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Cassian had looked down from his window and saw a familiar head, banging at the gate, at a certain angle.

The top of the person’s head reminded him of a pink flower.

“Cassian!” Yernia called him eagerly, and it went past his slightly open window.

Cassian grimaced when he looked at Yernia, who couldn’t find him, but he was right there.

“What is Yernia asking me to do?”

He thought she was here to lash out, but it appeared like she wanted to ask a favor.

Cassian did something at Philene’s wedding yesterday that made her upset.

He didn’t mean to reveal her marriage like this, but how could he be so lucky?

Yernia already thought of him as annoying.

News of their marriage will now spread throughout the capital.

Men who might dare propose to Yernia will grow scarce.

It was positive in many ways but only for him.

Yernia hated marrying him to death.

She must be gritting her teeth right now.

He expected Yernia to be angry at him for a long time.

He was willing to offer one cheek she could slap if necessary.

“Should I bring in the lady, Young Master?”

Cassian thought for a moment as he tried to understand what was on her mind.

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What have you been doing?

My cute Yernia.

“Just tell her that I’m not here.”

He felt like whatever she asked for would not be suitable for him.

As if she felt him spying on her, Yernia’s head moved to raise her head.

He withdrew out of her sight.

He hid behind the half-closed curtain and laughed in amusement.

“Send her a proper proposal.”


“Did you notice that?”

It’s already been five days, and Cassian did not meet Yernia yet.

On the first day, they told her that Cassian hadn’t returned yet, so she went back home.

However, Cassian was still not in the mansion the next day.

And the next day, as well.

Yesterday, Yernia’s eyes saw Cassian hiding inside the mansion.

She looked up when she felt a prickle of awareness over her head.

That was when she saw Cassian standing at the study on the third floor.

“Cassian! Please open the door for me!”

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Yernia shouted and waved, but Cassian did not do it.

A servant came to the gate on his behalf and said.
“He’s not in a good mood today.”

He was.

“I saw him smile.”

She saw him smile when they made eye contact.

“He seemed so happy, but he can’t even bring himself to meet me just because he was in a bad mood?”

At Yernia’s sharp criticism, the servant ran away in embarrassment.

By that time, Yernia had already sensed something strange.

Today, as always, the door was tightly closed, and Yernia refused to give up.

The servant did not come either.

The butler rushed over and said, “The servant, Joseph, is sick, so he can’t come out because he has to take care of him.”

Cassian made such a ridiculous excuse.

Caring for his assistant?


He’s playing her.

Cassian has never cared for others in his life.


He doesn’t even meet her because his assistant is sick?

Even though she swore, she wouldn’t take up too much of his time?

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The servant was fine until yesterday.

Why did he suddenly get sick?

Unless they assume, she was a fool for not realizing Cassian avoided her on purpose.

“Cassian, please meet me tomorrow!”

Yernia shouted so that she could hear him.

Still, she couldn’t help but lose strength.

Yernia thought she found something that would work, at best, but Yernia had to return home empty-handed.

And the next day, Yernia changed her methods.

She prepared herself to visit him again, but suddenly, she had this feeling that he would not meet her today.

She had a lot of things to say when she meets Cassian.

She had to meet him somehow.


“I think I’m sick.”

After taking off her dress, Yernia fell on the bed with only her nightgown.

She purposely made her hair appear as messy as a bird’s nest.

Yernia had staggered, and Miya blushed as she stared at her.

“Ah! But miss, you look so healthy.”


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“You must get up first.
I think I need to dress you up.”

Yernia pretended to be sick.

To deceive Cassian, she had to deceive the people around her.

However, Miya was skeptical of her act.

Maybe, it’s because she was beside her all this time.

She only understood what she meant when she saw Yernia collapse, her forehead hitting the pillow.

Yernia stopped pretending she was ill in front of Miya and sat at the dressing table.

“I have to look sick for this.
Got it?”

“Don’t worry, miss.
I have a talent for makeup.”

“I believe in you, Miya.”

Yernia closed her eyes, waiting for her make-up to be finished.

Miya’s makeup skills were surprisingly excellent, too.

Putting this and that on her face suddenly reminded her of her childhood.

At the festival, Yernia had dressed up as Dracula and went out to meet Cassian.

Cassian had rejected the idea of dressing up together, but he looked surprised to see Yernia perfectly dressed up.

When he was young, Cassian had this cute side, and she missed that.

He was so different compared to now.

He was as contentious as a kitten before, but now he was too, too weak.

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