In Her Shadow

Chapter 3: Suspicious

Zharia woke up early in the morning as usual. She completed her morning rituals and went to see if her friends had awoken. She always cooks before leaving their condo for her friends, who sleep like they
e an oil. She drove a taxi to go to their school. Its just early in the morning, and not too many students are on campus.

Even their classroom is not filled with students; its too early. She searches her bag for her favorite book, ”Sherlock Holmes, ” and starts reading it. Not a minute ago, the door of their classroom opened, and she didn mind who it was; she just continued reading her book.

e too early, miss nerd! ” Dyren, she said to herself.

She just kept reading as if there was nothing else around her. He remembers that yesterday he met Dyren. Hes the epitome of a brat, she thought. Its no surprise that the school shes currently attending is one of the most disappointing shes ever attended. She hates people who don care about the feelings of others, especially their belongings. The man beside her moved again to get her attention.

”Hey, Miss Nerd, talk to me. ”

”I have my name! ” Zharias parents were the ones who enrolled her at this school, and for her, this was a wrong decision because she has no future here.

”Oh yeah, I know, but Miss Nerd is better than your real name. ”

Dyren observed that she spoke with fewer words than usual. Hours passed, and their classroom was filled with students and their friends. Before Zharia and her friends got home yesterday, they went for a tour of the whole campus. They were amazed by the appearance of the whole school; it uses the latest technology, and the view is amazingly beautiful even though the name is too hard to explain.

Before they enrolled in Cypryx, Zharia had a background check done on the school, and she learned all the good and bad things about it. Cypryx High University was under the ownership of Cyprus Chen, the father of Lyxander Chen. Their main line of business is education, but they also own a mining company in Europe. Lyxander is the only son in their family, too.

All of Dyrens friends were having their backgrounds checked by Zharia, especially since they were interested in having her do it. Prince John Hamilton is the second son of the owner of the famous fashion industry, both national and international. Jhaderylle McCallister was the third son of the Defense Minister of the United States of America, so he was born to be a soldier. Archer Nile Roberts, the second son of the owner of the biggest hospital in France, is also the cousin of Dyren. Dyren Montreal, the only son of the biggest construction company, and other schools in random countries. The Montreal family is the wealthiest of them all, which explains why Zharia suspected Dyren as a brat.

She also recognized Archers positive personality from their first meeting. They had their own talents and abilities, like Archer and Dyren are good at golf and basketball. Jhaderylle is good at martial arts and using guns; besides, he was born to be a soldier. Lyxander is good at weightlifting, and Prince is good at fashion and tennis.

Their teacher was good at teaching and stuff, but you can see that the students are not paying attention to her. It was sad to see that Cypryx High only cares about the intellectual ability of every student, not their attitude, which is the only thing that is very important.

After their class, Zharia and her friends go to the canteen, but before that, they had to go to their lockers to get their books for the other subject. The students they passed were staring at them for no apparent reason.

”You know what? They
e looking at us. ” Sabrina was the first to notice it.

”Well, maybe they
e fantasizing about our beauty. ” Danilaey says so proudly.

”Hey Zharia. ”This friend of ours has been possessed by a demon. A demon with a very proud character. ” Teasing her friends is one of Sabrinas talents.

”Let her be. She is not Danilaey without any proud character, you know? ” Zharia commented while still reading her book.

Danilaey was being treasured by Zharias comment, so he hugged her tightly. There is no doubt that Danilaey is beautiful; among other things, she carries her dresses elegantly. Sabrina was an innocent woman with a very cute and admiring face. Zharia is also beautiful, except that her beauty is hidden under her glasses.

Soon they arrived at the canteen, and everyone there was busy eating lunch with their friends. They walked quietly through the area, attempting to blend in with the students, but it didn work.

There was a girl walking in front of them who intentionally pushed Zharia, who is currently reading her book. Sabrina and Danilaey were shocked, but it was too late because Zharia was already on the floor. The girl also spilled her juice on her uniform, making matters worse. Danilaey was ready to fight that girl, but she was being stopped by her friend.

Zharia walked out of that place without saying or doing anything. Her friends bought some lunch for them and left the cafeteria quietly, but the two of them are not in a good mood for what the girl has done with Zharia.

On the other side, there was a person who was very happy with what happened to Zharia. It was Dyren; he planned it all. That girl named Shelley Clark is one of his suitors. He told her to do that thing to her. His friends pitied Zharia because she would be one of the victims of Dyren, and Zharia wouldn last long. But they didn know Zharia was different.

Sabrina and Danilaey found Zharia in the library reading some books again. She has already changed her uniform. They had no idea where she got that extra uniform. She isn paying attention when the two sit besides her. Shes just wearing her iconic I don care face.

”Hey Z, are you okay? ” Sabrina was very worried about her.

”Eat some; I know you
e hungry! ” Danilaey seconded.

Zharia put down the book she was reading and started eating. ”Im okay. ” ”Eat with me. ” The two girls eat as well.

Theyve been friends since they were children, and they know each other more than anything in this world. Sabrina and Danilaey were open to sharing their feelings, but Zharia was not. She talks when its necessary. They watch, protect, and love each other like real siblings.

Zharia was quiet all the time; she doesn mind talking even if the two next to her are noisy. She massaged her palm that was being struck on the floor a while ago. She was being bullied before, and she already knew why and who was doing it to her. Dyren Montreal is in her mind; he was mad at her for stomping his foot. But its not her fault; it was his fault.

Her friends are always asking her if shes okay, and she always says shes fine even though shes not. Its not just her palm that was hurting but also her back. When she was heading to her locker a while ago, someone pushed her against the wall and had a big impact on her back. She doesn know who was the culprit because when she turned her head around, she saw no one.

Its easy to judge, but they didn even know that person. Maybe its a practice in this world, a practice that is being passed from generation to generation. This is a practice that needs to be eliminated. Lets try to walk on others feet and reflect. We
e here in this world to change it, not to make it worse.

Their class finished at exactly 5 in the afternoon. Zharia and her friends went to the parking lot to get their cars. Zharia doesn have a car, but Danilaey and Sabrina do. While they
e walking on the pathway, the students are gossiping about them. Danilaey was ready to twist their heads, but Zharia prevented her from doing so. The students said that Zharia was a gold digger because Danilaey and Sabrina were rich and she was not.

There was a group of friends waiting for them in the parking lot.The three don know the girls except for one.

”Hello! ” It was Carina Faye Lewis, the cousin of Sabrina.

Zharia was being pulled by Carina because she was ignoring her.

”Don you dare turn your back on me. ” ”Im not done with you yet. ” Even though Carina was mad and it showed on her face, Zharia doesn care.

”Im not asking if you
e already done with me. ” Zharia said and it made Carina more angry at her; she was ready to slap her.

”Carina, stop it! ” Sabrina interrupted them and protected her friend.

”Are you insane? Im your family here, and you
e picking her over me? ” Sabrina chuckled at what she said, a chuckle of pain and hatred.

”My family is Danilaey and Zharia, and don you dare hurt them. Im no longer a member of your so called family! ”

After she said that, she held Zharias hand and led her to her car. She started the car and drove away. The inside of the car was cold and quiet. Everything was flashing back to her mind. Every pain, hatred, and misery—all of it.

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