In Her Shadow

Chapter 7: It\'s complicated

Zharia distances herself from Dyren. She was shy. Dyren was still curious about what Zharia did back then. It was awkward between the two of them.

They changed their clothes for the fourth time. As this was the fourth scene, they dress professionally here. Dyren wears slacks paired with a formal black suit with a white shirt and a black bow tie. Also, he was wearing black shoes and carrying a briefcase. Zharia wears a light blue long-sleeved dress shirt and navy-blue suit pants. She also wears a lab coat with black leather shoes and one-inch heels.

”Okay, go to your places, and lets start. ” Their leader, Danilaey said

They went to their desired places and prepared themselves to act.

”3,2,1. Action! ”

Dyren was sitting inside the restaurant waiting for someone when he saw someone entered. He was taken aback when he saw the girl he adores but who also breaks his heart. Zharia saw him also, and she was stunned. They
e only looking at each other, memorizing every detail that changes before they break up.

Dyren taught that its only an act, but what if it happens to him in reality? Will he be able to handle the situation? What would his hearts reaction be? Will he still forgive the first woman he fell in love with? What if she wants to bring back the past when they
e still in love? That was the question raging through his heart and mind.

Then someone else entered the restaurant, this time a woman, and she immediately came to hug Dyren. His fiance. Well, Danilaey played the role of Dyrens fiance. Also, there was a man who entered the restaurant, and he hugged Zharia; it was also her fiancé. Jhaderylle played the role of Zharias fiancé.

They have their new life—a life without each other but with someone. They are not meant to be, but the feelings they shared will become a memory. A memory that gives lessons to both of them.

That is when Dyren realizes that the woman he previously loved is not his number one priority. What if his number one is standing right in front of him? He realized that, if Zharia is his destiny.

”CUT! ” Sabrina cut the scene since he was the assistant leader.

Yay! ”It was perfect! ” Prince said cheerfully.

It was perfect indeed. Their acting is perfect. The audience will be taught that the two main characters will still be together at the end, but they will not. It was a big twist.

”Well, thanks to Dyren and Zharia. ” ”Without them, we will not be able to do this perfectly. ” Sabrina praises them.

e talking more about what they did, but Dyren got out of that place. He wants to be alone. His friends never troubled him; he let them do what he wanted. They know about his past, and the scene they did reminds him of his past love. A past that still exists.

It was dinner time when Dyren got out of his room. Maybe its time for him to forget about everything; its time for a change. He taught himself to be strong. But he will not be strong if he still remembers the past.

Danilaey and Prince were busy editing their project, and there was only one day left before their school days. Zharia was also busy reading. The other boys and Sabrina were having a small picnic on the shore.

”Zharia, come on. Lets play truth or dare! ” Sabrina called her. She joins not because she wants it but because shes bored with the book shes reading.

Archer turned the bottle, and it first landed on Zharia.

”Truth or Dare? ” Archer asked.

”Truth. ” They all turned their heads toward her.

”Have you ever had a boyfriend before? ”

”Nope. ” She answered immediately.

Shes still single for now. Dyren said to himself.

Zharia turned the bottle, and it turned to Dyren.

”Truth or Dare? ” Zharia asked.

”Truth. ”

”How are you? ”

Dyren is having a difficult time understanding the question Zharia asked. He doesn know the meaning of it. He is looking at her eyes, trying to understand her. They are being watched by friends who are staring at each other.

”F-fine. Im fine. ” He answered unsurely. Zharia just nodded to him.

He turned the bottle, and it landed on Lyxander.

”Dare. ” Lyxander said it right before Dyren asked him.

”Okay. I dare you to hug Danilaey. Hug her for one minute. ”

Lyxander was hesitant at first. He is ordering himself to do it. His friends were cheering for him, and Sabrina was also smiling. Zharia was not; she doesn understand the situation.

Danilaey and Prince were inside the hotel, but you can see them because of the glass that surrounds it. Lyxander was obviously nervous while approaching her. Hes cool, but its different when it comes to Danilaey. He deeply regretted choosing daring over truth. But his heart also likes it.

