Startled awake by a loud banging sound Alex opened his eyes and sat up quickly alarmed, he swept his gaze around and took notice of some things; one was that he was in a carriage and not the fancy type with smooth walls he wasn the only one here he spotted few others that should be around the same age as him and they where all in cages just like him the cages weren well-taken care off as he could smell the stench of dried decayed blood dirt and sweat just wafting through the air and it made him sick accompanied with unsteady movement of the cage all just added more to his discomfort.

He didn understand how he was still alive he thought they would have killed him if they found out he was still alive but luckily he was still alive.

thinking about them killing him brought back the memory of what happened before he passed out.. how his mother was abused by that bastard how he killed, his mother was dead, that realization alone had he enraged and angry he wished he could go back and kill the soldier again and again and again torment him and wished he never did what he had done, realizing something from his train of thoughts.

Alex took a sharp breath at the realization that he had just taken a life someones life and he didn feel sympathy or terrified of what he did he even wished he could kill the soldier again but was shocked Alex most was that even though his mother was dead he.., he didn feel sad or depressed or heartbroken.. he only felt angry and he couldn calm himself down. something was wrong, something went wrong has his first kill turned him into a monster, he was anxious he had to calm himself down, slowly he closed his eyes and began to take in deep breaths and releasing them he repeated that a few times until he cleared his head of all negative emotions.

Seeing as his mind was clear he opened his eyes and decided to just wait until his invaders got to where care they were going, deciding that, he laid his back on his cage that seemed to be made of some sort of steel but he knew this cage had seen better days what piqued his interest was the fact that this type of cage was only used to transport hard brutal and dangerous criminal who society wants dead so why would they use this type of carriage to transport captured people who they raided their town.

unless his memories were starting to get foggy but he was sure. knowing fully well that he wouldn get any answers from thinking too much he just observed those who were in the carriage.

there were a lot of prisoners in this carriage some were elves but he couldn recognize them as anyone he knew from his hometown it wasn only elves he saw saw some humans both males and females dark elves he could even spot some therianthrope; vampires, werewolf there were a lot of captives in this carriage

I was surprisingly calm, I had no idea why I didn make a move to escape, or rather I wasn feeling any emotions at all.

I felt numb both physically and emotionally since I couldn see the outside I started to relax, it was only because of the lanterns hanging at the side of each cage, that I could see my surroundings I couldn see where we were going so I closed my eyes and fell asleep.

Awoken by the booming voice of a soldier, I woke up feeling sore on my back I looked to the entrance of the carriage and noticed some were already being released from their cages and led outside there were multiple cages before mine both left and right so it took a while before it finally became my turn to be released from the cage and led outside the carriage and I must say the soldiers were not too gentle with us but of course we were prisoners that much was expected.

In front of us was a large brown metal gate that stood 120 feet tall it had a strange emblem of a lion standing tall on a large stone looking intimidating.

after the soldiers had brought every prisoner out they led us to the gate taking us through it, it was only after entering through the gate that i realized that this place seems to be a city there where people went about their business while a lot of others where sneering looking at us in disgust and throwing things while shouting and singing the soldiers praises for capturing us.

those **ing soldiers led us through the city all just so we could be humiliated, I hated it but there was nothing I could do so I just walked on like the rest of them covered in filth from the mass harassment we just went through.

they took us down the city for a while before leading us to a military base and taking us underground through a large tunnel that was light up with blue lanterns. we walked for a long time before stopping at a forked way and taking the left side; that was not before we were handed some sort of clothes made out of a worn-out material that is thick but light.

at the checkpoint of the fork way we took a few turns before arriving at another gate with the same emblem it opened to a vast area filled with cells, there were rows upon rows of cells, and there were even some shops as far as I can tell. before the soldier called our attention.

you all should know already that things aren going t to be easy here. and frankly, I don care what you lots do I am only saying this once, do not kill in here; cheat, fight I do not care but killing is prohibited strict obedie

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