In Her Shadow

Chapter 4: A big change

After what Dyren did to Zharia, her friends never left her side. Wherever Zharia went, the two were by her side. Dyren, on the other hand, has a plan for today that he will undoubtedly enjoy. Danilaey asked their teacher if she could exchange seats with Zharia, and their teacher agreed to it. Zharia was now the seatmate of Lyxander, and Danilaey was the seatmate of Dyren. After their English class, they went to their PE class.

They already changed their clothes into PE uniforms, except for one. Zharia didn know where she put her PE uniform, and it was one of the requirements. She was panicking that her grades would be affected too. The two girls noticed her and asked what her problem was. She lost her uniform.

The problem is that there are no extra PE uniforms in their lockers. Zharia was doomed. even though she attended her PE class wearing her school uniform. She doesn have any choice. Their teacher deducted her grades for not having a PE uniform. She was having a hard time focusing on their lecture because of the dizziness she felt. She excused herself to go to the comfort room; she wanted to puke.

Zharia was having a hard time not vomiting when someone entered and banged her head. The dizziness she felt made it worse; her vision was twirling from the impact of whoever hit her. She collapsed on the floor of the comfort room, but she was able to catch a glimpse of her attacker. Its a man.

Their PE activity will start, but Zharia is out of sight. The two were very worried about their friend, and their teacher is mad at her. Dyren also came from the comfort room, and Sabrina noticed a small amount of blood in his jogging pants.

Their PE teacher is so done waiting that she just marked Zharia A as being absent from his class. They were in the middle of their activity when a commotion came, and their teacher asked what the ruckus was all about. Danilaey and Sabrina rush to the source of the disturbances without first seeking permission from their teacher.

”There was a girl in the comfort room who was unconscious. ” One of the students said.

Sabrina went quickly to the comfort room. ”Zharia, ” she said. She nearly passed out when she saw Zharias body on the floor, unconscious and with blood on her head. Danilaey was also shocked. Danilaeys hand was shaking as she reached out to touch her friend and feel if she was still alive. Her pulse was still moving, and she was feeling relieved.

The staff of the school came to rescue Zharia and put her in the clinic. Danilaey and Sabrina follow them, but Sabrina stops at the place where Dyren stood to see the blood on his jogging pants. Dyren was curious to see what Sabrina was staring at.

”Whoever did that to Zharia, I will make him pay. ” She said that while looking at Dyren.

His friends were frightened by Sabrinas look. They know her for being so innocent and kind, but right now she is not. Dyren was being pulled by his friends to question him.

”What did you do? ” Archer asked him

”I didn do anything. ” Dyren defended

His friends were furious at him. Because of his past experiences, they know Dyren is cruel to girls. But they also know that he can do such things that can endanger ones life. But they are curious, too.

”What about the stain in your jogging pants? ” Prince asked him.

”This? Someone bumped into me when I was going to my locker, and the juice he was holding spilled in my jogging pants. ”

”You know what? I don know if you
e telling the truth or not. ” Archer was furious, but the other side of him said that Dyren wasn the culprit. He left the place without saying anything.

Dyren didn respond anymore. He knows his cousin. He really meant what he said. He was not the culprit. He is cruel to other girls, but he only wants them to cry, not to die. Whoever it was, they probably despised Zharia a lot.

When Dyren entered their next subject, he was not okay. Even if their teachers voice was loud as a speaker, he didn hear it. He was thinking about Zharias condition. He hates Zharia for being rude to him, but he doesn want to do that to her. He was not as heartless as that. Zharia is a kind woman, and he can see that by the way she treats her friends, and he was guilty of treating her that way. This was the first time he felt so guilty for bullying a woman.

After their class, he immediately ran to the nurses office. He didn know why, but his feet had their own minds.

”Mr. Montreal, why are you here? ” The nurse asked, and Dyren didn know how to respond.

”Uhm, is the patient… the patient who was hit by someone in the comfort room. Is she okay? ” He felt nervous for just saying that.

”Oh. You mean Ms. Smith? ” He nodded. ”Shes doing fine! ”

”Thank you! Bye! ” He felt relieved hearing that from the nurse.

He immediately ran away from the nurses office so that nobody could see him. He is worried about Zharia, but he also has his pride.

Sabrina never leaves Zharias side, even if its time for their next class. She doesn want to go away with her. On the other side, Danilaey entered their next class, and she noticed that Dyren was not in his own world. She also saw that he came from the nurses office. The reason? She didn know.

Zharia was being put in the hospital for further examination, and they didn see any injury to her head. She wasn able to enter their class for almost a week. Secretly, Dyren is also monitoring her condition. Sabrina and Danilaey have no idea who did that to their friend, but they don suspect Dyren anymore because they know what he is doing to monitor Zharias condition. Surprisingly, they
e also making friends with the boys.

”Zharia will be discharged today. ” Danilaey opened up.

”Really? So she will come to school tomorrow? ” Prince asked, trying to get the attention of Dyren, who was busy checking his phone.

”Yes! But still, we didn even know who did that to her. ” Sabrina expressed concern.

Sabrina and Danilaey were worried about Zharia if she came back to the school. Maybe the culprit will do that again to her.

Dyren was on the other side, listening on what they were saying and worrying about Zharia as well. Well, its a big change for him. Dyren Montreal was worried about a girl, a nerdy girl who was supposedly one of his bully victims. Thats a miracle! Without any words, he left the place and went to the comfort room.

”Hey! Im also concerned about your friend. ” Sabrina said.

”I thought miracles were not true! I think your friend, Zharia, changed my cold-hearted cousin. Dyren Montreal. ” Archer commented.

Sabrina wants to ask more about Dyren, but she feels that she isn in the right place to do so right now. Dyrens friends had only been close to them for a week.

”Is that a good sign? ” Danilaey asked.

”Yeah, it is. ” Lyxander answered her.

Who would have guessed that the two girls would befriend the famous boys on their campus in just a few weeks? Honestly, the girls on their campus were envious of them. Who wouldn want to be near them? They are handsome, rich, and talented—everything that a girl can wish for.

but not with Zharia, Danilaey, and Sabrina. They are here at this school to learn not to flirt.

Zharia really came back to their school, and for Dyren, it was one of the happiest days of his life. to see the face of the girl he is unknowingly falling in love with. Her friends tell her everything she needs to know. Zharia and Danilaey switched seats as well.

”Hey, just because you
e friends with us doesn mean we
e no longer enemies! ” Dyren said that while Zharia was adjusting her chair beside him.

”Okay. ” The only thing Zharia said to him He was a bit disappointed by that small response from her.

Their friends were giggling at their backs, especially Dyrens friends. They noticed the disappointment in his actions; Dyren just glared at them.

Whoever that culprit was, they are trying to hurt Zharia very badly. By the way they planned and did it perfectly. The question is, who are they? Zharia is a new transfer student at Cypryx High University, and its very suspicious that someone wants to hurt her.

While our protagonist is talking and having the time to build a friendship between them. From afar, there is also a group of friends who are talking about Zharia.

”She came back! ” A voice spoke in front of them.

They were enraged for everything theyd done, shes still alive, and, worst of all, shes friends with Dyren Montreal. They are also pleased with the way they planned to hurt her, pushed her against the wall, and hit her head.

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