”Danilaey. ” She turned to face him, and even Prince ”Im sorry to do this. ”

He backed up and hugged Danilaey, and she was shocked. He hugged him, and Danilaey just let him. Lyxander was happy to do it, and deep inside Danilaey, she liked it also. Prince was just staring at them, trying to hold back his laugh. After a minute, he immediately let go of her and said sorry again.

Danilaey was still frozen when Lyxander let go of her. Prince was giggling at her reaction. It was obvious that they had feelings for each other.

Lyxander was smiling when he came back to his friends. They
e also teasing him for smiling like a crazy man.

Back to the game. Lyxander turned the bottle, and it landed on Archer.

”Truth or Dare? ” Lyxander asked.

”Truth. ”

”Who is Princes crush? ”

It came out of nowhere. Archer knows that Prince will be mad at him, but he needs to fulfill this game.

”Sabrina. Sabrina Lewis. ” He said. Sabrina was choked because of what he said. At that precise moment, she is drinking.

They played truth or dare until they went to bed. They shared a lot of information with each other. Despite his quiet demeanor, Dyren said Jhaderylle was a crying baby. Sabrina and Danilaey had a boyfriend before; Zharia told them, too. Dyren also shares his past love, and he kisses Zharia in the cheeks. It was Archers challenge to him.

It was past midnight, but Sabrina couldn sleep. She still thought about her father. She went to the shore, trying to forget about everything. She was still crying, and every tear was agony. Why does she need to suffer this?

”Are you okay? ”

It was Prince. He, like her, is unable to sleep. Prince was bothered. bothered because of Sabrina. The way she acts with all of them is different.

”Hey. ” Sabrina turned her head toward him, wiping her tears secretly.

He sits beside her, watching every move she makes. He could tell she was in pain because of her quiet sobs. She is crying.

”You know, its not bad to cry. If you want to cry, then do it. ” Sabrina had recently cried a lot, according to Prince.

He held her close to him. He is trying to calm her down by hugging her with his right hand. It was painful for him to see Sabrina crying. He wants to know the reason, but its not yet the right time to do it.

They stay like that for a moment before Sabrina falls asleep. She is at ease with him. Prince carried her and put her in their hotel room. It was not far from his own room. He put her on the couch and covered her body with his jacket. He looked at Sabrinas lovely face before leaving her to sleep peacefully.

After his peaceful sleep because of last night, Dyren awakens to the sound of his hungry stomach. He immediately got up and cleaned himself before heading out to his room. His friends weren there in the hotel lounge, so maybe they
e in the restaurant. He makes his way through the restaurant when he sees someone familiar. It was a woman sitting in one of the resorts chairs. Because of his curiosity, he came near the girl.

”Hello. ” he said, trying to get the womans attention. The woman stands and takes off her sunglasses.

Dyren is almost felled when he sees the face of the woman. The face of the one he wishes not to see again. He trusted, loved, and cared about only one person. The one who recently made his heart hurt so much.

It was his ex-girlfriend, Carina Faye Lewis. The girl who broke his heart before.

”Dyren, how are you? ” Her voice brings back all their memories shared with each other.

But Dyren needs to hold back. She hugs him tightly.

Her hug was different for him. He used to like the way she hugged him, but not at that moment. When Carina was hugging him, he remembered Zharia. He doesn know why, but he immediately let go of her.

”Please forgive me. Im so sorry for leaving you! Im very sorry! ” She was crying.

His vision doesn see her anymore. He feels pity for him, but not as a lover but as a friend. His heart was beating for someone. Someone who wasn on his side. At that time he saw Zharia, and as a result, Dyren turned away from Carina, but she stopped him. She holds his hand.

”Please! Please be mine again! ”

She was totally insane for saying that. Dyren mustered all of his courage and confronted the girl he had previously loved.

”Im sorry, but Im done with you. I don love you anymore. ”

He walked away from that scene, trying to suppress the tears that were coming out of his eyes. There was still a feeling that was left in his heart, and he knows that no matter how little that is, he needs to remove it.

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