In Her Shadow

Chapter 6: I\'m done with you.

Prince doesn know how to talk with Sabrina, but he knows that she has a problem. He doesn want to meddle with it, but he also feels burdened by it, which is a problem. There have been some changes in the last few months.

Rumors are spreading like wildfire. The school knows that Dyren and Zharia are dating, and Carina was very furious to hear that. She doesn want anyone else to take away the love of the man she adores.

Lyxander and Danilaey are having a hard time silently explaining their feelings to each other. They hang out sometimes, but their friends are always with them, so they don have any time alone with each other.

Zharia is still a victim of bullying in their school, and her friends and Dyren still have no idea who was the culprit in the restroom. Well, its hard to know someone who is actually hiding from the sin they committed.

It was a perfect morning for Sabrina to make her body healthy. She prepared herself for a long jog that morning. It was her only way to forget everything, especially her father. Danilaey was still sleeping, but Zharia was cooking their breakfast.

”Im going for a quick jog. See you later! Zharia just nodded at her.

Its still 4 in the morning. The sky was still dark, and there wasn a single person on the road. She played her favorite song and started jogging. She had no idea someone was following her.

She had been followed since she got out of their condo unit. She just didn notice it because she was listening to the song she was playing. Her stalker is also jogging to keep up with her. Sabrina stopped and did some jumping jacks, as did her stalker. Their distance is not too far from each other, and her stalker is approaching her little by little.

”Hey Sabrina!!! ” Prince shouted at the top of his lungs, not minding the quietness of the place.

Sabrinas stalker went away from that place when he heard him. Prince noticed that man following her, and he gave him a death glare. He was jogging in that place every morning, and he was surprised to see Sabrina there. He approached her to see her reaction.

”Are you insane? Its only dawn, and everyone is still sleeping. ” Prince just laughed at her reaction. She is pissed.

She just glared at him and started jogging again, and he just followed her. He felt closer to Sabrina in that moment. Her scent engulfed his scent gland because of the breeze.

He recalled times when he felt estranged from her. Sabrina is a sweet and charming woman, but she is very distant when it comes to men. It was the first time Prince had seen a woman like her, and he was astounded.

Their jogging was very quiet. It was only the sound of the wind that you could hear. No one is talking, and it was a very awkward situation between the two. It feels like there is no one beside them. They stopped for a while, catching their breath.

”Its tiring, you know? ” Prince started talking, hoping that Sabrina would come along.

”Yeah! ” she just said.

It was already the end of their conversation when she said that word, but Prince wants to talk to her more. He thinks of an interesting topic.

”Could we talk? ”

e talking. ” Its a sad conversation.

”I mean. Can I know you more? ” Prince doesn know how to ask her directly.

”Why do you want to know me more? ”

”Because— ” He doesn know what to say.

If he confessed to her, that would be the end of their friendship. He wants to learn more about her so that they can remain friends and possibly become closer.

”Okay! ” she said.

Even Sabrina has a feeling that she wants to let Prince enter her life. That feeling determined the word she just said. It had been difficult for her to trust anyone since the first day of school, but not with Prince. She can see the effort he makes to get closer to her.

Prince had an unpainted face when he heard what she said. He just nodded. He was bursting with happiness inside, but he didn show it.

”So, do you have anything to do after our class this day? ” He asked.

”Nothing. Why do you ask? ”

”Okay! Lets go out then. ” Hes very happy.

”Okay. ” Sabrina just spoke, her smile suppressed.

They simply walked around, talking about their friends, particularly Dyren and Zharia. Prince accompanied her to their condo and watched her enter their unit. He was very happy because the moment she entered, he was jumping with excitement. Sabrina saw him doing that, and she was laughing.

”What happened to you? You
e smiling at yourself! ” Zharia commented when she arrived.

”Its nothing. ” she simply stated.

Danilaey and Zharia finished their morning routines, and they
e waiting for Sabrina to finish. Since Sabrinas father had her car, they drove to school in Danilaeys car.

”Guys, I just want to say sorry. ” Sabrina spoke up out of nowhere. The two just looked at her curiously.

