It wouldn’t have happened if  you didn’t try to take my clothes off in the first place.”

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Yena did not take Cassian’s protest seriously.

She assumed that something had made him shy earlier, and she wasn’t the reason for it.

“I know.
I know.”

Yernia smiled and considered the earlier event as a joke.

She was about to ask him what he was embarrassed about.

However, Cassian’s face looks too severe.


Was it because she took off his clothes?

“Do you consider the both of us as a couple, then?”

Her childhood friend’s words caught her off guard.

She was unprepared for that sudden attack.

For some reason, she felt defensive, as if he was blaming her.

Why did he even ask if we are dating from out of nowhere?

“Cassian, how long have you known me? We have known each other for sixteen years.
Sixteen years, alright? This isn’t the first time I saw how your body looked like.”

Cassian flashed her a mysterious grin.”Then you wouldn’t mind if I take off your clothes?”

“Of course!”


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His face was an inscrutable mask, but she noticed that his ears were red.

He nodded as he spewed his following words into vague mutterings.

As he contemplated his ideas during the short silence, he looked at Yernia in disappointment while nodding her affirmation.

“The day when I can finally take off your clothes will come, but we have to get married first.”

“What? What are you talking about?”

“I’m talking about marriage,” Cassian spoke, and the feline tilt of his eyes stretched when she smiled at her.

It was a smile that others would admire, but Yernia found it arrogant.

“I’m not going to marry you!”

“You have to.
You’re my guide.”

Yernia’s playfulness slowly vanished from her face.

Turning serious, she lowered her voice.

“Cassian, I’m not your fated guide.”

“Why do you keep denying it when it’s inked on my chest.
You saw it  yourself.”

“It’s ridiculous, you know? Someone is your destiny.
I saw it in my dream.”

Herena and Cassian have not met.

He hadn’t even bullied the heroine yet when it was supposed to.

This new lot she was in had such a crazy development.

“You and I shouldn’t have gotten along well.”

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That’s the only reason she could think about why things had turned out this way.

“Yena, did you dream about me?”

That’s wasn’t the point.

Cassian had misunderstood.

She shuddered a little and vigorously shook her head ‘no.’

I dreamed about you and your fated guide.
It was a woman who wasn’t me.”

“How did you feel about it?”

“What do you mean?” Yernia blurted out since she didn’t know why Cassian suddenly asked how she felt about it.

Unfortunately, that question seemed to be the answer Cassian was looking for.

“I knew it.”

He uttered, and his tone sounded like her supposed answer in his head was something unexpected.

What was he even thinking about?

He asked her if she did dream about him and later asked her how she felt?

Then, he suddenly said he already knew it as if he could read my mind.

Anyway, Cassian was strange, and it just didn’t happen once or twice, so Yernia decided to brush it off.

“Yena, I don’t know what your dream was about, but in this reality, you are my guide.
You’re the only one who can stabilize me.”


Yernia pulls at her hair with both hands out of frustration.

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She had already pondered about this since earlier, and now that she was reminded of it, she felt like her head was about to explode.

“I don’t know.
I don’t know.”

“It’s not  that hard.”

Cassian was so calm about the whole thing while Yernia struggled to make sense of her confusion.

Strangely enough, he was reacting as if it was natural for Yernia’s name to appear.

Yena’s expression shifted from confusion to doubt.

“Don’t you hate it?”

Cassian from the original novel had hated Yernia, but the current Cassian seemed to like her.

‘What if he hated her now?’ She thought about it sometimes.

Even though he teased and harassed Yernia, who considered his antics serious, he did not openly despise her.

However, Cassian had the right to hate this situation.

Just as Cassian is like a family to Yernia, Cassian would have likely considered Yernia as his family, as well.

“I tend to adapt to fate real quick.”

“Ah, you must be happy, then.”

Yernia thought Cassian only talked like that–making it seem like it wasn’t that big of a deal for him–just to brag.

What kind of crazy person in this world would like to be with a ‘family member’ as his wife for the rest of his life?

Cassian wasn’t that person.

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Yernia gave him a pitiful look.

Regardless of whether or not, Cassian held her chin and stared at Yernia.

“Then, are you so terrible at marrying me?”

Yena did not hesitate to answer Cassian’s query.


Laughing, Cassian nodded a couple of times, and Yernia thought this was the time to push through with her opinion firmly and make him acknowledge it.

She didn’t hesitate.

“I want to marry someone I love.
If I can’t find my beloved person… that would be the moment where I decide to marry.
And if that happens, I will try to love the other person with all of my heart.”

Before she knew it, Cassian’s ears returned to normal, and the tension in his face relaxed.

“But Kassian, you’re not that person.”

His expression shuttered.
 “The reason is–”

“You’re my brother.”

“Your real brother will freeze to death from what you just said.”

Finding it hilarious, she burst into laughter.

“Haha.” He flashed her a small smile before he followed suit.

When their laughter gradually waned, Cassian’s cold and scary countenance returned.

His expression usually becomes scary whenever Yernia treats him as a brother.

Now, she realized it wasn’t that frightening at all.

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