In Her Shadow

Chapter 5: The feelings inside

Dyren has continued to bully Zharia in recent weeks, but not in such a way that she has been hurt; its just that something from her belongings has gone missing. Zharia also changed; she talked a lot, especially when Dyren was pissed at her. They always throw words at each other that can hurt their feelings, but not so much. They
e always in each others company unconsciously, and the one who enjoys it the most is their friend. They changed each other.

”Okay, class, form your own groups with eight members each. ”

When they heard that each group would have eight members, Prince, Lyxander, and Dyrens other friends drew Zharia and her friends along with them. Zharia wants to be with other groups, but she has no other choice either.

”Hey! I don want to be with this nerdy girl here! ” yelled Dyren, and Zharia glared at him.

”And you think I want to be in the same group as you? ” Zharia also yelled at Dyren.

”Hey, hey! ” ”Why don you treat each other nicely even if its just for a day? ” The two looked at Prince with deadly eyes.

”NO!! ” They both said.

”Well, Im sorry for the both of you. You have no other choice! ” Archer commented, laughing.

”Are you done? ” asked their teacher. ”You will have your music video making. You can use any song and your creativity in your videos. This weekend will be your only time to do it; you will pass it on Monday. I know its urgent, but I expect that you will finish it on time. ”

Ms. Rowan leaves their classroom after her announcement. It would be a nice experience for the two. A dog and a cat named Danilaey were supposed to be the leaders of their group, Zharia, but she refused.

After their class that day, Dyren and his friends went to the bar to chill. for Dyren to chill. They haven been to the bar in a few weeks due to their hectic school schedules and family businesses. Dyren was talking all the time about how Zharia became so rude to him. His friends were amazed at how he talked about Zharia non-stop. Dyren has truly changed a lot.

”You know what? ” ”Shes the most cold-hearted person Ive ever met in my life. ” He was drunk.

”Hey, chill, Dyren. You talked about Zharia non-stop, you know? ” The prince asked while watching his friend in his drunken state.

”I hate her for being like that to me! ”

His friends confirmed the situation. Dyren is undeniably in love with Zharia. They were very happy to hear that from him. When someone is truly drunk, he will say everything thats on his mind.

Well, Lyxander and Prince are also slowly falling in love with the two girls. Its not new either. They were, but they didn want to confess to them. Girls are complicated.

When he was going out to the comfort room, he met the girl again. The girl who was making his mind chazy and his heart fuzzy. It was complicated to explain. But unlike the other time, he bumped into her. Her tiger-like eyes were stunning. He can stare at those eyes forever.

”Mister? ” ”Are you okay? ” Her voice was angelic and familiar.

Familiar? Yes, it was familiar to him. But he didn know who owned that voice.

”Im sorry, but I need to go. ” She said this after leaving for the second time.

The place where they stood was dark, so he couldn clearly see the face of the girl. Her eyes were the only thing he saw. Luckily, he heard her voice despite the quiet nature of the place. But her voice—it was really familiar.

Another day, another quarrel for the two. They didn want to last the day without a fight between them. Dyren pulled a prank on Zharia by giving her a box with spiders, but it backfired on him. She was not afraid of spiders.

”Are you happy right now? ” Zharia was pissing him off. Dyren just glared at her.

They have their own world.

”What if Dyren and Zharia will be the main characters? ” While grinning, Prince suggested.

e having their meeting for their projects, but one of them isn listening at all. Since they
e always fighting, they will be the protagonists. They chose a love song with a very amazing story line between the lovers. Its an up-and-down love story.

”They would not agree to that. Look at them! ” Jhaderylle suggested while looking at the two.

”I thought you were mute! ” Sabrina said it sarcastically.

The presence of Jhaderylle in the group was not visible. He was even worse than Zharia. After Sabrina talked, he didn respond anymore.

”Let there be! Their grades will be affected if they don agree. Danilaey commented.

”They will be mad at us, ” Lyxander said.

”Oh, come on. It would be fun! ” Archer said while looking at Dyren and Zharia glaring at each other.

They got home after their group meeting, except for Sabrina. Her father wants to see her. Zharia and Danilaey want to come with her, but she refuses. Its her issue, not theirs.

Sabrina felt nervous when she entered her parents house. Their house is elegant and alluring. Sabrina was born rich with very strict parents. Making mistakes is something that their family does not permit. One mistake, and it will be the end of you.

”Good evening, madam! The master is waiting for you at the pool area. ” She bows to the maid who greets her.

Her feet were shaking, and numbness was devouring her. Whatever her father desires, it will undoubtedly be one of her punishments for her error. Her only blunder is that she commits it. Its hard to be born in that kind of family.

”Sit down. ” Her fathers voice was as deep as the ocean, and authority and power were in it. Sabrina was shaking, but she restrained herself from showing it to her father. It shows weakness.

”I called you here not to end your punishment, ” just as she expected. ”Your friends are with you, right? ”

”Yes. ” she replied.

”I don want you to see your friends anymore! ” Sabrina was taken back by what her father said to her.

”But why? ”

e not a good influence on you. ” She was about to cry, but she gathered herself not to do it.

This is enough for her. She doesn want to disobey her father, but this time she needs to do it. Sabrina and Danilaey are the only one who can truly understand her, and losing them is not right. Everyone makes mistakes, but does she deserve to be in that position? To lose her so-called family and her friends.

”I don want. ” she said emphatically.

”What? Are you disobeying me? ” Her fathers tone of voice is deadly.

”That is the only thing that I can do. Give me another punishment, but not my friends. I don want to lose them. ”

”Im getting tired of your selfish act. If you don obey me this time, you are not part of this family anymore! ”

Whats so new about that? Since then, she doesn feel like she belongs in this family. Not once. So there is no reason for her to worry.

”If thats what you call selfish, then let it be. If I had to pick between you and my friends, Id pick my friends because they are my family, not you. ” She left the house without saying goodbye.

She knows that her father was very furious with her for saying such things. She doesn care anymore. It was a mistake to come to that place, and it was a curse to be born into that kind of family. Whats the worst that could happen?

Her friends are the only ones who understand how she feels, and she will do everything to protect and cherish them, especially Zharia. She owes her life to her. Back then, she promised herself that she would protect her no matter what happened.

It was past midnight when she came back to their condo. Danilaey and Sabrina share a single room because Zharia doesn want to sleep with them. They are too noisy to sleep with. They snore when they sleep.

”How are you? ” Sabrina yelled when Zharia spoke. She thougt she was sleeping. Her heart beats so fast.

”Will you stop surprising me like that? ”

”Are you okay? ”

In real talk, shes not okay. Its easy to pretend, but its not easy to lie, especially to someone who really knows you. She is unconsciously crying, and Zharia hugs her. That was exactly what she needs right now. She received love and support from her friends or you can call it family.

”Its okay. Its okay. Just let it all out. ”You will be alright. ”

She is now crying in the arms of Zharia. Remembering all the pain she suffered from her family. She let it all out. It was very hurtful to feel that your own family is the one who makes your life miserable, who hurts you a lot. Its a miserable world.

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