”For what? ” Danilaey asked.

”For not giving us some money for our basic needs. ” she said. Danilaey stopped the car.

”Even me. Im sorry, too. ” This time, Zharia was apologizing. ”I don really have any money to give. ”

”Hey! hey! I know you
e guilty for not helping me pay our bills, but you
e my family. Im willing to spend all of my money for you guys! ” Danilaey said to them. Its hurting her to see her friends acting like that.

”But still, I want to help you. Please just let me help you! ” Zharia said. She was crying at that time. She feels burdened.

Her friends turned to her. She sat in the backseat, trying not to cry, but her tears were visible.

”No! You can help us by always being by our side. ” Danilaey said.

”If you help us, it will make your situation worse. ” Sabrina was trying to calm her.

But Zharia cried more like she hadn cried for years. It hurts her to not be able to help her friends. Because of his cursed situation, she was hurting more and more each day.

Danilaey and Sabrina lied about their friends true identities when Dyren asked them on the beach. They know everything about her. Everything is fine, but they can put their trust in anyone when it comes to her secret.

”I just have to find a way to help Dani, okay? I will help her, so don cry, and please don do anything stupid just like last time. ”

Sabrina remembered the last time she tried to help them. She almost got in trouble because of that.

”Okay. Please be patient with me! ” Zharia begged them. They just hold her hand and squeeze her.

Zharia is a fragile woman; you just can notice it because of her expression. She was just being emotional with her friends. She had just shared her problems, pain, and everything else with her friends.

”Thats a simple task for us, ” Sab says.

”Yup! So don worry, okay?

Zharia simply nodded at them. After that mini-drama in their car, Danilaey started her car and drove through their school. Its getting late already. Sabrina wants to find a job to help Danilaey. Im hoping she finds something soon.

Before they entered the school gate, Danilaey wiped all the tears from Zharias eyes and gave her a bit of her make-up. They just loved Zharia so much, like a precious doll.

Sabrina was curious about the way Prince acted a while ago. She knows that he wants to know her, but what could be his reason? She reasoned that maybe he wanted them to be friends.

”Good morning! ” Prince greeted her happily. Well, hes always happy anyway.

”Good morning to you as well, ” she said.

They started their class, and after some time, Prince just couldn stop staring at her. Sabrina was just focusing on their class and not minding her seatmate. The time runs very fast, and its time for their lunch.

”Girls eat with us on the canteen. ” Archer requested. Since he was the kindest of them, the three weren able to say no.

Every student in the canteen was staring at them. Well, they
e just with the most famous, handsome, and rich men in their school. While the others are seated, Archer, Dyren, and Jhaderylle have just ordered their food.

”Uhm, Prince, can you help me? ” Sabrina shyly asked him.

Their friends were minding their own business, so they couldn hear them talking.

”Of course. What is it? ”

”Do you know any jobs? ” she inquired.

Sabrina got all the courage she needed to ask him that. She doesn know anyone who can help her other than her friends, who haven let her find work.

”Hmm… ” He was considering some job opportunities. ”Yeah, I have. I will help you find a job! ”

”Thank you! ” she said. Her smile was priceless for Prince.

After their lunch, they came back to their classroom. Their schedule was full that day because their quarterly examination was coming up and their teachers were rushing their lessons.

Dyren and Zharia can be seen anywhere after their class. Prince and Sabrina told their friends that they had something to do. They leave that place before their friends tease them.

Prince gave her all his books in the locker, and Sabrina was curiously getting all of them.

”What is this? ” she asked.

”That is all my book, and you will be my tutor. ” Prince said. So that was his plan.

”What?! ”

”Well, think about it. I need a tutor, and you need money. Its like a coincidence. ”

Sabrina thought about it. If she tutors Prince, then she will get money enough to help Danilaey pay their bills.

”Don worry, Ill pay you extra if you tutor me well! ” Prince convinced her.

”O-okay! ” She really needs some money. ”So, when do we start? ”

”Today! ”

Prince pulled her to that place. He was excited to be tutored by Sabrina.

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