I Told You I Am Not Otherworlder

Chapter 1 - He Who is Classless

in the heart position for humans and four-legged animals.

After waiting for a while the combat doll suddenly moved at on same time, in the right time I draw my sword which is katana from its scabbard, and stabbed 3 of them at the same time right in the magic circle on their body, and suddenly their movement is stopped. The test examiner only silently saw me with a surprised gaze not believing it. Well, I am classless after all, but its not like I can use sword ability. After a while, the examiner then comes to me.

”I don believe it. I can understand if you can defeat them somehow but to think that the farthest movement you do from your original position is only 1 meter and also stabbing 3 of them at the same time right on the magic circle. But to think you can locate the magic circle on them which is embedded inside their body is the most amazes me ”

”Well, what can I say? Being classless doesn mean you are weak right haha ” my response to the test examiners comment. half joke though.

”Of course, it just. Its been a while since the last time I saw a Newbie able to defeat three of the combat golem so fast. I guess that Lunalemiere for you, this city is just full of surprising people. Anyway, this is the result of the test. Bring this to Mila and shell do the rest ” said the baldy test examiner while giving me the score test paper. Looks like he is been giving me a score while watching me fighting the combat doll. I get back to the inside guild building afterward.

”Hi, Mila. long time no see! ” call me with a friendly tone to her.

”Oh hello mister Rean, its just 20 minutes past since we last meet though ”, she replies to my joke with a calm sweet smile. Looks like she doesn get my joke, sad me.

I give her the combat test paper result that the baldy give me before.

”Oh my. A perfect score from mister Agil, ” responded her while reading the paper with putting one of her hands in her mouth.

”Right, you should have stayed and watched my cool side ”

”Yeah, but I have to get back to work. So Ill pass on that ” another reply with a calm smile.

Looks like its not like she doesn take my joke. Its more like she ignores it. Damn, for sure it is really sad, though I don mind it.

”Your guild card will be ready tomorrow, please come back here to take it tomorrow ” she continues

”Okay then. Thanks for the hard work Carmilla ” I responded to her with that and then take my leave.

While walking on the street, I keep looking around the city. it is a wonderful city, but for now, I need to find a place to stay. There are many inns in this city but for some reason, all the good-looking inn around the guild is full already.

” If its like this. I should have asked Mia for a good inn. Hmm, ” I talk to myself while sighing.

”Big bro! Do you need to find a place to stay? ” some little girl suddenly talk to me out of nowhere

”Yea, are your parent running some inn little girl? ” I asked her back.

”Yes, big bro ”

”Can you accompany me there then? ” I asked with a sweet smile.

I don particularly like children, but a sweet one is an exception.

This little girl here is about 150 cm tall. Around 11 or 13 years old, she has purple hair and wears a pure maid outfit. Very cute I think, even though she looks like a hybrid timid and tomboy type she can hold conversation normally with strangers, maybe she is used to this.

The kid accompanies me to the inn, I am not wary of her because she is easy to read and turns out a pure sweet kid. I am not lolicon just so you know okay?

We walked through a small alley until then we arrive on another big street. I had my guess but looks like some alley turns out to become a shortcut. Across the alley, there is an inn.

”Ilargia Lens. what a unique name ” I talked to myself while reading the name board of the inn.

”Right!? My father comes with the name, he says its also that the first word has the same meaning as moon in our language ” the kid suddenly responded to my comment about the name.

”Oh.. I wonder what language is that. Maybe I can have a good talk with your father later then ”

”I think its impossible big bro.. ” she replies with a low tone, kind of sad voice I guess.

”Can I know what happen to him? ” I asked her directly with a calm voice.

I understand that its not right to directly ask her like that. Not only is she just a small kid, a girl, but she also shows the face that I already can know the answer without her answering it. But I am the type that does not want to make something that could be trouble later become a secret, information is everything after all. I mean, I will stay in her inn right so just to be safe, I do not want some scumbag later to come and make a ruckus, I mean not only its the usual pattern, I have been experienced it a few times before.

”Its been a month since dad been missing… ”, she replies to my question while looking down in a small voice. I could tell she almost crying right now, though its impressed me that she can hold it back remembering her age.

We talked a little while we are in the alley. The little girl explains slowly that her father is an adventurer with a part-time job, meaning while the inn is not on a busy day he will be working as an adventurer. He was D rank.

One month ago, her father took a request for dire wolf extermination quest, he go with his party which also consist of a part-timer like him. But right after they enter the forest, there is no news about him for a month. There is also a search team that has been created to look for them but its no good. Because of that, the requests were just placed on the board with almost no people taking them. Even if there are, they will only return to failure. Because adventurers need to pay some compensation when they fail their quests, no people took the requests now. Missing people will be considered dead if they already missing for at least one year, so there is still a possibility though its still low.

”Sorry kid, I am just F rank adventurer, so its not possible for me to take requests for searching your father and his party even if I wanted to help. But later on, when I reach the rank Ill try it OK! ” I said that to her.

Well after asking no delicacy question like that is the minimal amount I could do to her, even though I have to pay compensation if I fail. Extermination is one thing, but looking for missing people is kind of hard. The problem is what if they are already dead, I am not really a good person but better not think so much about it.

”By the way kid. I don know your name yet ” suddenly I remember that I forget to ask her name before

”Lulu. thank you big bro. I hope you can rank up fast and to finding father ” she replies with a spirit. Maybe my word gives her some hope.

”Yep. thats the spirit. Come on, please show me the way to the inn little lady ”

We walked inside the inn. Though the inn is not that big, it is very clean and tidy. I approach the counter table where a middle-aged lady is standing there.

The lady also has purple hair and wears a maid outfit, no matter how you look at it she must be Lulus mother, but I was hoping she is her sister looking at how beautiful she is. Of course, I like an older lady so she is definitely my strike zone too not losing to Mila.

”I hate this mind of mine, ” said to myself in a low voice

”Good evening sir, Can I help you sir ” she greeted me with a smile

”Hello, good evening. This little lady here tells me that there is still a vacant room in this inn. ” I reply to her while patting Lulus head below me.

”Oh my. I didn see you there Lulu. no wonder I can find you anywhere, you were doing your usual habit again, don you? I told you many times to stop it right, its dangerous caught get caught by some bad people you know ” the mother scolded her daughter with a gentle voice. Kind of happy to see it.

I want to see this lot more but better stop it now for Lulu sakes too. She kind of helped me find an inn after all.

”Well, sorry for the interruption. So, can I have room? ” I suddenly ask the mother

”Oh, I am so sorry ” she replies kind of hasty, maybe she feels bad for making a guest waiting

”I don mind though, its okay ”

”So sir, there is still a vacant room. How long youll stay? ”

”For now 7 days, maybe more but Ill take 7 days for now. How much is it? ”

”Its 3 copper for one night sir without and 5 copper with breakfast so it will be 21 copper for a regular night and 35 copper with breakfast ”

”Ill take with the breakfast one then, ” I said while giving her the money

”Thank you very much, sir. Lulu can you accompany the guest to room 212 ” the mother replies to me and continue to ask her daughter.

”Okay mom, follow me big bro! ” she responded with high tension, Im glad she doesn look down anymore though.

”Hmm, this room is quite good. Maybe Ill just use this for my base for a while ” I talked to myself while I am inside my room now

”Kufufufu, what are you gonna do next? ” some voice echoed in my head

”Oh, so you
e up. I thought you do some sleeping, seeing you are not bothering me for a whole day now. ”

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