ympathizing at all.

Rather than cooperating, the fever in her body rose sharply the moment Cassian asked her to sacrifice herself.

What do you mean she wanted to go wild?

Such terrible words.

“I wondered if there’s a way for you and me to be happy.”

“There is.”

“You know about it?”

Yernia turned her head, and her green eyes shone with interest.

Cassian raised his brows as he stared at Yernia, who sparkled like a  twinkling star.

“As I said, sacrifice your body.
You can do that for me like a family, just as you said.”

And here she was, curious about what secret he would reveal only to disappoint her.

“If I sacrifice, I can never be happy.”

Disappointment spread over Yernia’s face, and she lost her will to fight.

Noticing her countenance, Cassian moved away from her.

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Cassian decided to leave the room.

Even if he opened his mouth, he would repeat the same.

“No way.
I won’t let you do that.”


“I’m going to rest now and organize my thoughts.”

After saying that, Yernia threw her pillow at him, but the door was already closed.

Her pillow fell in the middle, and it didn’t even touch him or the door.

Soon, her room was filled with sighs.

What should she do with her life?

Yernia’s 20 years of life.

The crisis of marrying a childhood friend whom she had never even thought of marrying had come to an end.

Suddenly without notice.

“Yernia, why are your eyes so puffy and red?”

Seria shouted in surprise when she saw Yena coming down the stairs with bloodshot eyes.

“Did you cry? Do I have to marry the peacock himself?”

Yernia rubbed her eyes and exhaled a sigh.

“Do you think I am a kid? I will never cry over that.”

As Seria said, Yena wanted to cry so bad.

Marriage was not a trivial matter to be overlooked.

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Marrying her beloved Esper was the most important thing in her life.

Yernia did not cry, even though the discussion seemed to be over.
Instead of calling in frustration, she tried to find out the cause of the plot twist in the current compared to the original novel.

Still, she couldn’t find it even if she stayed up all night.

“I just stayed up all night.
I couldn’t sleep.”

“Are you up all night? Ivan, Jena stayed up all night!”

“Were you shocked?”

Seria and Ivan made such a massive fuss about her staying up all night.

It wasn’t that surprising because she had been sleeping a lot.

“Just what?”

Yena sat at the table and worked on being evasive every time they asked him about it.

Maybe because she overthought yesterday, her head was empty now.

“Look at those eyes.
I guess I cried.”

As she pointed at Yernia, Seria told Ivan, “Look at his swollen eyes.”

Yernia decided to ignore her.

Everyone was anxious because they couldn’t make fun of her as they used to when they saw her.

“Yena, do you hate marriage that much?”

She didn’t know if it was just marriage, but she hated that the other person was Cassian.

Yernia sighed and stretched out her hand, but before she could even pick up her bread, Ivan took Yena’s bread first and spread the jam.

It was familiar.

“There’s only one way not to get married…”

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