“I have no idea why my name appeared on his chest.”

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Why the hell did she, who only played the supporting role, appear and not the female protagonist’s name.

“Do you think my destiny will change?”

Did Cassian’s fate change just because Yernia refused to play such a savage role that is different from the original character of Yernia Cilliard that the small events that needed to happen between them didn’t exist anymore?

“You are asking me if your fate can change? Say something that makes sense.
Fate is fate.”

“The problem is that I’m not the one fated to Cassian.”

Why was she telling her all these things?

She couldn’t even show her her diary.

Yernia suddenly felt a little hot and stuffy.

“Let me give you an example.
What if we are all in a novel and Cassian is the main character while there’s another woman that Cassian will love–”

“—then who are you?”

“Just a supporting character that interrupts the male and female protagonists from being together.”

Seria’s expression had changed into this strange look which made Yernia feel too pathetic.

She bit her cheek.

“I see you still hadn’t matured yet, hearing you talk about these novels.”

She was serious!

Seria didn’t seem to believe what Yernia said.

Biting her tongue, Seria entered the room and closed the door she had leaned on.

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Yernia positioned herself in front of the mirror and lifted her hair to check her.

There was no way Cassian’s name could not have appeared on her body, but since the original novel had become strangely twisted in the present, she had to check it if she had them.

She found nothing as she checked her neck and her arm, and she already expected this to happen.

She examined herself while washing her body yesterday, but Cassian’s name was not written there.

What’s going on?

Seria sat on the bed and held Yena’s hand as both of them looked in the mirror to check her body.

Her sister’s countenance turned grim when they faced each other.

“What? Why are you looking at me like that? Stop scaring me.”


It always scared her when Seria got serious.

She already knew that nothing good would come out of her sister’s mouth every time she was in this mood.

Sure enough, Yernia managed to think another damn thing that felt like a tightening noose around her neck.

“You had to see the bright side of this marriage.
If you marry the future Duke of Lecardo, you will have money for the rest of your life.
In addition to that, since our families are close to each other, there would be no problem getting along with them.
Just close your eyes and accept it.
If it were me, I would have already danced for joy.”

“Sister, can you marry me?”

“Are you crazy?”

“You and he are the same.
I consider Cassian as my family.
My brother.”

“You are crazy.
Since when was the Marquess became a Cilliard?”

As Seria said, the Duke of Lecardo was a pretty good family, but in all honesty, they would resent Yernia.

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Yernia might come from a noble family, but they could not be compared to the renowned ducak household where Cassian belonged to.

However, Yernia considered Cassian as part of her family.

“For me, he had been a Cilliard for a long time.”

“Look at him.
If the Duke would hear that on Lecardo’s street, he would probably faint while he held the back of his neck.
How dare you call someone else’s precious son—”

“Hey, I’m serious.
Cassian isn’t the problem here.
No, he….”

He has to meet the female protagonist!

Yena didn’t want her red string of fate to get twisted in theirs.

She just wanted to live everyday life, even if it was as dull as this.

Yena wished to meet her Esper, get married, and grow old with him until she died.

She wasn’t that demanding.

“He’s going to be promiscuous.”

Sorry, Cassian.

Cassian was not a promiscuous man, but she had to do this to convince her sister.

Herena would appear, and Cassian would abandon Yernia because he fell in love with Herena at first sight.

Well, that couldn’t guarantee her life either.

There was a chance that she might experience a similar case like the previous Yernia, even if she wasn’t jealous.

But isn’t there a possibility that she will come to hate Herena?

Yernia was not an angel, and sometimes she had individuals she hated.

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Like Cassian.

“Just say that you don’t want to get married.
Don’t say anything absurd—”

“Yes, that’s right.
I don’t want to get married, and I hate it all the more because it’s Cassian!”

Seria exhaled a heavy sigh at the childish words of her younger sister

“But what can I do? You guys are meant to be.”

“No! We are not meant to be!”

“Even if I deny it, the name had shown itself.”

Seria’s pale hand wrapped around the wavy pink strands of her hair, and she tugged at them not so gently.

Thinking that Seria would tear all her hair out of her head off, Yernia screamed silently, and she found her pitiful.

Seria bit her bottom lip.

Then she stopped herself, tapped Yena on the shoulder twice, and went out.

“What’s wrong?”

Yerniaa, who was left alone in her room, looked at the diary again.

Her fingers dug on her scalp as she stared at the letters similar to the code.

Instead of the grass, she fell tiredly on the bed.

You have to get married.”

That’s also Cassian.

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“That’s too bad.
Who would  take you if you are so foolish?”

‘One day…’ what he said crossed her ears.

Along with the words that told her not to cling to him later.

Even if this wasn’t a situation for Yernia to hang on to, she should think about how unlucky she would be if she and Cassian became a couple.

She would have to see his handsome face every morning the moment she woke up.

“Argh! I don’t want to!”

A thought in her mind popped out of nowhere.

Yernia’s scream was so loud and clear that it had pierced the door and reached down the lower floors.


“I want to talk to Cassian.”

She should find out what’s wrong.

Yernia stretched her body before jumping out of bed, and her pink wavy hair fell gently below her waist.


As soon as she opened the door, Yena shouted his name and paused after bumping into Cassian’s chest.

He was right there in front of her, and she saw him reaching out to the air as if he was about to turn the doorknob.

He glanced down at Yernia.
“What’s wrong? Your call sounded so desperate.”

He was right.

Cassian must have been as surprised as she was.

“But what can I do about it? You are my destiny.”

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