore is their third scene. Their breakup It will be hurtful here, especially to Dyren. He had already felt it before.

”3,2,1. Action! ”

In this scene, Dyren was back hugging Zharia, trying not to let her go. It was the same scene and the same feeling as before. It was a flashback for him. All of it. He was unconsciously crying, and Zharia pitied him, but it was still an act. He cried a lot while holding Zharia in his arms. Its deja vu to him.

”CUT! 10 minutes break! ”

Dyren let go of Zharia and made his way to the restroom. He saw his face in the mirror. The same face he made when they broke up. Its hurting him so much. The pain he felt before has remained deep within him despite the passage of time.The pain of losing someone you loved the most. The one that needs to take care of your fragile heart leaves you behind.

After his moment in the restroom, he got out and saw Zharia waiting for him to get out. He was standing there playing with her hands.

”Shes cute! ” Dyren said this to himself unconsciously.

She turned to face him and started walking towards him. Dyren doesn know why shes acting like that, but deep inside of him, he likes it. When she sees Zharia, all of his past pain fades away.

”Are you okay? ” Zharia asked.

”Yeah. Why did you inquire? ” Dyren stated that she was interrogating Zharia with her intense gaze. She avoided his eyes.

”Nothing. Bye! ” She had run before Dyren would say something again.

Zharia is shy, and Dyren liked it. It was obvious that they have feelings for each other, but either one of them won admit it. The feelings inside were evidently showing through their actions. Actions speak louder than words.

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