Her face heated up even more,, and now she was embarrassed and angry at herself.

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Is this what it felt like when her blood rose high and then low inside her body?

“Yeah! I’m a dork.”

 Did he think she had instigated all this because she wanted to? 

She was upset, too!

Why did she possess Yernia in the first place?

Shouldn’t she deserve to be reborn as an intelligent person if she were to be reincarnated?

Her life would be full of comfort if she were born as an extra Cassian would never get involved with.

“That’s too bad.
Who would accept you if you are so foolish?”

“It’s none of your business!”

Yernia huffed as she rubbed her tears with the back of her hand,, and while she was at it, she slapped Cassian’s hand,, who hadn’t removed it from her cheek.

“You take a friend’s concern with a cold heart.”

Cassian was right, of course. 

Yernia had no friends. 

Even if she thought about herself in her previous life or the present, Cassian was the only person who stuck around her, and it was the irrevocable truth.

It wasn’t like he was not there from the very beginning.

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Anna, Benny, and Daisy, with whom she took classes.

She didn’t remember the rest of their names, but there were quite a few who greeted her.

However, they began to drift away from Yena, one by one, and Cassian was the only one left.

“So what? I will date and get married on my own, so never mind.
I don’t care.”

“Don’t cling to me later.”

Blood rushed to Yernia’s head, and her face turned redder than before.

This wasn’t good.

She tried to suppress her anger, but she couldn’t.

Ugh, she gritted her teeth.

“I hate you.
Even if I am on my deathbed and you are the only one who could save me, I will never, EVER, marry you.”

Yernia was serious.

‘Marrying Cassian who teases her every day.’ She wouldn’t dare imagine it.

 It would be more horrible if they lived in the same house.


Other than that, there were too many things to consider.

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Both of them often quarreled, but they also got along well afterward if they had never even fought.

Yernia got angry to no end once he incited her fury, but when she was in that state, she sometimes forgot the reason why she was mad in the first place.

Their fights are quickly resolved because Cassian wasn’t the type to breed a hostile atmosphere between them for an extended period.

Of course, most of the fights she experienced with Cassian made him the unilateral victor every single time.

 “Oh, look! A shooting star had fallen!”

 It was the most natural thing for Yernia to have Cassian in her everyday life.

 Every year, every day, and every moment, Yernia was with Cassian.

 “Make a wish, Cassian.”

 Cassian and Yernia were sitting on top of a mountain hill behind Cilliard’s mansion when the shooting stars began to fall. 

As the meteors cut through the night sky, Yernia  watched and brought her hands together to pray.

 “Let me meet my beloved ‘Esper’.
Let me marry him.”

 An ‘Esper’ and a ‘guide’ had to get married.

Yernia was a guide, and Cassian was an Esper. 

There were no exceptions.

“—and let Cassian marry his beloved guide.”

 No matter what happens, Cassian is as precious as a family to Yena.

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She hoped they could both marry the person they loved.

She made that wish and wished again–

“We have to get married.”

What does this mean?

Yernia couldn’t believe it even after she saw her name appearing on Cassian’s body with her own eyes.

Does this make sense?

 It was so different from the flow of the original novel she knew.

Confused, Yernia arranged her thoughts carefully.

“We must sort this out.
My name appeared on your body.
Does this mean we have to get married?”

Was it a part of her destiny to be Cassian’s guide?

You’re the only one who can take responsibility for this.”

“No way.”

Yernia Cilliard is not Cassian Lecardo’s fate.

She couldn’t remember the details because her mind had slowly erased the content of the original novel.

Yet, she was confident that there was a separate female protagonist in .

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But why is her name on Cassian’s body, then?

She had no idea what was going on anymore.

 Eventually, Yernia went past Cassian and ran up the stairs.

“Ye na! Where are you going?”

Everyone except Cassian was embarrassed by Yernia’s unexpected behavior.

 Yernia’s mother, Countess Cilliard, shouted after her.

“How shocked would Yena have to be? Please understand her, Marquess.”

“Why would she even be shocked in the first place? It would be great if our family would be involved with the ‘Lecardo.’”

Since then, Ivan and Seria, who tried to diffuse the situation, said one after another.

 Yernia and Cassian have been connected ever since they were young.

The two had been friends without their status forcing them together, but they were not like other people.

Cassian had the spirit of a craftsman who people find hard to treat casually.

Yernia’s behavior was considered rude.

Of course, everyone knew that only Cassian would have no issue with it, and Seria and Ivan felt at ease with him.

Yernia went to her room quickly without caring whether their words stabbed her in the back or not.

She had to check something.

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