An explosion rang out as screams of agony filled the air.

”Alexander, Alexander. Wake up, sweetie. We have to go. ” An elven woman who looked to be in her early thirties with Chestnut smooth hair called out with a hushed tone, as her bright blue round eyes and smooth pale porcelain skin seemed as if it reflected the light from the yellow lanterns above the large cream-colored room designed with intricate paintings of blue roses.

”Okay. Honey Im going to need you to close your eyes Unless I tell you otherwise. Can you do that for me? ”

”Okay, okay mama, ” Alexander responded with slow nods silver hair bouncing as he does. His innocent blue eyes were still clouded with sleep and confusion.

”Round them all up! Don let any of them filthy black blood get away! ” A man boomed from outside the building as the sound of many feet echoed in the night, followed by even more screams.

Panicking, Alexanders mum took hold of him and started running out of the room getting outside the brown-painted house, and dashing into the street heading to the towns gate. She understood what would happen next if they captured him. She didn want her only son to die!

Damn the government and their filthy policies. Alexander must live. He has to, Alexanders mum cursed inwardly as the fire of motherly determination burnt within her, she would dirty her hands with human blood if she had to. Her son had to continue living.


That day, when his mother took him away from the comfort of his bed and started running Alexander wasn fully aware of what was happening. but Disobeying his mother, he opened his eyes, and what he saw drained the blood from the younglings face.

What lay before him was the most gruesome scene no young elf should witness at such a young age.

chaos…that was the only word for it. families being slaughtered, bodies being torn apart like some g, and blood rushing out like an endless fountain. houses on fire causing its dwellers to come rushing out escaping near death only to be met by the bullet of their invaders bursting through their bodies and bringing death upon them, Buildingss came crashing down trapping its prey bringing a death that promised pain. cries of help rang out at every corner, elves begging to be spared but were killed instantly.

a lot were trying to escape a lot were dying. this wasn a battle or a fight it was a massacre as their invaders share power and brutality were on full display deriving pleasure in their screams bathing themselves in blood, our blood

The air was filled with the sound of anguish, pain, terror, and lost hope… and he could feel them every single one. it was unknown why the cries, the silent prayers, why could he feel them?.it felt suffocating it was too much for him to handle. their emotions its like they were being channeled to him. he felt choked trying to breathe, crying out in pain as his body burned hot.

Everything was getting too much for him, he was suffocated and couldn breathe. Their emotions were tearing into him, he slowly closed his eyes still in his mothers embrace.

wanting it all to stop. Stop!..he shouted as he began to cry, stop! mummy make it stop it hurts mummy, stop!…and it did. Alex, Alex oh my sweet boy its okay, its okay mummy is here she said as a notable large necklace was hung around his neck. don worry about the pain okay youll be fine now. his mothers voice was filled with panic and concern when she realized what was happening to Alex.

Alex… I need you to promise mummy something okay, that no matter what happens you won take off this necklace okay? you will be fine as long as you obey me and not.. never take off this necklace, his mother said now speaking in a more calm tone. nodding his head as he was still scared because of what had happened. i promise mummy i-i will not take off this necklace.

smiling at her sons adorable promise she moved to hug him but before she could fully embrace her son a slicing sound was heard. as blood spilled from her mouth and she fell kneeling quickly trying to protect her son but her new cut wound seemed severe as the more she moved, the more she bled and her strength was leaving her.

a tall burly man had appeared out of nowhere and had sliced her back without a second thought. the blond soldier looked at the young boy before him raising his hand and was about to strike him with his blade but his mother stood in front of Alex as a shield for her son unrelenting at the cold gaze the soldier sent her.

the mans cold gaze shifted into one of amusement, he probably thought the elven woman in front of him was stupid trying to prevent something sure to happen which is the death of both her and the little kid

you do know, you are going to die! He said as he began laughing in a deranged manner.. now where were we… oh yes I was about to kill both of you he said as he inched closer to them.

n-no no please spare the child he has done nothing wrong. the soldier looked at her with a crazed smile and then swept his gaze on his surroundings, they were at the back of a collapsed building he wouldn have found them if he wasn around here already. and safe to say he was lucky he could use this dead woman to relieve some of his pent up urges and they did say elves are quite a delicacy.

how about you let me ** you hmm, you
e about to die anyway. he said this as his brown eyes roamed around her body laced with desires of carnal pleasure, I am going to put your little ass to good use before you die! the psychotic soldier began dragging his mum who was already weak but was still struggling as she kicked and scratched at the soldier who was pissed as he beat his mother right in front of him, tore her clothes, and right then and there did an unspeakable thing.

watched as his mother frantically yelled at him to close his and run away but Alex couldn move he was petrified by what he saw but that insane soldier wouldn stop what he was doing the louder his mother screamed in agony the more the madman of a soldier enjoyed what he was doing.

while the soldier was still drawing pleasure from his mother he saw her and knew she could die, his eyes searched, searched for something, anything he could use to end this madman.

spotting the blade he had used to injure his mother something flickered within him and his body moved like it had a mind of its own, immediately he picked up the blade and went around the soldier who was still busily **ing his mother to notice anything strange and stabbed him straight in the neck drawing blood from him.

it was then the soldier noticed something was wrong but it was too late his body fell limp on Alexs mother, dead.

Alex quickly rushed to his mother and rolled the burly man out of his mother. mum! mummy are you, okay mummy. his mother just looked at him with pale eyes she was close to death she knew she was close to death the fact that she couldn be with her son left a bitter taste in her mouth s but she feared of what would happen if her son…

A-augur, look for her. Alex was confused eyes filled with unshed tears ready to burst out any moment from now. sweetie she called out softly find her okay find t-the seer after that the light of life left her eyes as her body lost its warmth. momma, Alex called out softly tears streaming down his face in endless waves. somebody help Alex began to yell, help somebody! anybody, by now his voice can only be heard as a whisper, momma he called out as he fell to the floor as darkness called him into her embrace and he happily fell savoring the calmness and peace it brought.

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